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Release Notes - 0.8.7h

Important Security Fixes

  • SQL injection issue with user login
  • Cross-site scripting issues

Important Bug Fixes and Features

There are quite a few bug fixes and features in the 0.8.7h release. Some highlights include:

  • Multiple speed enhancements to the poller
  • Spine enhancement for parallel collection of data at device level

Important Notices

  • Boost 5.0 Plugin is required to work with Cacti 0.8.7h


bug#0001403: Reapply Suggested Names does not work correctly for graphs and data sources not associated with Data Queries
bug#0001568: Remove PHP 5.3 deprecated functions
bug#0001584: Concurrent changes to graph tree ordering can corrupt sort values
bug#0001626: Symbol ($) does not appear in labels/gprint strings to rrdtool during graph generation
bug#0001632: Script server treats quoted arguments with spaces incorrectly as multiple separate arguments
bug#0001646: MySQL SSL connection support
bug#0001660: Modifying data template values does not propagate as expected
bug#0001678: Adding graphs to a device fails to add entries to poller_item if using the script server
bug#0001768: Perform consistency check on ds maximum vs. ds minimum
bug#0001783: Graph Export export date is incorrect
bug#0001812: Data template copying ignores some item templating
bug#0001814: Command line device add script fails when SNMP default is disabled
bug#0001815: One minute polling not working correctly
bug#0001816: Cannot export graph data to CSV with IE 8
bug#0001819: MySQL "TYPE=" command deprecated since MySQL 4.1 removed in MySQL 5.4.4
bug#0001826: Zoomed graph views should auto refresh
bug#0001828: Reapply Suggested Name prompt as spelling problems
bug#0001835: Graph edit page has more than one html form tag
bug#0001847: Graph export API function has required argument not defined
bug#0001851: Graph creation selector does not work with data query that has no associated graph templates
bug#0001855: Improper formatting of data queries can result in SQL errors
bug#0001862: Ping script does not process output of update ping utility
bug#0001867: RRDtool Cacti fetch function does not work for some locales
bug#0001876: PHP function strip_quotes causes HEX values to be truncated
bug#0001880: Form validation error message does not highlight text area control
bug#0001882: Cacti snmp_walk function fails if max_oids is an empty value
bug#0001890: Default tree view mode set to single pane mode not working
bug#0001893: Data input method description text does not make sense
bug#0001900: Equal sign not correctly parsed in snmp data results
bug#0001903: Undefined variable: mode in lib/ldap.php on line 375
bug#0001918: Script server does not accept more than one blank space before the function name
bug#0001926: Importing templates "using defaults for this installation" associates all rra's defined
bug#0001928: graph_image.php does not check local_graph_id
bug#0001929: Error when exporting templates are not properly reported
bug#0001930: No error reporting for wrong RRA
bug#0001934: Poller does not process SIGTERM signal correctly
bug#0001936: Removing multiple data sources is inefficient
bug#0001937: Technical support page uses check table which waits for table lock
bug#0001939: Do not query for number or items per host if concurrent polling processes is set to one
bug#0001954: Usage of PHP_SELF without basename in html.php (at least partly fixed)
bug#0001956: Attempts to update existing tree item fail
bug#0001967: Reflected XSS on Cacti 0.8.7g
bug#0001989: IE9 breaks Cacti when objects are hidden using 'display:none;' style tag
bug#0001993: Undefined index in lib/html.php
bug#0001995: REQUEST_URI not properly escaped in graph_view.php for preview mode
bug#0002005: Saving Script Server or Script Data Input Method Results in SQL Error
bug#0002060: NAN values in hdd utilization graphs (Poller Output Table not Empty)
bug: Fix SQL injection issues in login page
bug: RRDtool fetch in Cacti fails to function properly on rrdtool files with NaN values in the output
bug: Accept "Connection refused" on TCP ping tests
bug: Add missing row selection javascript to graph preview
bug: Script server throws "undefined variable" error when in debug mode
bug: Removing graphs does not take advantage of bulk deletes
bug: Fixed issue with multiple "U" results for a data input method with multiple output parameters
bug: SNMP v3 use AuthNoPriv when privacy passphrase is empty
bug: Fixed sql errors when using template and search filter on graph management
bug: Delete Data Source multi fails to perform bulk deletes on Data Source items
bug: Allow Timespan Selector to work with $_REQUEST as well as $_POST
bug: While in the mrtg view of Cacti Graphs, or in viewing graph properties zoom fails
bug: The filepath api call should trim the filename before checking for the files existence
bug: Fix issues with IE9 while editing templates
bug: Form action in graph_items.php incorrect
bug: Initial drawing of tree causing Next/Previous with malformed URI
feature#0001519: Spine enhancement for parallel collection of data at device level
feature#0001667: Get values of |host_*| variables in graph elements from data source
feature#0001922: Reindex method "Index Count Changed" requires that OID_NUM_INDEXES is given for SNMP Data Queries
feature#0001923: Implement counting for script (server) data queries just like OID_NUM_INDEXES
feature#0001924: Allow for reindex method "Index Count Changed" to apply to script (server) queries as well
feature#0001952: Ability to use input field of a script in graph title
feature: Make reindexing and repopulating the poller cache a lossless process
feature: Change default font sizes
feature: Add analyze database and push out host cli scripts
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