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Cacti: The complete RRDTool-based graphing solution.

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Release Notes - 1.0.5

For additional details check out the README located on GitHub.


issue#296: Poller warning for Non-SNMP device
issue#319: Add default 'High Collection Rate' data source profile to new installs to demonstrate concept of multiple rates
issue#330: Import templates to non-default Data Profile
issue#337: Error when try create new graph - SNMP - Generic OID
issue#342: Infinite loop in poller_automation.php with invalid schedule
issue#343: Device discovery cannot handle dots in device name
issue#344: Unable to upgrade to latest Cacti on FreeBSD
issue#353: Legacy broadcast & multicast packet counters missing in interface.xml
issue#354: Place on tree dashes / ordering is not correct
issue#355: Replace table rows with count when using InnoDB tables
issue#357: If recovery mode runs longer than a polling interval, a second is spawned
issue#358: Sending test e-mail results in warning
issue#360: Issue importing cacti.sql with some charsets
issue#364: Moving graph item causes page render issue
issue#365: ss_host_disk.php and ss_host_cpu.php should use return
issue#367: Upgrade chart.js to version 2.5
issue#368: Issue with device automation ip vs. ip_address
issue#369: Interface bits/second total Bandwidth wrong CDEF
issue#375: Drag and Drop of Devices and Graphs allows dropping onto self
issue#380: Ignores a non-standard SNMP port
issue#382: When using php5.5+ new users unable to change their password
issue#384: graph_view.php backtrace errors
issue#385: Unable to place an aggregate grapn on a subtree
issue#390: Display graphs from this aggregate icon next to graph not displaying
issue#392: cdef.php missing sql where for system cdef's
issue#398: checkbox is not honored when creating tree
issue#399: External link configuration: Order buttons don't work
issue#400: SNMP Engine ID (v3) field too short
issue#401: Graphs -> Apply Automation Rules fails
issue#404: Success even when test mail fails
issue#406: HRULE text format special characters not escaped
issue#408: Suppress SNMP units suffix from cacti_snmp_get() output
issue: Improve is_ipaddress functions
issue: Drag & drop showing when disabled on page automation_templates.php
issue: Output messages displayed incorrectly in automation_templates.php and automation_snmp.php
issue: Importing template from old Cacti would not show data templates
issue: Handle snmp error exceptions better
issue: Update Apache .htaccess files to support multiple version
issue: When executing a full sync, if the table structured has changed, recreate the remote table
issue: Multiple domains not working as expected
feature#197: Add external_id to Cacti for linking Cacti to other monitoring systems
feature#332: Support copy user groups
feature: Log proper IP address if logging in behind a NAT
feature: New qquery parsing rules: VALUE/TEST, VALUE/TABLE, VALUE/HEX2IP
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