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Release Notes -

Welcome to Cacti 1.2.11!

Special thanks to all that have helped by contributing code and reporting issues on GitHub!

For additional details, please check out the README located on GitHub.


security#1566: Add SameSite support for cookies
security#1985: Cookie should be properly verified against password
security#3342: CSRF at Admin Email
security#3343: Improper Access Control on disabling a user.
security#3414: Update to jQuery 3.4.1 to resolve XSS issues with jQuery 3.3.1
issue#2265: When attempting to save Graph field, query_ifSpeed is not properly validated
issue#2400: Allow ability to duplicate site settings
issue#2428: Make plugins non-case sensitive for folder names, whilst allowing nicer display names
issue#2580: When running DSSTATS, system isn't properly detecting that another is already running
issue#2853: Discovered Devices filtering do not include snmp description or name
issue#3231: Allow user to unlock a tree that has been locked for editing by another
issue#3237: Report gets resent every poller cycle
issue#3247: Language source files do not update "PO-Revision-Date" attribute
issue#3261: Automation rules aren't run for new devices on remote data collectors
issue#3296: Bad PHP memory limit values can result in failed upgrades
issue#3299: When using php-snmp and setting SNMPv3, warning is now shown as library does not support it properly
issue#3303: When installing under Windows OS, path expansion is not converted to PHP required format
issue#3310: When using 32-bit OS, automation errors can be seen due to subnet mask calculations
issue#3312: Console menu does not auto-expand for graph item editor page
issue#3313: When installing, multiple issues can be seen due to bad packages
issue#3314: Script Server has invalid debug code left in
issue#3317: Warnings can appear from CSRF Magic library due to multiple token values being found
issue#3319: Errors can occur upgrading from 0.8.x due to incorrectly detected data source profile id
issue#3322: When searching for LDAP accounts, allow recursive searching
issue#3330: Packages that are not properly formatted can cause installation issues
issue#3334: When upgrading from 0.8.x Automation SNMP Options should be populated
issue#3335: Unable to hide Device based Aggregate Graphs on Tree
issue#3336: Plugins need the ability to relax some content security policies in order to work properly
issue#3340: Undefined variable warning can appear when using 95th percentile graphs
issue#3341: MoTranslator does not appear to be handing null values properly
issue#3345: When attempting to refresh datetime picker, unexpected results can appear
issue#3346: When attempting to rewrite octet strings, extra space breaks pattern matching
issue#3348: When attempting to handle Orphans and/or Sync Graphs, results are not as expected
issue#3349: Prevent setting the PHP variable max_input_vars since it is read only
issue#3350: When editing a data source template, inconsistent results can be seen due to database query
issue#3355: When viewing raw graph data via the GUI, values are not always calculated correctly
issue#3357: Tree Search textbox resizes to 0 in some cases
issue#3360: When using guest accounts, after several timeouts result in refreshes, guest becomes logged out
issue#3363: The current user and user group permissions pages are not responsive
issue#3367: When Data Queries timeout, data is removed from the Host SNMP Cache table causing issues
issue#3368: Saving a Graph Template Item fails due to missing includes
issue#3373: When logging in via LDAP, ActiveDirectory would sometimes report insufficient access
issue#3375: When polling more often than default period of collecting data, distribution of collected data was not occurring
issue#3376: Improve speed when recovering from a poller from offline state
issue#3378: When attempting to check whether to include MoTranslator, typo makes it appear unavailable
issue#3380: php error when trigger threshold sendmail
issue#3386: Second data collector shows as running when its has no items to gather
issue#3387: Minor corrections to CSRF Magic
issue#3388: Naming of CLI programs does not always match name used within syntax usage advice
issue#3390: Incorrect breadcrumb bar if current tab is not "Graphs"
issue#3402: Cacti scores low on performance audit on lighthouse audit
issue#3408: CSRF Secret path is not passed properly when attempting to initialize secret
issue#3409: Issues with navigation link activations to other base Cacti pages
issue#3410: Zoom looses focus in advanced mode while crossing chart border
issue#3411: When upgrading a primary server, full synchronization is not happening as expected
issue#3412: When upgrading a primary server, automation templates are removed
issue#3413: When upgrading and choosing to upgrade your packages, installer finishes without package data in log
feature#1551: Allow system uptime to be a variable for use with graphs
feature#1990: Plugin Realm should have a 'role' to help maintain changes between plugins
feature#2110: Add Refresh Interval to Data Collectors display
feature#2156: Add Location based filtering
feature#2236: Allow for Purging of Data Source Statistics from the GUI
feature#2268: Restore ability to duplicate a data profile
feature#2534: Enhance table navigation bars to support systems with larger number of items
feature#2688: Increase length of Graph Item 'value' field to support pango-markup better
feature#3304: Allow Basic Auth Accounts to be mapped by CSV file
feature#3366: Make form elements under checkbox_groups flow using flex grid style
feature#3374: Set the domain attribute to secure cookies for the 'remember me' option
feature#3403: Enhance the "Graph Debug Mode" to display RRDtool Command lengths and excess warnings
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