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Release Notes - 0.8.7

Important Bug Fixes and Features

  • Fixed issue where the poller could hang on certain installations.
  • Fixed Nth Percentile graphs issues when using RRDtool 1.2.15 and 1.2.18.
  • Improved handling of font parameters for RRDtool.
  • Fixed possible denial of service attach on graph image generation.
  • Slope Mode is now selectable for RRDtool 1.2.x.
  • Command line utilities for adding devices, graphs, etc...
  • Multiple UI improvements to improve the user experience.
  • Expanded LDAP authenication support.
  • Web Basic authenication is now supported.
  • Technical Support page was added to assist with common issues.
  • Expanded SNMPv3 support to include encryption.
  • Multiple polling intervals are now supported.
  • Per device host down detection is now available.
  • Upgrade Notes

    Major changes to the configuration structure have been made to simplify upgrades and packaging of Cacti. The include/config.php file now only contains the database configuration for Cacti. All other code that was in the include/config.php has been moved to include/global.php. All include/config_*.php have been renamed to include/global_*.php.

    Note: Script server scripts will need to be modifed to include include/global.php instead of include/config.php.

    Note: All third party plugins in addition to the plugin architecture will need to be updated to work with the 0.8.7 release.

    From this release forward Cactid will now be known as Spine. If you are currently using Cactid, you will need to download and install Spine.


    bug#0000480: Fix error after altering graphs displayed per page
    bug#0000740: Add support for setting the PHP session name of Cacti
    bug#0000829: Add support for an specifying an uptime OID for SNMP queries
    bug#0000830: Add filtering graphs by Graph Template
    bug#0000833: Add favicon.ico support
    bug#0000850: Add Select All for graph list view
    bug#0000854: Move "Downed Host Detection" into the device edit screen
    bug#0000873: Fix issues with the poller hanging in certain situations
    bug#0000876: Add ability to search for host with a not UP status
    bug#0000898: Selecting a CUSTOM timespan and then CLEARing yields "LAST HALF HOUR" preset
    bug#0000899: Add local checking to the Paths tab on the Settings page
    bug#0000902: Fix issues with cmd.php and PHP 4.4.1 under windows
    bug#0000903: snmpgetnext function does not exist in PHP less than 5.0
    bug#0000904: Data Source creation fails without php-snmp
    bug#0000906: Every tenth host does not show on tree during console edit
    bug#0000907: Sorting of data sources when interface numbers are used without leading zeros are incorrectly sorted
    bug#0000908: Graphs created by SNMP data queries are losing their specific names if the template is modified
    bug#0000910: Cacti complains when trying to set the data source "maximum value" to any number with a decimal point
    bug#0000912: Nth Percentile thumbnail graphs fail with RRDtool 1.2.15, 1.2.18
    bug#0000913: Allow direct linking to specific graph pages
    bug#0000919: Fix problem with ping_tcp function
    bug#0000920: Improved handling of rrdtool --font parameter
    bug#0000921: Improvement to script
    bug#0000925: Support for host_* variables in the legend
    bug#0000926: Stop removing useful characters when searching
    bug#0000927: Classic export does not recognize thumbnail columns properly
    bug#0000931: New rrdtool fails on empty comment
    bug#0000934: Column 'status_last_error' in table 'host' too short.
    bug#0000937: System output in hosts.php poor for Alcatel
    bug#0000946: Timetick of zero returns down for device
    bug#0000947: Trailing blank on OID in form causes problems
    bug#0000953: SNMP Passphrase is displayed in cleartext
    bug#0000954: Y-grid lables are not informative when using --alt-autoscale
    bug#0000955: Fixed possible denial of service attack by modifying graph image URL
    bug#0000956: Additional editing help with tree management
    bug#0000957: Script server output's beginning/trailing data during "Include" causing a synchronization issue
    bug#0000958: Slope Mode is now selectable
    bug#0000959: Alarming added when poller output table is not empty
    bug#0000963: TCP/UDP capitalization
    bug#0000965: When setting filters under utilities, pressing enter takes you back to the main page
    bug#0000966: Log file viewing utility has no ability to filter
    bug#0000969: In some versions of PHP, the graph tree will not view properly
    bug#0000970: Incorrect debug messages in lib/ping.php for failed UDP ping
    bug#0000974: No graphs on Fedora core6 using sunone/iplanet 6.1 SP5
    bug#0000975: Add Nth Percentile aggregate_current - Summing Multiple Data Sources with like names for Nth Percentile
    bug#0000982: Remove invalid references to the "output_string" column in the "data_input" table
    bug#0000983: Bad SQL: snmp_query_graph_rrd.snmp_query_graph_id=
    bug#0000984: Poller does not correctly flush poller_output table after a memory error
    bug#0000989: hyphen - host description used with Data Source Path
    bug#0001001: "Purge User Log" keeps invalid entries
    bug#0001002: Cacti reports incomplete interface status
    bug#0001007: SNMPv3 password field allows command injection
    bug: ss_sql.php causes the script server to crash
    bug: Timeshifter added to base code
    bug: Allow query_ and host_ substitution in COMMENT and CDEF's.
    bug: Command line interface scripts to add devices, graphs, tree's and permissions.
    bug: Correct index error when creating graphs when you have no hosts on your system.
    bug: More recent versions of net-snmp broke SNMP walk functions.
    bug: Adjust for problematic responses from some SNMP agents (IBM AIX).
    bug: Improve logging in cmd.php and poller.php when parameters are not specified correctly.
    bug: Reduce the total number of SQL queries called
    bug: Replace inefficient strip function in process_poller_output
    bug: Some php_snmp implementations return strings as "Hex-STRING:". In these cases properly resolve the string
    bug: Correctly assign right and left click actions for Opera
    bug: Fix SQL error when viewing an invalid Data Source via the Log Viewer
    bug: Fix command line user copy utility
    feature: Paginate the Graph Creation Page
    feature: Add SNMPv3 Support to Cacti
    feature: Add a Notes field to the Device that can contain arbitrary information
    feature: Add Availability Methods to Cacti including per Host Ping Methods and Timeouts
    feature: Add Max OID's to te Host Level
    feature: Allow CSV Export from the various Graphs page
    feature: Add rra_path as a global.php config variable
    feature: Add drop down actions to data queries
    feature: Add drop down actions to data input methods
    feature: Add drop down actions to user administration
    feature: Add filtering and pagination to data queries
    feature: Add filtering and pagination to data input methods
    feature: Add filtering and pagination to host templates
    feature: Add filtering and pagination to user administration
    feature: Add extended LDAP authentication support
    feature: Add Web Basic authentication
    feature: Add authentication realm to modifiable user parameters
    feature: Add multiple polling intervals
    feature: Moved command line scripts to cli sub directory
    feature: include/config.php now only includes database configuration
    feature: include/config_* have been renamed to include/global_*. Note: Script servers need to be updated.
    feature: Allow VRULE's in Cacti to specify an absolute timestamp in addition to [+/-]HH:MM
    feature: Add 1 minute RRA
    feature: Add item select highlighting to main pages
    feature: Let poller.php be more intelligent about poller intervals less than 60 seconds
    feature: Add consistency to Filters by adding nowrap to td items
    feature: Add Graph and Data Source counts to Device page
    feature: Add Poller Interval to Data Sources page
    feature: Keep filters aligned with main page content on window resize
    feature: Add Enable/Disable user
    feature: Add copy and batch copy of users
    feature: Reduce ADODB memory consumption during polling
    feature: Add new RRDtool Function to facilitate CSV export
    feature: Add the ability to ignore custom RRA settings when importing templates and use this behavior by default
    feature: Add technical support output to System Utilities
    compat: Add additional checking due to php-snmp changes in Windows
    compat: Remove GIF as a supported file type for RRDTool 1.2.x and added SVG file type
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