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Release Notes - 0.8.7i

Important Security Fixes

  • SQL injection issues
  • Cross-site scripting issues

Important Notices

  • Boost 5.x Plugin is required to work with Cacti 0.8.7i


bug#0001963: Bandwidth summation "total in" and "total out" are always 0
bug#0002040: ICMP ping errors for Windows 7 with PHP 5.3
bug#0002062: Multiple security vulnerabilities
bug#0002063: Multiple value poller output incorrectly interpreted as hexadecimal value
bug#0002064: Removing "~" (tilde) by sanitize_uri() conflicts with Apache UserDir translation
bug#0002066: Graph without host id "Notice: Undefined variable: host_id"
bug#0002067: Custom time range filter not working
bug#0002068: Missing header include in analyze_database.php
bug#0002071: MySQL table poller_item is dropped always when "Data Input Method" is changed or added.
bug#0002079: Using input field of a script in graph title does not work
bug#0002080: Database password containing "@" does not connect
bug#0002083: Adding a new users generates errors in apache logs
bug#0002084: Incorrect normalization of hrStorageTable values over 2^31
bug#0002086: Incorrect usage of mysql custom tcp port
bug#0002087: PHP recache problems due to missing slashes in reindex table
bug#0002093: Unit exponent value of 0 not imported with graph template
bug#0002094: CDEF: "another cdef" references not included in template export
bug#0002106: Command line add device does not accept "None" for host template
bug: Update host template cli script help to fix incorrect options
bug: Refresh of Cacti log viewer not working
bug: Problems saving User Graph Permissions in IE9
bug: Bandwidth summation fails if NAN values are present
bug: Special Type Code "host_id" available in Data Queries by Not Data Input Methods
bug: Do not generate error messages when creating non host based graphs
bug: Wrong index used for Data Queries using VALUE/REGEXP
bug: Fix issue with title variable replacement failing when no host is associated with graph
bug: Cacti generating MySQL 1100 Errors when modifying the tree
bug: Resolved "Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array" in lib/data_query.php
feature: Properly support ifHighSpeed replacement variable
feature: Increase granularity of availability options to correct spine bug
feature: Replace "event count" with last changed date for host availability
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