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Release Notes - 1.0.0

Important Security Fixes

  • CVE-2014-4000 PHP Object Injection Vulnerabilities
  • CVE-2016-2313 allows remote authenticated users who use web authentication to bypass intended access

Important Updates

  • Remote data collectors (Pollers)
  • Network discovery and automation
  • Device management automation
  • Enhanced user, group and domain management
  • User interface enhancements
  • Additional RRDtool graph option support
  • Merged almost 20 plugins into core
For additional details check out the README located on GitHub.


feature: Support for remote data collectors
feature: Support Internationalization (i18n) for the main Cacti site, and supported plugins
feature: Data Source Profiles replace RRA settings allowing a single system to have multiple polling intervals
feature: Redesigned Tree page including Drag & Drop functionality
feature: New Graph Permissions system designed to make permissions simple to manage
feature: Add Themes 'Classic', 'Modern', 'Dark', and 'Paw'
feature: Debug Data Sources by comparing them to the Data Template
feature: New special Data Source type to detect the poller interval
feature: Bulk inserts in PHP poller to address latency issues
feature: Optimize data collection through in memory caching giving a 50% reduction in polling times when dealing with large sites
feature: Support RRDtool VDEFs
feature: Support RRDtool features: Right Axis Support, Dynamic Labels, Tab Width, Legend Position, Legend Direction
feature; Resizeable table columns
feature: Deprecated Single Pane Tree View
feature: Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
feature: Support User Group Permissions
feature: Show number of in use Graphs, Data Sources, and Devices for a given Template
feature: Support bulk re-sync of graphs to assigned Graph Template
feature: Bulk Device Settings changes
feature: CDEFs, Colors, GPrint Presets consolidated to Presets menu
feature: Authentication cookies for 'remember me' functionality
feature: Automatic logout after session inactivity
feature: Replace Boost server in favor of RRDtool Proxy
feature: Graph Details include CSV output, zoom, debug, and download links
feature: Graph Export moved to a plugin
feature: User change password functionality
feature: Automation added to core functionality through the merge of the Discovery and AutoM8 plugins
feature: Change interface graphs from 32 bit to 64 bit with ease
feature: Plugins now have hooks in device templates and automation
feature: Allow users to preview template imports to determine if there will be issues from importing
feature: Automatic removal of orphaned graph items when importing newer versions of graph templates
feature: Support for MySQL 5.7
feature: Support for PHP 7.0
feature: Merge Aggregate Plugin - Aggregate graph creation
feature: Merge AutoM8 Plugin - Automation of graph creation
feature: Merge Boost Plugin - Faster polling, result caching, on-demand RRDtool file updates
feature: Merge CLog Plugin - View Cacti logs
feature: Merge Discovery Plugin - Device discovery
feature: Merge Domains Plugin - Support for domain (ADS/LDAP) specific user templates
feature: Merge DSStats Plugin - Cache Data Source values for easy retrieval
feature: Merge Logrotate Plugin - Rotate Cacti logs
feature: Merge Realtime Plugin - Realtime graph viewing
feature: Merge Reporting (Nectar) Plugin - Reporting
feature: Merge RRDclean Plugin - RRD file cleanup and management
feature: Merge Secpass Plugin - User password policy enforcement
feature: Merge Settings Plugin - Shared settings for plugins
feature: Merge SNMP Agent Plugin - SNMP Agent for Cacti providing system statistics
feature: Merge SpikeKill Plugin - Remove unwanted spikes from graphs
feature: Merge SSL Plugin - Force https
feature: Merge SuperLinks Plugin - Add external links within Cacti
feature: Merge UGroup Plugin - User groups with permissions
feature: Merge Watermark Plugin - Watermark your Cacti graphs
bug: Fixed issue where old graph templates (0.8.6-), could import bogus data causing issues with Data Input Methods
bug#0000168: Duplicate data sources should be avoided when creating new graphs
bug#0000851: Review an imported template
bug#0001155: When viewing graph tree do not show empty nodes
bug#0001337: Form to filter for graphs in host view mode
bug#0001552: Date ranges not shown on graphs in the view with Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly graphs
bug#0001573: RRA templates/grouping
bug#0001577: Override session handling and store session in Database
bug#0001790: Allow for XML delimiter in fields of a script query
bug#0001820: Unable to use a Data Input Method Output Field in more than one Data Source Item
bug#0001827: Changing the graph template messes up the graph item fields
bug#0001836: Add mysql error message to log
bug#0001877: Cookies path is not properly set
bug#0001966: Expand Devices in tree view not honored
bug#0001970: Data query index order cache should be populated on re-index
bug#0001981: Cacti is not full UTF-8
bug#0001986: CLI allow add_graphs.php to have multiples --snmp-field and --snmp-value options
bug#0001996: Allow using data input field in graph title
bug#0002096: Enumerated SNMP values not parsed correctly
bug#0002112: CLI add configurable parameters for device_add.php
bug#0002133: Restrict User to only manage specific device(s)
bug#0002135: Regular expression support for filter
bug#0002137: Data query oid_suffix parameter does not function
bug#0002159: Database creation file not fully compliant with strict SQL mode
bug#0002162: Unable to authenticate user with password containing UTF-8
bug#0002196: Incorrect script server instance number in log
bug#0002225: Make -Cc SNMP option configurable
bug#0002255: Script should only query local mounts
bug#0002336: Implement php-snmp class library
bug#0002340: Data query script execution should be escaped
bug#0002350: SNMP Data Query index_order ignored
bug#0002351: Ping does not work with non-English locale
bug#0002361: Spine does not log unknowns the same way cmd.php
bug#0002362: Poller cmd.php makes wrong hex-string to decimal conversion
bug#0002370: Cacti prints wrong date formats, does not honor a systems locale
bug#0002403: Typo in DELETE statement leading to poor graphing performance
bug#0002412: Graph Template duplication causes to be converted to TAB char
bug#0002418: Data Source Items named 'ds' break UI ability to add more items
bug#0002419: SNMP enum results not parsed correctly by cmd.php poller
bug#0002452: CVE-2014-4000 PHP Object Injection Vulnerabilities
bug#0002454: OS Command Injection
bug#0002468: Changing graph format to anything but PNG causes no output
bug#0002476: Add support for SNMP v3 EngineID
bug#0002483: Cisco ASA using Re-index method of verify all causes recache event every time
bug#0002484: Incorrect SQL request in cli script repair_database.php
bug#0002521: Unable to create two devices via CLI with the same IP-Address
bug#0002522: Zero padded hex strings are parsed incorrectly
bug#0002535: Graph Template Changes not updating RRDTool command
bug#0002636: Creating Data Template with "U" for min and max saves field data_input_field_id as 0 for first item
bug#0002697: CVE-2016-2313 allows remote authenticated users who use web authentication to bypass intended access
bug#0002698: When the host is down the wrong data type are used for some columns in the host table
bug#0002723: Renaming a disabled device still attempts to connect and get SNMP host information
bug#0002724: Multipage graphs the menu can disappear
bug#0002725: Changing graph template does not mark correct interfaces disabled on data query generated list
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