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Release Notes - 0.8.6

What's New?

Graph Zoom and Timespan features enable you to focus on different times on the graph by zooming in on a particular area or using one of the many provided timespan presets. It is now possible to select custom graph timespans using the DHTML calendar control. Users that rely on Cacti's bandwidth summation and 95th percentile features will appreciate the added ability to calculate a sum or 95th percentile over an arbitrary timespan.

Several Tree-Related Features including the ability to auto-sort any branch or tree itself and the ability to group any host item by data query index rather than graph template.

A Revamped Poller Architecture which supports variable log levels, multiple log destinations, auto data query recache detection, and host availability sensing. Cacti is now capable of spawning multiple simultaneous poller threads to increase the efficiency of the polling process. Most aspects of the poller (cmd.php and cactid) can be configured from the new "Poller" tab on the Cacti Settings page. For current users of Cacti, be sure to read below for important upgrade instructions regarding the new poller architecture.

Multiple Log File Destinations including syslog (Unix), Event Log (Windows), and a standard log file. Syslog/Eventlog support makes it easy to get notified when critical poller events occur. Various levels of log verbosity and detail settings allow you to choose exactly which events Cacti should store in its log making it easier to spot problems when they occur.

Upgrade Notes

IMPORTANT: Crontab/Scheduled Task Change

The file that is executed every 5 minutes to populate the graphs has been changed. Unix users will have to change their crontab entry and replace cmd.php with poller.php. The updated line will look something like:

*/5 * * * * cactiuser php /var/www/html/cacti/poller.php > /dev/null 2>&1

(Windows update instructions go here)

Separate Cactid Distribution

For security and maintainence reasons, cactid will now be distributed separately from the main Cacti distribution.

New Default Log File Path

The new default log file path in Cacti is log/cacti.log. You will need to update anything you have looking at the old location or update the log file path under Settings -> Paths -> Cactid Poller File Path.

Beta Tester Thanks


bug#0000051: HTTP header caching problems (0.8.5).
bug#0000121: It is no longer possible to add the same graph twice to a single graph tree branch.
bug#0000123: Several UI fixes on the tree item edit page (0.8.5).
bug#0000124: Select all check boxes would actually invert the selection.
bug#0000128: Graph template item corruption issues (0.8.5a).
bug#0000139: Graph tree deletion corruption issue (0.8.5a).
bug#0000140: Replaced the 'None' option in several host drop downs with 'Any' and redefined 'None' to mean host = 0 (0.8.5a).
bug#0000144: Possible corruption issues when deleting tree items from the root of the tree.
bug#0000149: Error using the 'total' type for 95th percentile or bandwidth summation.
bug#0000151: Added the ability to duplicate a host template.
bug#0000160: A change in Mozilla 1.5+ caused extra vertical space to appear on many table rows throughout the console.
bug#0000164: HostMIB scripts do not respect SNMP port and timeout parameters.
bug#0000173: Increase the number of characters dedicated to each tier from 2 to 3 which increases the item per tier/branch limit to 999.
bug#0000174: Broken thumbnail graphs that contained a 95th percentile HRULE item.
bug#0000175: Strip quotes from SNMP output to prevent UI escaping issues.
bug#0000176: Added the '-P' argument to 'df' to prevent multi-line output for the script.
bug#0000179: Updated ADODB to version 4.23 which enabled Cacti work with PHP 5.
bug#0000198: Strip greater and less than characters from SNMP output to prevent UI escaping issues.
bug#0000214: Rename 'Utilities' to 'System Utilities' and move it under the 'Utilities' menu heading.
bug#0000235: Limit the number of pages displayed for graph management, data sources, and devices.
bug#0000244: Prevent PHP errors from being displayed during summation/95th percentile calculation when the .rrd file does not exist.
bug#0000253: Fixed recursive CDEFs.
bug#0000254: CDEF dropdown list in adding another CDEF is not sorted.
bug#0000265: Removed "CANNOT FIND GUEST USER" error message.
bug#0000273: Fixed 'rrdtool fetch' parsing for RRDTool 1.0.49.
bug: A hash was not being generated for duplicated graph and data templates which would cause import/export for those templates to fail.
bug: A user's graph permissions may fail to delete properly after removing that user.
bug: The "Export Every x Times" feature did not work correctly.
bug: Work correctly with PHP's get_magic_quotes_gpc() turned off.
bug: Eliminated potential password injection attack in auth_login.php.
bug: Eliminated popen issues in cactid win32 with threads > 1.
feature/bug#0000118: Data source screen UI enhancements (0.8.5).
feature/bug#0000120: Deleting a tree header should delete all child items (0.8.4).
feature/bug#0000125: A forced sort type can be specified for data query indexes which will be used to sort data query results in the UI.
feature/bug#0000152: Added filter/search/pagination capabilities to the Devices page.
feature/bug#0000155: Allow hosts on the graph tree to be grouped by data query index (ie. switch port, partition, etc) instead of only graph template.
feature/bug#0000156: Added the ability to sort a graph tree branch alphabetically or numerically.
feature/bug#0000161: Removing a graph now gives the user the option to remove all associated data sources.
feature/bug#0000172: Added the ability to control which graph viewing areas should display thumbnail graphs and which ones should display full sized graphs.
feature/bug#0000185: Deleting a device gives the user the option of deleting all associated graphs and data sources.
feature/bug#0000187: Add host availability and device enabled/disable controls to the main devices page.
feature/bug#0000189: Add a system-wide defaults for SNMP community, version, port, timeout and retries configurable under 'Cacti Settings'.
feature/bug#0000192: Add the ability to log poller runtime statistics to the log.
feature/bug#0000194: Add host availability capability which allows Cacti to track of downed devices as well as a device's uptime history.
feature/bug#0000200: Implement three different auto re-index methods which allow Cacti to automatically 'refresh' a data query when an indexes changes.
feature/bug#0000213: Add a 'Clear' button to all filter forms which resets the form to its default state.
feature/bug#0000240: Add moonman's SIMILAR_DATA_SOURCES_NODUPS CDEF patch.
feature/bug#0000250: Allow host/graph tree items to change parents.
feature: Data query index types are now automatically selected which eliminates the need to prompt the user for this information at graph creation time.
feature: Better message handling on the "New Graphs" page.
feature: Get rid of the "Data Input Method" box from the data query edit screen as this data can be automatically derived.
feature: Customizable log levels.
feature: Ability to log to syslog (Unix) and event log (Windows) in addition to the log file.
feature: UDP/ICMP/SNMP ping support used to determine a host's availability status.
feature: A PHP script server which enables PHP script to be interpreted by the poller without spawning a separate PHP process for each item. See the manual for more details.
feature: Ability to choose the type of poller (cmd.php, cactid) and number of threads (cactid only) from the UI.
feature: Ability to spawn multiple simultaneous cmd.php/cactid processes to speed up the polling process.
feature: Allow data templates and data sources that use SNMP to override host fields (hostname, snmp port, etc) in the poller cache.
feature: Added Eric Steffen's Bonsai patch which enables users to zoom a graph by dragging a box around the area of interest.
feature: Added branix's graph export enhancements patch which adds many more graph export configuration options including remote FTP support.
feature: Ability to view/clear the log file from the console.
feature: Use a single RRDTool stdin pipe for all update, create, and graph export actions.
feature: Advanced timespan selector which provides a large number of presets and a calendar control for custom timespans.
feature: Better support for SNMP v2 from UI. Speed up some UI queries.
feature: Enable/Disable Poller from UI.
feature: Added ifOperStatus to Graph Creation page to show either Up or Down.
feature: Rearchitected poller subsystem to prepare for multiple poller architecture in future releases.
feature: Added validation logic in the pollers to prevent system and log anomalies.
feature: Removed SNMP v3 options until SNMP v3 is supported.
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