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Release Notes -

Welcome to Cacti 1.2.17!

Special thanks to all that have helped by contributing code and reporting issues on GitHub!

For additional details, please check out the README located on GitHub.


security#4019: Incorrect handling of fields led to potential XSS issues
security#4022: SQL Injection was possible due to incorrect validation order (CVE-2020-35701)
security#4035: Various XSS issues with HTML Forms handling
issue: CLI scripts should not have a max allowed runtime
issue: Normalize plugin hooks between user_admin.php and user_group_admin.php
issue#1052: TimeZones are not handled correctly with Daylight Savings changes
issue#3392: Allow plugins to customize device listing page
issue#3879: Allow Graph/Data Source with custom fields to prompt during manual creation
issue#3908: When poller overruns the script server can throw errors upon shutdown
issue#3936: Editing a graph created from Aggregate Graph can fail
issue#3945: CSV export can show NaN for date if TimeZone does not match system
issue#3969: SNMPv3 Password field does not correctly limit to size of database field
issue#3976: Font colors are being overridden leading to display issues by ddb4github
issue#3977: Database upgrade may fail when using upgrade_database.php
issue#3978: Input Validation was not handled correctly when displaying graph trees
issue#3981: Missing API include leads to runtime errors in Automation
issue#3985: Collation was not always handled correctly in the database library
issue#3988: Automation raises errors when default snmp options is set to none
issue#3990: PHP Information was not being displayed properly under Tech Support
issue#3999: Ensure database audit code attempts to use passwordless options before sending credentials
issue#4001: Ensure Cacti can support PHP 8
issue#4002: Pollers may sometimes not recover properly once they go offline
issue#4005: When viewing Realtime Graphs, validation errors may be seen for Size parameter
issue#4008: Massive decrease in poller performance due to unset variable
issue#4009: Ensure number format functions are consistent for i18n usage
issue#4021: Increase maximum number of device threads
issue#4031: Secondary filters on Data Collectors and Data Profiles do not work as expected
issue#4033: Action Icons changed to be consistent with admin UI
issue#4036: During discovery, Automation can throw unexpected errors due to null values
issue#4038: When creating new graphs, a second click is required even if not needed
issue#4042: RRD Updates can become disabled when saving performance options
issue#4043: Boost can become unresponsive when large number of archive tables exist
issue#4049: Enable sensitive graph information to be hidden from standard users by datatecuk
issue#4050: When showing table conversion script, the example path can be displayed incorrectly
issue#4056: Rename "Show Exceptions" checkbox to "Only Show Exceptions" which more actually reflects its function
issue#4060: When attempting to get client address, incorrect information may be returned by stevenseeley
issue#4061: When getting date format, default options are not always honored by xmacan
issue#4066: Enable Boost to utilize multiple processes
issue#4067: Disable BOOST image caching when using Graph Zoom features
issue#4068: When viewing graphs, individual graph sizes can be ignored in favour of global default
issue#4070: Summary data can fail to calculate when the RRDfile lacks the Data Source
issue#4073: Zoom functionality can fail when a graph has lost focus.
issue#4074: Realtime Images are not always adhering to defined format
issue#4075: LDAP Settings lead to confusion when setting up LDAP authentication
issue#4076: MariaDB tuning link points to a dead URL within System Utilities
issue#4077: If user has no permissions assigned and tries to login, a redirect loop occours
issue#4079: When checking current timestamps, make audit replace mysql function usage with preferred CURRENT_TIMESTAMP variable
issue#4080: Cacti regular expression searching does not quote expressions
issue#4082: RRDtool version detection not working for RRDproxy setup
issue#4083: RRDCleaner does not support RRDproxy
issue#4086: Large system performance negatively impacted due to $spikekill_templates behavior
issue#4092: On large systems, Primary ID usage on heavily used tables will overflow due to default MySQL variable size
issue#4095: When viewing Plugins page, icons can sometimes be misaligned
issue#4098: Graphs and Data Sources lists can become unresponsive on very large systems
issue#4100: When viewing User Admins, a division by zero error can sometimes be seen
issue#4105: Allow admins to define bulk walk repetition sizes
issue#4109: Realtime graphing can sometimes cause gaps in historic data
issue#4110: Graph Variables are not always parsed correctly leading to errors in log files
issue#4116: Upgrading large trees from 0.8.x to 1.x is slow
issue#4117: Script server throws errors if a command line argument includes a backslash
issue#4119: Implicit flushing is not always enabled, depending on OS, resulting in Script Server result issues
issue#4121: LDAP search filter cannot be configured if too many OUs or filters are nested
issue#4122: Automation causes SQL syntax errors when invalid operations are present
issue#4125: On completing the installation wizard, an internal server error can sometimes be observed
issue#4126: Deleting a damaged graph can sometimes led to removal of valid graphs too
issue#4127: When updating Trees, graph titles are calculated too often leading to unresponsiveness
issue#4130: On large systens, Graph creation can become unresponsive due to large number of data sources
issue#4131: A design flaw makes importing new Graph Template slow on large systems
issue#4134: MIB Caching does not always work as expected by Kveri
issue#4135: On large Cacti installs, editing Data Templates is slow
issue#4136: When repairing database at command line, no option exists to skip table checks and force Data Source repair
issue#4141: Unusually long comments do not wrap when viewing graphs, and haven't in this CHANGELOG entry either
issue#4143: Prevent some false positive scenarios when detection orphan graphs
issue#4147: Poller items are evaluated too quickly when mixed polling cycles are used
issue#4148: Ensure automatic refresh of cacti log view works consistently
issue#4149: Ensure utilities show correct information when in offline mode
issue#4161: Data source template names should be shown in the respective "suggested values" sections
issue#4162: Allow Persistent Connections to MariaDB/MySQL to be configured
issue#4164: Unable to easily track Cacti login sessions when using database sessions
issue#4166: Auto-select text when focusing auto complete elements
issue#4169: Ensure Log Viewer 'Go' and 'Clear' buttons behave as expected
issue#4170: Enable full name tooltips for Alias/Description columns
issue#4173: Ensure Console menu icons are properly aligned
issue#4174: When using replication, ensure binary logging can be disabled
issue#4175: When syncing Templates, prevent false 'Damaged Graph' notifications from appearing
issue#4177: Simplify Graph/Template authorization searches when not using restricted mode
issue#4179: Correct class usage on Graph Sidebar Icons to be consistent
issue#4180: Remove logoff option when using basic authentication
issue#4181: Ensure realm names are more consistent
issue#4182: Allow Automatic Graph Creation to utilise Data Templates with Overriden Values
issue#4183: Processes can be terminated early due to incorrect timeout calculation
issue#4184: Ensure error logging is consistent when using CMD processor instead of spine
issue#4185: Updating Signal Handling to recommended standards for PHP 7.1+
issue#4186: When editing a Fixed String on Tree Rule it is improperly displayed as "Unknown"
issue#4187: Provide more direct method fo navigating to Data Source from Graph
issue#4188: Replacement variable names are difficult to find for Aggregate Graphs and Templates
issue#4189: Allow links from a page to its specific documentation
issue#4190: Augmenting roles can incorrectly link to roles instead of realms in rare cases
issue#4192: Devices search can return a black screen if device name contains the hash/pound # character
issue#4193: Allow command line reindex to work with disabled devices
issue#4195: When search text includes # character, filtering does not always work as expected
issue#4197: When attempting to do a rollback on versions, the installer will not restart
issue#4199: Allow Cacti administrator to define a min refresh interval to prevent graph gaps
issue#4205: When removing Data-query Associated Graph Templates, it deletes the graphs Templates from bottom to top
issue#4206: When a report was delayed, the report's time is incorrectly changed
issue#4215: Poller recovery starts multiple processes and fails to recover properly
issue#4223: Parallel boost restart due to timeout can result in errors.
issue#4227: When remote poller is in offline mode, data is written to more tables than necessary
issue#4228: Under specific circumstances, redirection issues can occur after login
issue#4229: When no snmp option is set, automation can incorrectly report a number of issues
issue#4232: Database TLS configuration requires client certificates as well
issue#4233: Potential typos and incomplete parameter lists for database connection variables
issue#4241: Tree sort mechanism does not take sites into account
feature: Add Theme 'Midwinter'
feature: Update phpseclib to version 2.0.30
feature#645: Modify automation to test for data before creating graphs
feature#3513: Add hooks for plugins to show customize graph source and customize template url
feature#3572: Missing prompts during automation's device creation leads to blank data
feature#4012: Allow CSRF security key to be refreshed at command line
feature#4013: Allow remote pollers statistics to be cleared
feature#4113: Allow user to be automatically logged out after admin defined period by datatecuk
feature#4176: When replicating, ensure Cacti can detect and verify replica servers
feature#4210: Replace c3.js with billboard.js
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