This contains all the changelog information for Cacti

Type ID Text
security GHSA-37x7-mfjv-mm7m Authentication Bypass when using using older password hashes
security GHSA-7cmj-g5qc-pj88 RCE vulnerability when importing packages
security GHSA-cx8g-hvq8-p2rv RCE vulnerability when plugins include files
security GHSA-gj3f-p326-gh8r SQL Injection vulnerability when using tree rules through Automation API
security GHSA-grj5-8fcj-34gh XSS vulnerability when using JavaScript based messaging API
security GHSA-jrxg-8wh8-943x SQL Injection vulnerability when using form templates
security GHSA-p4ch-7hjw-6m87 XSS vulnerability when reading tree rules with Automation API
security GHSA-rqc8-78cm-85j3 XSS vulnerability when managing data queries
security GHSA-vjph-r677-6pcc SQL Injection vulnerability when retrieving graphs using Automation API
issue 5622 Improve PHP 8.3 support
issue 5628 When importing packages via command line, data source profile could not be selected
issue 5629 When changing password, returning to previous page does not always work
issue 5636 When using LDAP authentication the first time, warnings may appear in logs
issue 5638 When editing/viewing devices, add IPv6 info to hostname tooltip
issue 5645 Improve speed of polling when Boost is enabled
issue 5648 Improve support for Half-Hour time zones
issue 5649 Improve support of ping on Windows
issue 5655 When user session not found, device lists can be incorrectly returned
issue 5660 On import, legacy templates may generate warnings
issue 5661 Improve support for alternate locations of Ping
issue 5662 Improve PHP 8.1 support for Installer
issue 5669 Fix issues with number formatting
issue 5677 Improve PHP 8.1 support when SpikeKill is run first time
issue 5693 Improve PHP 8.1 support for SpikeKill
issue 5696 When using Chinese to search for graphics, garbled characters appear.
issue 5701 When importing templates, preview mode will not always load
issue 5720 When remote poller is installed, MySQL TimeZone DB checks are not performed
issue 5723 When Remote Poller installation completes, no finish button is shown
issue 5725 Unauthorized agents should be recorded into logs
issue 5726 Poller cache may not always update if hostname changes
issue 5727 When using CMD poller, Failure and Recovery dates may have incorrect values
issue 5731 Saving a Tree can cause the tree to become unpublished
issue 5732 Web Basic Authentication does not record user logins
issue 5733 When using Accent-based languages, translations may not work properly
issue 5743 Fix automation expressions for device rules
issue 5748 Improve PHP 8.1 Support during fresh install with boost
feature 5692 Add a device "enabled/disabled" indicator next to the graphs
feature 5710 Notify the admin periodically when a remote data collector goes into heartbeat status
feature 5716 Add template for Aruba Clearpass
feature 5730 Add fliter/sort of Device Templates by Graph Templates

Type ID Text
security GHSA-xwqc-7jc4-xm73 XSS vulnerability when importing a template file
security GHSA-pfh9-gwm6-86vp RCE vulnerability when managing links
security GHSA-vr3c-38wh-g855 SQL Injection vulnerability when managing poller devices
security GHSA-wc73-r2vw-59pr XSS vulnerability when adding new devices
security GHSA-q7g7-gcf6-wh4x XSS vulnerability when viewing data sources in debug mode
security GHSA-w85f-7c4w-7594 SQL Injection vulnerability when managing SNMP Notification Receivers
issue 5464 When viewing data sources, an undefined variable error may be seen
issue 5478 Improvements for Poller Last Run Date
issue 5481 Attempting to edit a Data Query that does not exist throws warnings and not an GUI error
issue 5483 Improve PHP 8.1 support when adding devices
issue 5485 Viewing Data Query Cache can cause errors to be logged
issue 5489 Preserve option is not properly honoured when removing devices at command line
issue 5490 Infinite recursion is possible during a database failure
issue 5492 Monitoring Host CPU's does not always work on Windows endpoints
issue 5493 Multi select drop down list box not rendered correctly in Chrome and Edge
issue 5494 Selective Plugin Debugging may not always work as intended
issue 5495 During upgrades, Plugins may be falsely reported as incompatible
issue 5496 Plugin management at command line does not work with multiple plugins
issue 5502 Improve PHP 8.1 support for incrementing only numbers
issue 5503 Allow the renaming of guest and template accounts
issue 5514 DS Stats issues warnings when the RRDfile has not been initialized
issue 5527 When upgrading, missing data source profile can cause errors to be logged
issue 5534 When deleting a single Data Source, purge historical debug data
issue 5542 Improvements to form element warnings
issue 5554 Some interface aliases do not appear correctly
issue 5555 Aggregate graph does not show other percentiles
issue 5561 Settings table updates for large values reverted by database repair
issue 5564 When obtaining graph records, error messages may be recorded
issue 5565 Unable to change a device's community at command line
issue 5572 Increase timeout for RRDChecker
issue 5573 When viewing a graph, option to edit template may lead to incorrect URL
issue 5581 When upgrading, failures may occur due to missing color table keys
issue 5583 On installation, allow a more appropriate template to be used as the default
issue 5585 When data input parameters are allowed to be null, allow null
issue 5586 CSV Exports may not always output data correctly
issue 5589 When debugging a graph, long CDEF's can cause undesirable scrolling
issue 5590 Secondary LDAP server not evaluated when the first one has failed
issue 5602 When adding a device, using the bulk walk option can make version information appear
issue 5609 When parsing a Data Query resource, an error can be reported if no direction is specified
issue 5612 Database reconnection can cause errors to be reported incorrectly
issue 5613 fix returned value if $sau is empty
feature 5577 Add Aruba switch, Aruba controller and HPE iLO templates
feature 5597 Add OSCX 6x00 templates

Type ID Text
security GHSA-77rf-774j-6h3p Protect against Insecure deserialization of filter data
security GHSA-gx8c-xvjh-9qh4 Protect against Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability when creating new graphs
security GHSA-6r43-q2fw-5wrg Protect against Unauthenticated SQL Injection when viewing graphs
security GHSA-6jhp-mgqg-fhqg Protect against SQL Injection when saving data with sql_save()
security GHSA-g6ff-58cj-x3cp Protect against Authenticated command injection when using SNMP options
security GHSA-q4wh-3f9w-836h Protect against Authenticated SQL injection vulnerability when managing graphs
security GHSA-gj95-7xr8-9p7g Protect against Authenticated SQL injection vulnerability when managing reports
security GHSA-v5w7-hww7-2f22 Protect against SQL Injection when using regular expressions
security GHSA-4pjv-rmrp-r59x Protect against Open redirect in change password functionality
security GHSA-rwhh-xxm6-vcrv Protect against Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability with Device Name when managing Data Sources
security GHSA-24w4-4hp2-3j8h Protect against Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability with Device Name when administrating Reports
security GHSA-5hpr-4hhc-8q42 Protect against Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability with Device Name when editing Graphs whilst managing Reports
security GHSA-vqcc-5v63-g9q7 Protect against Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability with Device Name when managing Data Sources
security GHSA-9fj7-8f2j-2rw2 Protect against Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability with Device Name when debugging data queries
security GHSA-6hrc-2cfc-8hm7 Protect against Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability with Data Source Name when managing Graphs
security GHSA-hrg9-qqqx-wc4h Protect against Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability with Data Source Name when debugging Data Queries
security GHSA-r8qq-88g3-hmgv Protect against Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability with Data Source Information when managing Data Sources
security GHSA-rf5w-pq3f-9876 Protect against Privilege escalation when Cacti installed using Windows Installer defaults
issue 2959 When rebuilding the Poller Cache from command line, allow it to be multi-threaded
issue 4045 When searching tree or list views, the URL does not update after changes
issue 5254 When creating a Data Source Template with a specific snmp port, the port is not always applied
issue 5255 When a Data Query references a file, the filename should be trimmed to remove spurious spaces
issue 5258 THold plugin may not always install or upgrade properly
issue 5259 RRD file structures are not always updated properly, if there are more Data Sources in the Data Template than the Graph Template
issue 5263 When reindexing devices, errors may sometimes be shown
issue 5272 Boost may loose data when the database server is overloaded
issue 5275 Boost can sometimes output unexpected or invalid values
issue 5277 Boost should not attempt to start if there are no items to process
issue 5279 Rebuilding the poller cache does not always work as expected
issue 5282 Host CPU items may not work poll as expected when on a remote data collector where hmib is also enabled
issue 5283 When creating new graphs, invalid offset errors may be generated
issue 5291 When importing packages, SQL errors may be generated
issue 5298 When managing plugins from command line, the --plugin option is not properly handled
issue 5299 When automating an install of Cacti, error messages can be appear
issue 5300 When performing automated install of a plugin, warnings can be thrown
issue 5315 Automation references the wrong table name causing errors
issue 5317 Data Source Info Mode produces invalid recommendations
issue 5319 Data Source Debug 'Run All' generates too many log messages
issue 5323 The description of rebuild poller cache in utilities does not display properly
issue 5324 When reindexing a device, debug information may not always display properly
issue 5329 Upon displaying a form with errors, the session error fields variable isn't cleared
issue 5333 MariaDB clusters will no longer support exclusive locks
issue 5336 RRDtool can fail to update when sources in Data Template and Graph Template data sources do not match
issue 5338 Compatibility improvements for Boost under PHP 8.x
issue 5342 When searching the tree, increase the time before querying for items
issue 5347 Device Location drop down does not always populate correctly
issue 5354 When viewing Realtime graphs, undefined variable errors may be reported
issue 5355 SNMP Uptime is not always ignored for spikekills
issue 5356 Improve detection of downed Devices
issue 5360 When reporting missing functions from Plugins, ensure messages do not occur too often
issue 5364 When starting the Cacti daemon, database errors may be reported when there is no problem
issue 5366 When reporting from RRDcheck, ensure prefix is in the correct casing
issue 5371 Improve Orphaned Data Source options and display
issue 5372 Parsing the PHP Configuration may sometimes produce errors
issue 5376 Security processes attempt to check for a user lockout even if there is no user logged in
issue 5377 When attempting to edit a tree, the search filter for Graphs remains disabled
issue 5381 When reindexing, a Data Source that could be un-orphaned may not always be unorphaned
issue 5382 When parsing a date value, there could be more than 30 chars
issue 5384 Untemplated Data Sources can fail to update due to lack of an assigned Graph
issue 5386 When processing items to check, do not include disabled hosts
issue 5390 When saving a Data Source Template, SQL errors may be reported
issue 5392 When importing a Template, errors may be recorded
issue 5402 Some display strings have invalid formatting that cannot be parsed
issue 5403 When filtering with regular expressions, the 'does not match' option does not always function as expected
issue 5409 When enabling a plugin, sometimes it can appear as if nothing happens
issue 5413 Ensure the Rows Per Page option shows limitations set by configuration
issue 5414 Plugins are unable to modify fields in the setting 'Change Device Settings'
issue 5417 When reporting emails being sent, ensure BCC addresses are also included
issue 5420 Improve compatibility of SNMP class trim handling under PHP 8.x
issue 5426 When importing legacy Data Query Templates, the Template can become unusable
issue 5427 Provide ability to raise an event when extending the settings form
issue 5434 Prevent unsupported SQL Mode flags from being set
issue 5439 The DSStats summary does not always display expected values
issue 5440 When performing a fresh install, device classification may be missing.
issue 5446 Duplication functions for Graph/Template and Data Source/Template do not return and id
issue 5447 Duplication of Device Templates should be an API call
issue 5450 Unable to convert database to latin1 instead of utf8 if desired
issue 5451 When creating Graphs, the process may become slower over time as more items exist
issue 5452 When a bulk walk size is set to automatic, this is not always set to the optimal value
issue 5453 Update copyright notice on import packages
issue 5454 When viewing Orphan Graphs, SQL errors may be reported
issue 5457 When reindexing hosts from command line, ensure only one process runs at once
issue 5458 When a Data Query has no Graphs, it may not be deletable
issue 5459 When duplicating a Graph Template, provide an option to not duplicate Data Query association
issue 5460 When duplicating a Data Template errors can appear in the Cacti log
issue 5462 When importing a Package, previewing makes unexpected changes to Cacti Templates
issue 5466 When enabling boost on a fresh install, an error may be reported
issue 5467 Improve compatibility for backtrace logging under PHP 8.x
issue 5475 Improve compatibility for Advanced Ping under PHP 8.x
feature 5375 Provide new templates for Fortigate and Aruba Cluster to be available during install
feature 5393 Provide new template for SNMP Printer to be available during install
feature 5418 When importing devices, allow a device classification to be known
feature 5442 Extend length of maximum name in settings table
feature 5444 Extend length of maximum name in user settings table
feature 5448 Data Queries do not have a Duplication function
feature 5252 Upgrade d3.js v7.8.2 and billboard.js v3.7.4
feature 5358 Upgrade ua-parser.js to version 1.0.35
feature 5397 Update Cisco Device Template to include HSRP graph template
feature New hook for device template change 'device_template_change'

Type ID Text
issue 5127 Unable to import Local Linux Machine template
issue 5134 Maximum Memory shows -1 instead of Unlimited
issue 5135 RRDcleaner and RRDcheck share the same filter details causing errors
issue 5136 When passed a null value, number_format_i18n() can return a invalid number by ddb4github
issue 5137 When attempting to update structured paths, SQL errors can occur
issue 5140 Compatibility changes for SNMP under PHP 8.2
issue 5142 Fix issues with permission model and warnings
issue 5143 When a Device has zero Graphs or Data Sources, it does not display a value
issue 5145 Changing SNMP settings to None leaves Bulk Walk Maximum Repititions visible
issue 5147 Language handlers may not always be loaded properly
issue 5150 Wrong parameters are shown for the Import Package script
issue 5151 Templates appear to lose their suggested name values
issue 5159 When editing a tree, the tree can not be set to published
issue 5160 Translations on debian 'bookworm' systems may cause server errors
issue 5161 Switching language in the settings does not immediately become active
issue 5166 Plugin permissions may sometimes appear in the wrong section by ddb4github
issue 5167 Graph template for NetSNMP lmsensors missing
issue 5168 Import Package is misleading when reviewing Device Template Changes
issue 5169 Device failure and recovery dates can be misleading
issue 5170 Prevent remote polling functionality from running on main poller
issue 5174 When adding a new device, location is not being saved
issue 5180 Audit Database has issues with storage engine compare
issue 5181 When working with remote data collectors, some errors may be logged
issue 5182 Graph Image does not have check for Remote Agent
issue 5184 When a user has been deleted, checking permissions can cause errors
issue 5185 Repair Database does not prune old Poller Item Records
issue 5187 When calling plugin functions, errors can appear if they are not present
issue 5188 When filtering Device Templates, valid matches are not always shown
issue 5190 When using Gradient Support GPRINT Text Format is misaligned
issue 5194 CSRF directory needs to be writeable for creating the csrf-secret.php file
issue 5195 When removing spikes, errors can be recorded for NaN samples
issue 5196 Gradient support can break Graphs containing special characters
issue 5197 Unable to obtain realtime graph from remote poller
issue 5198 Compability Improvements for PHP Diff under PHP 8.x
issue 5199 When trying to obtain data, cacti should not long Transport Read errors
issue 5200 Compatibility improvements for Classic Tab images under PHP 8.x
issue 5201 Weathermaps can have issues rendering with some themes
issue 5202 When importing packages, Graph Size does not get updated to Graph Templates
issue 5203 Host Mib Device package can cause errors with NetSNMP scripts
issue 5204 Compatibility improvements for Audit Database under PHP 8.x
issue 5205 When using Diff Viewer, rendering is not always correct under certain themes
issue 5207 Compatibility improvements for Installer under PHP 8.x
issue 5208 Some i18n strings are not properly translated
issue 5209 When disabling a user, no log is recorded by xmacan
issue 5211 When creating a new graph, undefined variable errors may be recorded
issue 5214 Basic Auth is timing out and logging users off automatically
issue 5223 When using callback form functions, name and id field may not be correctly set
issue 5224 When poller runtime is exceeded, time should be display as a rounded number
issue 5227 When debugging a data source, errors may be shown if no RRDfile created yet
issue 5232 Polling can appear delayed due to early statistics gathering
issue 5236 When viewing a graph, Edit Graph Template link may open wrong url
issue 5238 Searching for Poller Items can generates SQL Errors
issue 5239 Bulk Walk Maximum Repetitions may sometimes be ignored
issue 5241 Balance Process Load does not always apply properly
issue 5243 Template Export missing Graph Template columns `multiple` and `test_source`
issue 5245 Add additional security to the unserialize function by TheWitness
issue 5247 Rebuilding Poller Cache from Utilities does not respect poller interval due to lack or ordering

Type ID Text
security 4920 Add .htaccess file to scripts folder
security 5119 CVE-2022-46169 Unauthenticated Command Injection in Remote Agent
issue 4418 When using Single Sign-on Frameworks, revocation is not always detected in callbacks
issue 4682 New templates are not installed during the update
issue 4738 Improve PHP 8.1 support for Installer CLI
issue 4888 The database audit script fails to run properly on MySQL 8.0.29
issue 4889 Increase host query performance by removing check for NULL
issue 4892 When many hosts go offline, Recache Event can be constantly logged
issue 4893 Real Time Counter can become stuck and does not count down
issue 4896 When remote poller is in offline mode, GUI can become inaccesible and poller can timeout
issue 4897 Technical support page on remote poller shows max connections of Main poller
issue 4903 Correct incompatibility between MySQL 8.x and Automation regular expressions
issue 4904 The recommendation for innodb_buffer_pool_instances is incorrect for MySQL 8 and MariaDB < 10.5
issue 4905 Using colons in labels can break graphs with gradients
issue 4917 Real Time Counter can become stuck and does not count down
issue 4921 Some Aggregate graphs can be denied access incorrectly
issue 4923 Unable to duplicate a Graph template
issue 4927 Unable to audit the database if database password contains a bracket
issue 4934 Upgrade phpseclib to 2.0.37
issue 4935 The 'Net-SNMP - Device I/O' template incorrectly sets a maximum value of zero
issue 4940 When sorting by hostname, database errors can be reported
issue 4941 When boost is running, graphs can appear broken
issue 4944 Packages should be signed with SHA256 as SHA1 is considered deprecated
issue 4947 When creating a Data Template, ensure that the default max value is always 'U' and not '0'
issue 4951 Plugins may not work correctly with Multi-Poller setups
issue 4960 Setting context for connections throws error in PHP 8.x
issue 4963 Wen calculating 95th percentile, floor() maybe used instead of ceil() incorrectly
issue 4964 Tree search does not correct hide non-matching tree objects
issue 4966 Device Template filters should show on used templates
issue 4971 MIB Parser can sometimes cause errors in later PHP versions
issue 4978 Boost may sometimes lose the Time Zone unexpectedly
issue 4980 Setting business hours can cause PHP errors
issue 4988 When creating RRD File, more data sources than expected may be defined
issue 4990 When viewing Links, errors can be generated
issue 4991 Updating a Data Template does not switch rrd_heartbeat properly for all sources leading to empty graphs
issue 4993 Data Debug Troubleshooter does not pick up invalid RRD_heartbeat settings
issue 4996 When managing graphs, Graphs can be listed multiple times incorrectly
issue 5001 Data Debug troubleshooter reports false positives with Missing Data Sources
issue 5006 Errors can occur when attempting to remove items from CDEF or VDEF's
issue 5012 When upgrading database at command line, some PHP errors may be seen
issue 5013 Automatically set Bulk Walk size when missing on a host
issue 5015 Upgrade for 1.2.21 reporting unknown status
issue 5017 SNMP Agent can cause unexpected errors due to implicit rounding
issue 5018 When using 'Remember me', session can still be forced to end unexpectedly
issue 5024 Escape char not properly replaced in snmp strings
issue 5028 Cacti User Stats script can throw errors unexpectedly
issue 5029 Searching for a plugin by name does not always work
issue 5030 Installer shows innodb unset in MariaDB 10.10+
issue 5033 Improve PHP 8.1 support with Installer
issue 5034 RRD Proxy Server not supported by CLI script "structure_rra_paths.php"
issue 5041 Custom themes may cause errors if they do not contain all required CSS/JS files
issue 5057 When adding a device rule in automation, depreciated filters may be reported
issue 5066 Graph watermark is not escaped properly, leading to broken graphs
issue 5068 Improve PHP 8.2 support with Installer
issue 5084 When viewing trees, runtime errors may be recorded
issue 5088 When running script host_update_template.php, reindex method may incorrectly be changed to uptime
issue 5089 When numeric regex validation fails, no backtrace is logged
issue 5096 When the SNMP Agent is enabled, certain objects can result in errors appearing
issue 5097 RRDtool Utilities should not appear on Remote Data Collectors
issue 5101 When a remote poller fails, the recovery process may also fail
issue 5102 When in Recovery Mode, plugins that are designed to work remotely stop working
issue 5103 When Remote Data Collector changes status, a full page refresh or logout should occur
issue 5105 ss_host_disk.php php issue after upgrade PHP 8.1 (from 7.4)
issue 5107 Block installation if PHP has session.auto_start enabled
issue 5111 During boost processing, some DS Stats functions can cause errors
feature 1100 Structured path not created when using remote poller and Update On-Demand
feature 1392 Notify Admins that page errors exist even when using dynamic callbacks
feature 2239 Allow Import and Export to be more selective
feature 2485 Importing Template requires you to upload the same file after previewing
feature 2548 Add Head/Tail filtering of log for more efficient searches
feature 2567 The innodb sort buffer should be optimized for large tables
feature 2747 Allow more sorting options when managing Graphs
feature 2871 Report when RRA's heartbeat is below the data source profile's interval
feature 3131 Add utility feature to reindex hosts with bad indexes
feature 3578 Allow Re-indexing of Devices to be Scheduled
feature 4025 When importing a Template or Package, allow the user to ignore template and use the system default dimensions
feature 4239 On "Graph Utility View" add the name of and a link to the graph template which the graph is based on
feature 4417 Support execution of custom functions at poller bottom for remote pollers
feature 4754 The script ss_fping.php should timeout based on the host
feature 4762 Allow Package Import to be selective
feature 4786 Windows install does not support SVG rendering
feature 4820 When importing, make it possible to only import certain components
feature 4841 Move the `cactid` function `db_check_reconnect()` to `lib/database.php` for other service oriented scripts
feature 4874 Add support for Business Hours
feature 4890 Add multi threading for Poller recache script
feature 4899 Allow script server to be told when the main database when offline or in recovery
feature 4901 Make the script server accept arguments in the standard way
feature 4902 Increase compatibility with MySQL 8.x
feature 4907 Add lmSensors to the Net-SNMP Device Template
feature 4926 Allow the user to override Cacti's built-in Time Zone detection
feature 4943 Add ability to periodically check RRDfiles for errors in batch
feature 4948 When security cookie times out, redirection does not always occur properly
feature 4955 Provide memory tuning based upon MySQL Tuner recommendations
feature 4956 The function `db_check_reconnect()` should be able to work with any connection
feature 4957 Add Device Template categories to match the classes of the Package Plugin
feature 4965 When unlocking a tree, entire page should not need rebuilding
feature 4967 Make adding Associated Graph Templates and Data Queries easier to use
feature 4989 Improve table performance by caching 'Total Rows' using a hash
feature 5009 Allow SNMP Value OIDs to be parsed using regular expressions
feature Adding ESXi Device Template
feature Upgrade jQuery to version 3.6.1
feature Upgrade jQueryUI to version 1.13.2
feature Upgrade billboard.js to version 3.6
feature Introduce exec() function with timeout

Type ID Text
security 4834 When creating new graphs, cross site injection is possible
issue 4768 When creating user from template, multiple Domain FullName and Mail are not propagated
issue 4791 Nectar Aggregate 95th emailed report broken
issue 4796 Boost may not find archive tables correctly
issue 4802 Users may be unable to change their password when forced during a login
issue 4803 Net-SNMP Memory Graph Template has Wrong GPRINT
issue 4806 Search in tree view unusable on larger installations
issue 4808 Increased bulk insert size to avoid partial inserts and potential data loss.
issue 4810 Call to undefined function boost_debug in Cacti log
issue 4814 When no guest template is set, login cookies are not properly set
issue 4817 Later RRDtool releases do not need to check last_update time
issue 4818 Regex filters are not always long enough
issue 4819 Domains based LDAP and AD Fullname and Email not auto-populated
issue 4822 Cacti polling and boost report the wrong number of Data Sources when Devices are disabled
issue 4823 When editing Graph Template Items there are cases where VDEF's are hidden when they should be shown
issue 4831 Database SSL setting lacks default value
issue 4837 Update default path cacti under *BSD by xmacan
issue 4840 Web Basic authentication not creating template user
issue 4846 Unable to change the Heartbeat of a Data Source Profile
issue 4849 Tree Search Does Not Properly Search All Trees
issue 4850 When structured paths are setup, RRDfiles may not always be created when possible
issue 4851 When parsing the logs, caching would help speed up processing
issue 4853 Deprecation warnings when attempting real-time Graphs with PHP8.1
issue 4860 Custom Timespan is lost when clicking other tree branches
issue 4863 Non device based Data Sources not being polled
issue 4865 When Resource XML file inproperly formatted, graph creation can fail with errors
issue 4866 Update code style to support PHP 8 requirements
issue 4867 In Graph Management, filtering for "Device: None" shows all graphs
issue 4871 Realtime popup window experiences issues on some browsers
issue 4873 Auth settings do not always properly reflect the options selected by ddb4github
issue 4880 MySQL can cause cacti to become stalled due to locking issues
issue 4882 Boost process can get hung under rare conditions until the poller times out
issue 4884 Exporting graphs under PHP 8 can cause errors
issue 4887 Host table has wrong default for disabled and deleted columns
feature 4533 RRD storage paths do not scale properly
feature 4820 When importing, make it possible to only import certain components
feature 4825 Update change_device script to include new features by bmfmancini
feature 4827 Make help pages use latest online version wherever possible
feature 4832 Cacti should show PHP INI locations during install
feature 4833 Detect PHP INI values that are different in the INI vs running config
feature 4870 Added Gradient Color support for AREA charts by thurban
feature 4872 Update CDEF functions for RRDtool
feature 4881 When boost is running, it's not clear which processes are running and how long they have to complete

Type ID Text
issue 4531 Correct duplicate keys within database
issue 4614 Add support for hooks during polling loop or at poller end
issue 4683 When adding a device, errors may be reported whilst updating templates
issue 4684 When creating RRD error image, font may not exist by xmacan
issue 4685 Correct issues with corrupted Cacti Packages
issue 4687 Poller output not empty all the time
issue 4688 When running under PHP 5.4, certain operators are not valid by ddb4github
issue 4689 Package Import generates errors when you try to import directory or non-file
issue 4693 Correct issues with Heartbeat definitions under PHP 8.x
issue 4695 When importing packages, hash types are not properly processed by ddb4github
issue 4697 Login problem
issue 4698 When creating a device, unexpected poller down message may be shown
issue 4701 Editing a new user or user group may cause errors
issue 4705 Unable to automatically login using Remember Me option
issue 4707 Unable to duplicate graph templates due to missing column
issue 4716 Correct issues with Data Source Edit under PHP 8.x
issue 4719 Browsers may reject CactiTimeZone and CactiDateTime cookies due to SameSite requirements
issue 4721 Some JavaScript and image files URL are broken under midwinter theme by ddb4github
issue 4722 When upgrading from pre 1.x, various errors may be seen by ddb4github
issue 4726 When running under Fedora, issues may be seen with snmp values
issue 4729 Add ability for Template and Package Installs to update Suggested Name Values/Patterns
issue 4732 When using audit tool, text/mediumtext columns may not be properly processed by ddb4github
issue 4735 When changing data source profiles, errors may be shown
issue 4736 Update PHP recommendations to meet current expectations
issue 4743 When viewing graphs, fontawesome may not always been found
issue 4744 When using automation, numeric values may be treated as strings
issue 4748 When saving a device, errors may be generated
issue 4756 Importing very old Data Input Methods generate dependency warnings
issue 4757 Correct issues with Boost running under PHP 8.x
issue 4763 Unable to login locally when LDAP authentication enabled
feature 4720 Add a CLI script to install/enable/disable/uninstall plugins
feature 4740 Add log message when purging DS stats and poller repopulate

Type ID Text
security 4562 When using LDAP, authentication process may be bypassed
security 4576 Device, Graph, Graph Template, and Graph Items may be vulnerable to XSS issues
security 4579 Lockout policies are not properly applied to LDAP and Domain Users
security 4593 When using 'remember me' option, incorrect realm may be selected
security 4678 User and Group maintenance are vulnerable to SQL attacks
security 4679 Color Templates are vulnerable to XSS attack
issue 3816 When replicating data during installation/upgrade, system may appear to hang
issue 4363 Graph Template Items may have duplicated entries
issue 4435 Unable to Save Graph Settings
issue 4449 Script Server may crash if an OID is missing or unavailable
issue 4451 When system-wide polling is disabled, remote pollers may fail to sync changed settings
issue 4455 When updating poller name, duplicate name protection may be over zealous
issue 4457 Titles may show "Missing Datasource" incorectly
issue 4458 Checking for MIB Cache can cause crashes
issue 4460 Polling cycles may not always complete as expected
issue 4461 When viewing graph data, non-numeric values may appear
issue 4472 Utilities view has calculation errors when there are no data sources
issue 4475 Add support for PHP 8
issue 4477 Remote pollers do not force connection when online
issue 4479 Rebuild Poller Cache CLI script should have filter options
issue 4480 Saving a bad Data Template can damage Data Sources
issue 4481 Reports still use Legacy attributes, despite having a format file
issue 4482 Graph Automation slowed by in-efficient index selection
issue 4491 When rebuilding poller cache, SNMP settings do not properly update
issue 4492 When an OID starts with space, SNMP returns undefined data
issue 4495 Datasource Statistics may obtain invalid data for some rebooted devices
issue 4498 When attempting to calculate width, some input elements may cause console errors
issue 4500 Datasource Statistics may not scale properly on larger systems
issue 4508 Changing Multi-Device SNMP settings may not work as expected
issue 4509 Updating Items for a Graph Template may be slow on larger systems
issue 4511 When using the time-based view, SVG Graphs may not resize properly
issue 4512 When using API calls, graphs without data sources may be unremovable
issue 4516 Add additional information to help when creating graphs from templates
issue 4519 When remote host poll fails, poller ID may not be found and cause errors
issue 4521 Backtraces Logged in Cacti 1.2.x Branch - Gettext Translation
issue 4522 When entering custom input, layout issues may be seen
issue 4528 When creating a device, default setting for Device Threads may be ignored
issue 4529 Primary Admin account notifications may not work in certain cases
issue 4530 On larger systems, user interface for reporting may become unusable
issue 4536 When using Web Basic Authentication, user is always mapped as guest.
issue 4539 When handling plugin dependancies, notices may not be displayed properly
issue 4540 Certain account types should not allow their enabled status to be changed
issue 4543 Emails sent multiple times to the same address can be rejected
issue 4545 Reports Tab always shows 'Administration' despite a users permissions
issue 4546 When unauthorized, user may be redirected instead of notified
issue 4547 Add debug options to LDAP for diagnostic purposes
issue 4548 Rounding causes errors with variable substitution
issue 4549 Boost may become disabled due to an invalid path
issue 4551 Add support for PHP 8
issue 4552 Error messages are not always cleared, resulting in duplicated messages.
issue 4554 Add support for Automation under PHP 8
issue 4557 When selecting a Consolidation Function, errors may be reported
issue 4563 Breadcrumbs not always display the correct path
issue 4564 When clicking tabs, page may not always respond
issue 4567 Editing current user should prevent changes of account status
issue 4568 Authentication cache does not always use the correct realm
issue 4569 When editing users or groups, template permissions may not work as intended
issue 4571 When changing authentication method, unneeded settings may not be hidden
issue 4572 When basic authentication is used, login screen should not be seen
issue 4573 On larger systems, permission checks may render system unusable
issue 4575 When you delete a user, cookie data is not automatically removed
issue 4577 When editing current user, last administrator may be removed
issue 4578 The Cacti login algorithm is complicated to understand due to too much strait line code
issue 4580 When using Web Basic Authentication, users may be seen as guests
issue 4586 When viewing graphs, excess database queries may occur
issue 4587 Settings may be read more often than required
issue 4588 Unable to save host with multi-byte characters
issue 4589 When updating tables, ensure engine, row_format and charset by ddb4github
issue 4594 When selecting font, attempt to use system-based font before internally supplied version by ddb4github
issue 4597 Selective Device Debug does not work with Remote Data Collectors
issue 4598 Plugin tab does not stay visible when main poller is offline
issue 4603 When failing back to PHP GetText, module is not always selected
issue 4607 Configuration file may be improperly moved into the resource cache
issue 4609 When handling sessions, user agent may not always be present
issue 4610 When hiding disabled devices, some may still be shown
issue 4611 When replicating to remote pollers, plugins are not always properly sync'd
issue 4612 When using cookie authentication, Same Site support does not always work properly
issue 4613 Newer versions of MySQL/MariaDB may prevent structure replication changes
issue 4614 Add support for hooks during polling loop or at poller end
issue 4615 Plugin status on a Remote Data Collector may not always be detectable
issue 4616 When performing certain plugin actions, replication should be forced to Remote Collectors
issue 4617 When removing a plugin, removed tables are not removed from remote pollers
issue 4618 When plugin exceed runtimes, they should not be automatic disabled
issue 4620 When using CLI, Remote Data Collector scripts may connect to the wrong database
issue 4623 Boost does not operate as it should in certain situations
issue 4624 System uptime may be missing under certain circumstances
issue 4629 When removing many Graphs and Data Sources, polling cycles may overrun
issue 4630 Session data is not always started correctly
issue 4632 When creating a Datasource, Input Field Checking is not always enforced
issue 4634 When using Basic Authentication, the Logout Everywhere button should not be shown
issue 4645 When format file does not exist, changing certain settings may result in errors
issue 4651 Device Description is not consistent in Poller Cache view
issue 4652 After repopulating graph, navigation to check cumbersome
issue 4654 When saving a data template, replication may cause errors
issue 4658 When upgrading from pre-1.0, tree information may not properly update by ddb4github
issue 4659 When moving a device between pollers, errors may occur
issue 4666 Add date calculation support for PHP 8
issue 4671 Add poller sleeping support for PHP 8
issue 4672 When editing Reports, drag and drop may not function as intended
issue 4680 When data drive is full, viewing a Graph can result in errors
feature 4574 On larger systems, permissions may need alternative methods
feature 4631 When creating a Data Source Profile, allow additional choices for Heartbeat
feature 4636 Upgrade jQueryMulti-select to 3.0.1
feature 4637 Change select all options to use Font Awesome icons
feature 4641 Improve spine performance by storing the total number of system snmp_ports in use
feature 4663 Prevent Template User Accounts from being Removed
feature 4664 When managing by users, allow filtering by Realm
feature 4665 Allow plugins to supply template account names
feature 4667 When viewing logs, additional message types should be filterable
feature 4668 When creating a Graph Template Item, allow filtering by Data Template
feature 4669 Allow language handler to be selected via UI
feature 4673 Updated Device packages for Synology, Citrix NetScaler, Cisco ASA/Cisco
feature 4674 Add Advanced Ping Graph Template to initial Installable templates
feature 4675 Add LDAP Debug Mode option
feature 4676 Allow Reports to include devices not on a Tree
feature 4677 Allow Basic Authentication to display custom failure message

Type ID Text
security 4356 Further fixes for grave character security protection
issue Over aggressive escaping causes menu visibility issues on Create Device page
issue 3787 Add SHA256 and AES256 security levels for SNMP polling
issue 4289 Import graph template(Preview Only) show color_id new value as a blank area
issue 4341 Editing graphs can cause errors due to missing sequence
issue 4342 When hovering over a Tree Graph, row shows same highlighting as Graph Edit screen
issue 4343 When RealTime is not active, console errors may appear
issue 4347 Race conditions may occur when multiple RRDtool processes are running
issue 4352 Creating graphs from templates may sometimes result in errors
issue 4353 When duplicating reports, errors may occur
issue 4375 Boost may be blocked by overflowing poller_output table
issue 4378 Template import may be blocked due to unmet dependency warnings with snmp ports
issue 4381 Newer MySQL versions may error if committing a transaction when not in one
issue 4382 SNMP Agent may not find a cache item
issue 4383 Correct issues running under PHP 8.x
issue 4391 When polling is disabled, boost may crash and creates many arch tables
issue 4396 When poller runs, memory tables may not always be present
issue 4400 Removal of redunant code
issue 4403 Timezones may sometimes be incorrectly calculated
issue 4404 Allow monitoring IPv6 with interface graphs
issue 4408 When a data source uses a Data Input Method, those without a mapping should be flagged
issue 4410 When RRDfile is not yet created, errors may appear when displaying the graph
issue 4419 Cacti missing key indexes that result in Preset pages slowdowns
issue 4420 Data Sources page shows no name when Data Source has no name cache
issue 4421 db_update_table function can not alter table from signed to unsigned
issue 4422 data remains in poller_output table even if it's flushed to rrd files
issue 4423 Parameter list for lib/database.php:db_connect_real() is not correct in 3 places
issue 4424 Offset is a reserved word in MariaDB 10.6 affecting Report
issue 4425 Rendering large trees slowed due to lack of permission caching
issue 4428 Error on interpretation of snmpUtime, when to big
issue 4431 Applying right axis formatting creates an error-image
issue 4435 Unable to Save Graph Settings from the Graphs pages
issue 4437 Graph Template Cache is nullified too often when Graph Automation is running
issue 4438 When Adding a Data Query to a Device, no Progress Spinner is shown
issue 4439 New Browser Breaks Plugins that depend on non UTC date time data
issue 4440 Undefined index: timeout_exceed /lib/poller.php on line: 1953
issue 4442 When testing remote poller connectivity Errors occour
issue 4443 When renaming poller errors occour
issue 4444 Removing spikes by Variance does not appear to be working beyond the first RRA
issue 4445 LDAP API lacks timeout options leading to bad login experiences
feature Add a normal/wrap class for general use
feature Limit File Types available for Template Import operations
feature 1573 Cacti does not provide an option of providing a client side certificate for LDAP/AD authentication
feature 3113 Support Stronger Encryption Available Starting in Net-SNMP v5.8
feature 4299 Allow Cacti to use multiple possible LDAP servers
feature 4344 Add a 15 minute polling/sampling interval
feature 4385 Provide additional admin email notifications
feature 4390 Add warnings for undesired changes to plugin hook return values
feature 4409 When creating a Graph, make testing the Data Sources optional by Template
feature 4412 Update phpseclib to 2.0.33
feature 4413 Update jstree.js to 3.3.12
feature 4414 Improve performance of Cacti poller on heavily loaded systems
feature 4426 MariaDB recommendations need some tuning for recent updates

Type ID Text
security 4261 Lack of escaping on template import can lead to XSS exposure under 'midwinter' theme (CVE-2020-14424) by ddb4github
security 4276 Real time graphs can expose XSS issue by ddb4github
security 4282 Session IDs are not always recreated when logging out under PHP 5 by ddb4github
issue 4250 Unable to create graphs due to Data Source verification failure
issue 4254 When poller first runs, time since last run produces an error
issue 4259 Data Template caching does not update and causes errors
issue 4263 Graphs with multiple data sources can no longer display percenticles
issue 4266 Incomplete items from a previous polling session may be updated twice
issue 4267 Unnecessary warnings appear when host name is not resolved
issue 4269 Installation Wizard can become stuck when creating graphs for default device
issue 4271 Continued timeout of registered processes
issue 4272 Unexpected errors may appear when using hostnames without a DNS domain
issue 4273 When adding a device from command line, testing of data sources can cause errors to be recorded
issue 4274 When you start to zoom a graph, the auto graph refresh should be disabled
issue 4279 Default Setting "Device Threads" will not be saved correctly
issue 4284 Database upgrade can fail - Uncaught argument count error
issue 4293 Tree search does not take hosts belonging to a site into account
issue 4284 Whilst upgrading, errors in upgrade scripts prevent properly execution
issue 4294 Tables outside of pre-built list that need fixing, cause bad unknown column errors
issue 4295 If a page contains multiple tables, a larger table can cause small ones to lose columns
issue 4297 Unable to search using regular expressions when trying to filter graphs
issue 4312 When using CMD.PHP as the poller, warnings can appear if you only use a subset of data input types
issue 4314 When disabling the snmpagent, you can introduce significant delay to data collection
issue 4315 Reduce repeatative warnings when resources are exhausted
issue 4316 Remove Spikes CLI interface is unable to provide localized spike, gap fill or float operations
issue 4321 Earlier versions of RRDTool do not correctly ignore previous updates
issue 4324 Date/Time format of replacement field on graph cannot be changed
issue 4325 When editing graph items, make identifying rows easier
issue 4326 When using large lists, ensure selection is visible in dropdown menus
issue 4330 Automation attempts to call undefined debug function
issue 4333 Under FreeBSD, allow ping to work properly for IPv6
feature 4258 Update phpseclib to 2.0.31 by DavidLiedke
feature 4283 Content Security Policy may block Plugin functionality
feature 4317 Allow the Cacti administrator to perform bulk gap filling and floating in parallel
feature 4322 Update pace.js to version 1.2.4

Type ID Text
security 4019 Incorrect handling of fields led to potential XSS issues
security 4022 SQL Injection was possible due to incorrect validation order (CVE-2020-35701)
security 4035 Various XSS issues with HTML Forms handling
issue CLI scripts should not have a max allowed runtime
issue Normalize plugin hooks between user_admin.php and user_group_admin.php
issue 1052 TimeZones are not handled correctly with Daylight Savings changes
issue 3392 Allow plugins to customize device listing page
issue 3879 Allow Graph/Data Source with custom fields to prompt during manual creation
issue 3908 When poller overruns the script server can throw errors upon shutdown
issue 3936 Editing a graph created from Aggregate Graph can fail
issue 3945 CSV export can show NaN for date if TimeZone does not match system
issue 3969 SNMPv3 Password field does not correctly limit to size of database field
issue 3976 Font colors are being overridden leading to display issues by ddb4github
issue 3977 Database upgrade may fail when using upgrade_database.php
issue 3978 Input Validation was not handled correctly when displaying graph trees
issue 3981 Missing API include leads to runtime errors in Automation
issue 3985 Collation was not always handled correctly in the database library
issue 3988 Automation raises errors when default snmp options is set to none
issue 3990 PHP Information was not being displayed properly under Tech Support
issue 3999 Ensure database audit code attempts to use passwordless options before sending credentials
issue 4001 Ensure Cacti can support PHP 8
issue 4002 Pollers may sometimes not recover properly once they go offline
issue 4005 When viewing Realtime Graphs, validation errors may be seen for Size parameter
issue 4008 Massive decrease in poller performance due to unset variable
issue 4009 Ensure number format functions are consistent for i18n usage
issue 4021 Increase maximum number of device threads
issue 4031 Secondary filters on Data Collectors and Data Profiles do not work as expected
issue 4033 Action Icons changed to be consistent with admin UI
issue 4036 During discovery, Automation can throw unexpected errors due to null values
issue 4038 When creating new graphs, a second click is required even if not needed
issue 4042 RRD Updates can become disabled when saving performance options
issue 4043 Boost can become unresponsive when large number of archive tables exist
issue 4049 Enable sensitive graph information to be hidden from standard users by datatecuk
issue 4050 When showing table conversion script, the example path can be displayed incorrectly
issue 4056 Rename "Show Exceptions" checkbox to "Only Show Exceptions" which more actually reflects its function
issue 4060 When attempting to get client address, incorrect information may be returned by stevenseeley
issue 4061 When getting date format, default options are not always honored by xmacan
issue 4066 Enable Boost to utilize multiple processes
issue 4067 Disable BOOST image caching when using Graph Zoom features
issue 4068 When viewing graphs, individual graph sizes can be ignored in favour of global default
issue 4070 Summary data can fail to calculate when the RRDfile lacks the Data Source
issue 4073 Zoom functionality can fail when a graph has lost focus.
issue 4074 Realtime Images are not always adhering to defined format
issue 4075 LDAP Settings lead to confusion when setting up LDAP authentication
issue 4076 MariaDB tuning link points to a dead URL within System Utilities
issue 4077 If user has no permissions assigned and tries to login, a redirect loop occours
issue 4079 When checking current timestamps, make audit replace mysql function usage with preferred CURRENT_TIMESTAMP variable
issue 4080 Cacti regular expression searching does not quote expressions
issue 4082 RRDtool version detection not working for RRDproxy setup
issue 4083 RRDCleaner does not support RRDproxy
issue 4086 Large system performance negatively impacted due to $spikekill_templates behavior
issue 4092 On large systems, Primary ID usage on heavily used tables will overflow due to default MySQL variable size
issue 4095 When viewing Plugins page, icons can sometimes be misaligned
issue 4098 Graphs and Data Sources lists can become unresponsive on very large systems
issue 4100 When viewing User Admins, a division by zero error can sometimes be seen
issue 4105 Allow admins to define bulk walk repetition sizes
issue 4109 Realtime graphing can sometimes cause gaps in historic data
issue 4110 Graph Variables are not always parsed correctly leading to errors in log files
issue 4116 Upgrading large trees from 0.8.x to 1.x is slow
issue 4117 Script server throws errors if a command line argument includes a backslash
issue 4119 Implicit flushing is not always enabled, depending on OS, resulting in Script Server result issues
issue 4121 LDAP search filter cannot be configured if too many OUs or filters are nested
issue 4122 Automation causes SQL syntax errors when invalid operations are present
issue 4125 On completing the installation wizard, an internal server error can sometimes be observed
issue 4126 Deleting a damaged graph can sometimes led to removal of valid graphs too
issue 4127 When updating Trees, graph titles are calculated too often leading to unresponsiveness
issue 4130 On large systens, Graph creation can become unresponsive due to large number of data sources
issue 4131 A design flaw makes importing new Graph Template slow on large systems
issue 4134 MIB Caching does not always work as expected by Kveri
issue 4135 On large Cacti installs, editing Data Templates is slow
issue 4136 When repairing database at command line, no option exists to skip table checks and force Data Source repair
issue 4141 Unusually long comments do not wrap when viewing graphs, and haven't in this CHANGELOG entry either
issue 4143 Prevent some false positive scenarios when detection orphan graphs
issue 4147 Poller items are evaluated too quickly when mixed polling cycles are used
issue 4148 Ensure automatic refresh of cacti log view works consistently
issue 4149 Ensure utilities show correct information when in offline mode
issue 4161 Data source template names should be shown in the respective "suggested values" sections
issue 4162 Allow Persistent Connections to MariaDB/MySQL to be configured
issue 4164 Unable to easily track Cacti login sessions when using database sessions
issue 4166 Auto-select text when focusing auto complete elements
issue 4169 Ensure Log Viewer 'Go' and 'Clear' buttons behave as expected
issue 4170 Enable full name tooltips for Alias/Description columns
issue 4173 Ensure Console menu icons are properly aligned
issue 4174 When using replication, ensure binary logging can be disabled
issue 4175 When syncing Templates, prevent false 'Damaged Graph' notifications from appearing
issue 4177 Simplify Graph/Template authorization searches when not using restricted mode
issue 4179 Correct class usage on Graph Sidebar Icons to be consistent
issue 4180 Remove logoff option when using basic authentication
issue 4181 Ensure realm names are more consistent
issue 4182 Allow Automatic Graph Creation to utilise Data Templates with Overriden Values
issue 4183 Processes can be terminated early due to incorrect timeout calculation
issue 4184 Ensure error logging is consistent when using CMD processor instead of spine
issue 4185 Updating Signal Handling to recommended standards for PHP 7.1+
issue 4186 When editing a Fixed String on Tree Rule it is improperly displayed as "Unknown"
issue 4187 Provide more direct method fo navigating to Data Source from Graph
issue 4188 Replacement variable names are difficult to find for Aggregate Graphs and Templates
issue 4189 Allow links from a page to its specific documentation
issue 4190 Augmenting roles can incorrectly link to roles instead of realms in rare cases
issue 4192 Devices search can return a black screen if device name contains the hash/pound # character
issue 4193 Allow command line reindex to work with disabled devices
issue 4195 When search text includes # character, filtering does not always work as expected
issue 4197 When attempting to do a rollback on versions, the installer will not restart
issue 4199 Allow Cacti administrator to define a min refresh interval to prevent graph gaps
issue 4205 When removing Data-query Associated Graph Templates, it deletes the graphs Templates from bottom to top
issue 4206 When a report was delayed, the report's time is incorrectly changed
issue 4215 Poller recovery starts multiple processes and fails to recover properly
issue 4223 Parallel boost restart due to timeout can result in errors.
issue 4227 When remote poller is in offline mode, data is written to more tables than necessary
issue 4228 Under specific circumstances, redirection issues can occur after login
issue 4229 When no snmp option is set, automation can incorrectly report a number of issues
issue 4232 Database TLS configuration requires client certificates as well
issue 4233 Potential typos and incomplete parameter lists for database connection variables
issue 4241 Tree sort mechanism does not take sites into account
feature Add Theme 'Midwinter'
feature Update phpseclib to version 2.0.30
feature 645 Modify automation to test for data before creating graphs
feature 3513 Add hooks for plugins to show customize graph source and customize template url
feature 3572 Missing prompts during automation's device creation leads to blank data
feature 4012 Allow CSRF security key to be refreshed at command line
feature 4013 Allow remote pollers statistics to be cleared
feature 4113 Allow user to be automatically logged out after admin defined period by datatecuk
feature 4176 When replicating, ensure Cacti can detect and verify replica servers
feature 4210 Replace c3.js with billboard.js

Type ID Text
issue 3704 When generating a report, the Cascade to Branches function does not as expected
issue 3859 When viewing graphs, automatic refresh so not always work as expected
issue 3898 Realtime graph pop up counter bug
issue 3903 Undefined variable errors may occur when creating a new datasource
issue 3907 The cli-based installer does not exit with a non-zero exit code when error occurs
issue 3912 When an export is complete, sometimes the progress bar remains
issue 3915 When enabling many devices, a threshold can be reached causing a slowdown in the process
issue 3916 When performing actions against Devices, replicated device information could sometimes be lost
issue 3917 When using API to rename a tree node, backtrace may be incorrectly shown
issue 3919 When searching, valid pages can sometimes be shown as empty by ddb4github
issue 3920 When exporting data from graphs, not all data was properly included
issue 3924 Graph Templates filter is not updated after new graph created by ddb4github
issue 3926 Username and password on the login page is not visible in Classic theme
issue 3929 Improve wording of concurrent process and thread settings
issue 3930 Location filter should remove blank entries by ddb4github
issue 3931 When syncing data collectors, a reindex event may be triggered unnecessarily
issue 3932 Automation Networks allows discovery of invalid IP addresses
issue 3933 When changing permissions of the current user, they don't take effect immediately
issue 3935 When reindexing a device, an incorrect page was sometimes displayed
issue 3942 When repairing database, audit_database.php does not add missing columns
issue 3948 Spine 1.2.15 - Spine Encountered An Unhandled Exception Signal Number: '6' [11, Resource temporarily unavailable] (Spine thread)
issue 3949 Log page should not be empty if no log info exists
issue 3953 During upgrade, there are times when realms can be duplicated leading to SQL errors
issue 3957 When using ping.php, UDP response times are not interpreted properly by hypnotoad
issue 3960 Improve warning you get when attempting to view a log file you don't have access to
issue 3962 When replicating files, scripts are not marked as executable
issue 3963 When creating plugin tables, collation is not set properly
feature Update c3.js to version 0.7.20
feature Update Chart.js to version 2.9.4
feature Update phpseclib to version 2.0.29
feature Update PHPMailer to version 6.1.8
feature Use LSB shebang notation for cli scripts
feature Add support for cactid daemon based launcher
feature 3923 Add ability to hide the Graph Drilldown icons by datatecuk
feature 3943 Add hooks for plugins to show custom Graph Source and custom Template URL (List View)

Type ID Text
issue 3643 When editing Maximum OIDs Per Get Request, blank value can cause errors
issue 3656 Boost may run more often than it should
issue 3693 Recache Event Loop can cause Interface Graphs to show gaps
issue 3703 When searching Graph Tree's, non matching devices remain visible
issue 3711 Page validation errors may occur when opening real time graphs
issue 3722 External Links do not always open if they are still open from previous usage
issue 3730 Cultural changes to various word usage
issue 3741 Replicate deleted device status instead of poller sync
issue 3743 Description field allows more characters entered than is stored
issue 3747 When installing or upgrading, LDAP functions may not always be included properly
issue 3748 Unable to remove discovered device
issue 3753 When installing or upgrading, PHP recommendations may not always return a valid value
issue 3755 Graph Templates has duplicate SQL delete statement
issue 3759 When syncing to remote poller, missing function errors may occur
issue 3760 When removing devices from remote pollers, devices may reappear without details
issue 3761 When removing devices, array errors may sometimes be recorded
issue 3763 Variable injection does not always work as expected
issue 3764 Editing Data Queries with multiple data templates can give errors about Suggested values
issue 3767 Progress bar does not provide enough visual information during long page loads
issue 3768 Some themes do not allow for a way to see which user is currently signed in
issue 3769 When viewing tables, allow users to force all columns to be visible
issue 3770 Column sizing is being lost between pages refreshes
issue 3771 When viewing input methods table, no ID is shown to help identify which method is being viewed
issue 3775 Filters do not always respect using keyboard to initiate searching
issue 3778 When exporting a data query, an invalid column name error can sometimes be shown
issue 3781 When checking if a view is allowed, having no session can result in errors
issue 3782 When removing devices via the CLI, undefined variable errors may be seen
issue 3786 Real Time Graphs may cause invalid index errors
issue 3790 On newer versions of MySQL/MariaDB, 'system' keyword can cause issues
issue 3793 Plugin setup can generate errors when reading options via system function
issue 3809 Plugin version numbers can be unexpectedly truncated
issue 3815 When PHP Session is set to autostart, an error can be reported as Cacti attempts to start it
issue 3820 When removing multiple items, selection process does not always work
issue 3821 When exporting colors, the indicator is not always removed upon completion
issue 3825 Unable to pass tree and leaf ID to 'graph_button' hook
issue 3827 When performing maintenance, various errors may sometimes be seen
issue 3828 When Guest User setting is active, current user is not always properly set
issue 3831 When installing Cacti, minor errors in text can be seen
issue 3835 Numbers are not always formatted properly when there are no decimal places
issue 3836 When viewing Real Time Graphs, an undefined index error may be recorded
issue 3844 Minor memory leaks and refresh issues when zooming on graphs
issue 3847 Real Time Graphs may sometimes fail due to folder permissions
issue 3849 Navigation can sometimes occur unexpectedly due to background timers
issue 3850 Trees management screen not reporting correct number of trees
issue 3858 Tree sequences can sometimes skip numbers during resorting
issue 3862 Guest user selection should not allow setting the currently logged in user
issue 3864 Links in Table Headers do not show clearly when in modern theme
issue 3868 Under some cases tree logic leads to undefined index errors
issue 3869 Cacti Data Debug can show errors if the Data Source is damaged or has been removed
issue 3871 When importing a data query, an invalid column name error can sometimes be shown
issue 3874 When using shift functions on graphs, negative values are not allowed
issue 3881 Correct issue when file is unreadable reporting no file was specified
issue 3883 Orphaned Plugins have no option to be removed
issue 3884 Update MySQL recommendations for Character Set and Colation
issue 3888 Correct sorting of IP addresses to be numeric not alpha by JamesTilt
issue 3890 Saving a device should not always repopulate the poller cache
feature Update FontAwesome to Version 5.14

Type ID Text
issue 3676 Device not showing up in device page but showing up in Monitor tab
issue 3678 More or Equal incorrect highlighting max_heap_table_size and tmp_table_size
issue 3694 Spikekill `percent` is converted from percent to decimal twice, making it 1/100 of the true size
issue 3713 When sorting data debug checks by user, no results are shown and errors recorded
issue 3719 When tooltip is too long, the scroll bar exists, and cannot be scrolled, which makes the tooltip be hided
issue 3723 Improper escaping of error message leads to XSS during template import preview
issue 3728 Invalid uptime is not handled properly
issue 3737 Poller functions may not run if 'processes' table is missing
feature 3615 Poller keeps using old IP address for a device

Type ID Text
security 3544 jQuery XSS vulnerabilities require vendor package update (CVE-2020-11022 / CVE-2020-11023)
security 3549 Lack of escaping on some pages can lead to XSS exposure
security 3582 Update PHPMailer to 6.1.6 (CVE-2020-13625)
security 3622 SQL Injection vulnerability due to input validation failure when editing colors (CVE-2020-14295)
security 3628 Lack of escaping on template import can lead to XSS exposure
issue 3517 When generating reports, function looping can occur resulting in 100% cpu usage
issue 3525 When viewing Graphs, zoom functionality prevents drag and drop of image
issue 3527 When using 95th Percentiles, undefined index errors can be generated
issue 3532 When using Realtime, if no graph contents are present an error is generated
issue 3533 When exporting data, Start date for RRDfile does not match start date of first data row
issue 3536 When using Navigation Menu, Show/Hide in Response mode does not always work
issue 3538 When using Realtime, race conditions between browser and function loading can occur
issue 3543 When exporting CSV data, Unicode prefix is not properly set
issue 3551 Authentication can fail when using Web Basic Authentication and Template User
issue 3553 When attempting to view an aggregate graph that does not exist, many errors are generated
issue 3563 Current orphan handling disrupts graphing transient indexes
issue 3566 Automation incorrectly attempts to use MacTrack to duplicate options
issue 3567 When Boost runs, locks are not always released properly and crash is detected
issue 3569 Invalid font results in large number of log entries
issue 3571 Correct various runtime errors due to incorrect message variables
issue 3574 Saving Graph Template Items take a long time on large systems
issue 3577 Hosts are being incorrectly filtered when first displaying with filter set to all
issue 3579 Graphs can incorrectly show as 'Empty Graph'
issue 3581 Realtime graph window is not resizing properly
issue 3588 Validation warnings are generated when viewing/editing devices
issue 3594 Automation hangs for certain schedule types
issue 3595 Template to Device sync text is not consistent
issue 3596 When importing template, resources aren't checked properly
issue 3597 Template to Device sync provides no feedback
issue 3598 When editing graphs and graph templates, back button results in broken page
issue 3599 When downgrading, templates are fully selected for install
issue 3601 When a device is down, instate can show wrong time
issue 3607 When session timeout occurs, subsequent authorized access to areas can become blocked
issue 3611 Allow CHANGELOG to be viewable from the GUI
issue 3613 When modifying trees, devices and graphs lists ignore Autocomplete Rows setting
issue 3614 When section tabs wrap, the title of the first section can become obscured
issue 3624 When previewing graphs, sometimes the images fail to appear
issue 3629 Log files are not rotated properly on remote pollers
issue 3631 Command line scripts do not allow an unlimited runtime causing timeouts
issue 3632 When mysql connection fails, various unexpected errors are recorded
issue 3635 Automate generates undefined index errors when communicating with remote pollers
issue 3639 When updating a device, duplicate entry errors occur when inserting to the database
issue 3646 Adding datasource fails from CLI due to missing function
issue 3651 Editing any item on an Aggregate Graph that has been converted to a normal graph breaks entire graph
issue 3655 Rare race condition between Boost and Poller can result in unexpected missing table errors
issue 3659 When viewing logs, unexpected 'needle' errors can be seen on rare occasions
issue 3663 Disabling a Data Collector can cause unexpected errors
issue 3668 When Input Field is in error, message reports field will be highlighted which is incorrect
issue 3669 When adding an Input Field, the Input Method can be renamed unexpected
issue 3673 Spikekill does not receive correct `avgnan` value when launching from GUI
issue 3676 Device not showing up in device page but showing up in Monitor tab
issue 3681 Item movement arrows do not properly align on all themes
issue 3682 When in 'Time Graph View' mode, Zoom features do not work correctly
feature 3611 Allow CHANGELOG to be viewable from the GUI
feature 3647 When adding datasource fails from CLI, created Datasource ID should be printed
feature 3666 Update jstree.js to 3.3.10
feature 3688 Update phpseclib to 2.0.28

Type ID Text
security 3467 Lack of escaping of color items can lead to XSS exposure (CVE-2020-7106)
issue 3422 When Graph Item is not linked to a data source, Comments do not always get variables substituted correctly
issue 3424 Hosts are being incorrectly filtered when no location filter is set
issue 3427 When exporting to a CSV with unicode characters, contents can become garbled
issue 3429 When using SNMP v3, Automation can report extraneous warnings
issue 3432 Rare race condition exists when both boost and dsstats enabled
issue 3434 When attempting to exploit Cacti using alert, unexpected errors can be seen
issue 3436 Unable to login due to incorrect default of Cookie Domains in config.php.dist
issue 3438 When upgrading to 1.2.11, installer can appear to stop at 42%
issue 3447 SNMP Issues on recent version of PHP
issue 3449 When viewing the installation wizard's directory permission step, items are overlapping unexpectedly
issue 3450 When installing Cacti under XAMPP and PHP 7.4, exceptions are being recorded and installation fails
issue 3452 New Content-Security-Policy prevents External Links from being opened
issue 3454 Cacti's Reports are not displaying messages correctly
issue 3457 Graphs can not properly handle negative axis values
issue 3459 When installing a new remote poller, connection tests can incorrectly fail
issue 3460 Addtional changes to allow plugin folder/display names to be handled better by ddb4github
issue 3462 Increase default memory limit for cli scripts to prevent runtime memory issues
issue 3463 When listing VDEF's, selecting 'has graph' can cause unexpected exceptions in logs
issue 3468 Graph rules cannot be created for automation
issue 3474 The SSL option to set the SSL_CA should be optional for Client Connections
issue 3477 Boost leaking memory when a large number of Data Sources disabled
issue 3478 Reindexing can sometimes run longer than expected
issue 3479 When viewing the Data Query table interface, the Data Input Method should be right aligned
issue 3483 When recording log entries, cacti should default to hyphenated date format
issue 3484 When editing SNMP v3 passwords, previous setting is not obfuscated
issue 3488 In automation, when viewing an 'SNMP option set', the private passphrase is in clear
issue 3495 When installing templates, default 'all' selection will reset all existing graphs, removing customisations
issue 3496 Graph Items can show a double percent sign incorrectly
issue 3502 When viewing Graphs, can not switch between list, preview and tree submodes
issue 3504 Viewing graphs before the poller has run for the first time can produce unexpected errors
issue 3505 When viewing graph previews, clicking Go or Refresh prevents calendars from working
issue 3506 After successfully logging in, a user can become automatically logged out again
issue 3507 Changes to JavaScript's Storage API cause exceptions to be thrown
issue 3510 Only guests can actually guest only pages, logged in users are denied access incorrectly
issue 3512 When plugins update, registered files list cannot always be updated by ddb4github
issue 3520 When viewing graphs, shifting time does not work when using non-english languages
feature 3480 Created 'custom_denied' hook to allow customisation of permission denied notifications
feature 3498 Update to 1.1.0
feature 3499 Update jstree.js to 3.3.9
feature 3500 Update phpseclib to 2.0.27

Type ID Text
security 1566 Add SameSite support for cookies
security 1985 Cookie should be properly verified against password
security 3342 CSRF at Admin Email
security 3343 Improper Access Control on disabling a user.
security 3414 Update to jQuery 3.4.1 to resolve XSS issues with jQuery 3.3.1
issue 2265 When attempting to save Graph field, query_ifSpeed is not properly validated
issue 2400 Allow ability to duplicate site settings
issue 2428 Make plugins non-case sensitive for folder names, whilst allowing nicer display names
issue 2580 When running DSSTATS, system isn't properly detecting that another is already running
issue 2853 Discovered Devices filtering do not include snmp description or name
issue 3231 Allow user to unlock a tree that has been locked for editing by another
issue 3237 Report gets resent every poller cycle
issue 3247 Language source files do not update "PO-Revision-Date" attribute
issue 3261 Automation rules aren't run for new devices on remote data collectors
issue 3296 Bad PHP memory limit values can result in failed upgrades
issue 3299 When using php-snmp and setting SNMPv3, warning is now shown as library does not support it properly
issue 3303 When installing under Windows OS, path expansion is not converted to PHP required format
issue 3310 When using 32-bit OS, automation errors can be seen due to subnet mask calculations
issue 3312 Console menu does not auto-expand for graph item editor page
issue 3313 When installing, multiple issues can be seen due to bad packages
issue 3314 Script Server has invalid debug code left in
issue 3317 Warnings can appear from CSRF Magic library due to multiple token values being found
issue 3319 Errors can occur upgrading from 0.8.x due to incorrectly detected data source profile id
issue 3322 When searching for LDAP accounts, allow recursive searching
issue 3330 Packages that are not properly formatted can cause installation issues
issue 3334 When upgrading from 0.8.x Automation SNMP Options should be populated
issue 3335 Unable to hide Device based Aggregate Graphs on Tree
issue 3336 Plugins need the ability to relax some content security policies in order to work properly
issue 3340 Undefined variable warning can appear when using 95th percentile graphs
issue 3341 MoTranslator does not appear to be handing null values properly
issue 3345 When attempting to refresh datetime picker, unexpected results can appear
issue 3346 When attempting to rewrite octet strings, extra space breaks pattern matching
issue 3348 When attempting to handle Orphans and/or Sync Graphs, results are not as expected
issue 3349 Prevent setting the PHP variable max_input_vars since it is read only
issue 3350 When editing a data source template, inconsistent results can be seen due to database query
issue 3355 When viewing raw graph data via the GUI, values are not always calculated correctly
issue 3357 Tree Search textbox resizes to 0 in some cases
issue 3360 When using guest accounts, after several timeouts result in refreshes, guest becomes logged out
issue 3363 The current user and user group permissions pages are not responsive
issue 3367 When Data Queries timeout, data is removed from the Host SNMP Cache table causing issues
issue 3368 Saving a Graph Template Item fails due to missing includes
issue 3373 When logging in via LDAP, ActiveDirectory would sometimes report insufficient access
issue 3375 When polling more often than default period of collecting data, distribution of collected data was not occurring
issue 3376 Improve speed when recovering from a poller from offline state
issue 3378 When attempting to check whether to include MoTranslator, typo makes it appear unavailable
issue 3380 php error when trigger threshold sendmail
issue 3386 Second data collector shows as running when its has no items to gather
issue 3387 Minor corrections to CSRF Magic
issue 3388 Naming of CLI programs does not always match name used within syntax usage advice
issue 3390 Incorrect breadcrumb bar if current tab is not "Graphs"
issue 3402 Cacti scores low on performance audit on lighthouse audit
issue 3408 CSRF Secret path is not passed properly when attempting to initialize secret
issue 3409 Issues with navigation link activations to other base Cacti pages
issue 3410 Zoom looses focus in advanced mode while crossing chart border
issue 3411 When upgrading a primary server, full synchronization is not happening as expected
issue 3412 When upgrading a primary server, automation templates are removed
issue 3413 When upgrading and choosing to upgrade your packages, installer finishes without package data in log
feature 1551 Allow system uptime to be a variable for use with graphs
feature 1990 Plugin Realm should have a 'role' to help maintain changes between plugins
feature 2110 Add Refresh Interval to Data Collectors display
feature 2156 Add Location based filtering
feature 2236 Allow for Purging of Data Source Statistics from the GUI
feature 2268 Restore ability to duplicate a data profile
feature 2534 Enhance table navigation bars to support systems with larger number of items
feature 2688 Increase length of Graph Item 'value' field to support pango-markup better
feature 3304 Allow Basic Auth Accounts to be mapped by CSV file
feature 3366 Make form elements under checkbox_groups flow using flex grid style
feature 3374 Set the domain attribute to secure cookies for the 'remember me' option
feature 3403 Enhance the "Graph Debug Mode" to display RRDtool Command lengths and excess warnings

Type ID Text
security 3285 When guest users have access to realtime graphs, remote code could be executed (CVE-2020-8813)
issue 3240 When using User Domains, global template user is used instead of the configured domain template user
issue 3245 Unix timestamps after Sep 13 2020 are rejected as graph start/end arguments
issue 3246 When upgrading with remote collectors, sync status does not always return properly
issue 3250 When PHP memory limit is set to -1, recommendation value fails
issue 3253 Upgrade can stall when checking permissions on csrf-secret.php
issue 3254 Installer shows script owner rather than running user for suggested chown command
issue 3266 When setting User Groups to 'Defer to the User', setting can lead to user being told they have no permissions
issue 3269 When searching Graphs under a Chinese language, an unexpected error as sometimes shown
issue 3274 When editing a tree, multiple device drag/drop does not work
issue 3276 When spine aborts, script server can be left wanting or generating unnecessary logs
issue 3277 When boost does not find an initial time, numeric errors can be raised
issue 3281 When changing Graph Template options, incorrect image format may be selected
issue 3282 Graph's can be sized incorrectly if image is SVG format
issue 3283 When setting a file path, valid characters not recognised properly
issue 3287 When using graph template 'Cacti Stats - User Logins', an incorrect count of invalid users can be seen
issue 3288 When on Device page, pressing 'Go' on the filter caused Device New menu pick to appear
issue 3289 When using CMD.PHP, poller id is not always shown properly
issue 3290 When using CMD.PHP, inconsistent device logging levels may occur
issue 3298 When initialising fields in JavaScript, text/textarea elements have width set to zero if it is hidden by parent by ddb4github
issue 3302 Editing a Graph Template does not show the Data Template name

Type ID Text
security 3191 Lack of escaping on some pages can lead to XSS exposure (CVE-2020-7106)
security 3201 Remote Code Execution due to input validation failure in Performance Boost Debug Log (CVE-2020-7237)
issue 2937 Devices still show in lists despite being deleted
issue 3038 When editing an aggregate on smaller screens, layout may not be correct
issue 3136 Upgrade may fail between 1.2.7 and 1.2.8 if incompatible database format used
issue 3142 Chrome sets graphs tree navigation view to width 0px
issue 3146 Unable to create aggregate graphs on new installations
issue 3149 After refresh of page, tooltips stop working
issue 3150 When using Time Graph View, Zooming can cause errors
issue 3151 Passing glue string after array is deprecated in PHP 7.4
issue 3155 Aggregate does not correctly follow color template when reordered
issue 3156 On new installs, gprint_format was missing from table aggregate_graphs
issue 3157 Back button not working properly with Classic theme
issue 3158 Classic theme show only 3 tabs on mobile device. Don't show Console menu
issue 3159 PHP Memory is not correctly identified when value is not in megabytes
issue 3161 When the poller_output_boost table is missing, recreate it before a poller run
issue 3163 When using RPMlint, Free Software Foundation address is shown to be incorrect
issue 3165 Zoom looses its focus after all graphs on page rendered
issue 3166 When changing zoom level, graphs are resized inappropriately at the end
issue 3167 Installer should initialize the csrf-secret.php file automatically
issue 3168 sqltable_to_php.php script does not pick up row_format
issue 3177 Remove legacy plugin hook that presents potential 3rd party security issues
issue 3178 The change password page is not displaying the rules
issue 3180 Receiving undefined index errors when working with some Data Queries
issue 3181 When configuration file is unreadable, Cacti shows database connection errors if non defaults are needed
issue 3182 When a database connection error occurs, there is no way to report actual error
issue 3184 Improve program path detection by using system path and PHP_BINDIR
issue 3193 Starting with MySQL 5.7 some sql_mode variables are required for some plugins
issue 3196 Minimize use of eval() in JavaScript due to emerging Content-Security-Context guidelines
issue 3200 Unable to mass change Graph Template image format in mass
issue 3206 Converted aggregate graph cannot be edited
issue 3209 Error occurs when Creating New Graphs through Automatically Added Devices using Sync Device Template
issue 3216 When editing a Data Source Profile size is shown as 'N/A'
issue 3224 When removing graphs by command line, regex is not properly validated when empty
issue 3225 Unable to Import Templates due to invalid dependency hash
issue 3226 When processing secpass login, failed logins are not recorded
issue 3228 Login page does not remember the last realm used by user
issue 3232 When editing HRULE and VRULE items, color selector was not presented
issue 3233 When working with non-templated graphs, it can be difficult to determine what items represent
issue 3235 Transient errors may occur with table poller_output_boost_arch

Type ID Text
security 3025 CVE-2019-17357 When viewing graphs, some input variables are not properly checked (SQL injection possible)
security 3026 CVE-2019-17358 When deserializating data, ensure basic sanitization has been performed
security 3066 When using HTTPS, secure cookie to prevent potential weakness
issue 1228 Any tree or branch with a long name force main content off screen
issue 2133 Long snmp_indexes are being cut off
issue 2888 Long hostnames cause template filter to go off page
issue 2987 Changing Color Template does not update Aggregate
issue 2989 Allow Remote Data Collectors to maintain their own path variables
issue 2991 Cacti Statistics device template can generate unexpected errors
issue 2995 When editing a report, column setting may be ignored incorrectly
issue 2996 When editing a user, graph options do not properly reflect previously saved settings
issue 2998 Session performance issues due to excessive use for database storage
issue 2999 Blank arguments can lead to extra spaces in script arguments
issue 3006 Boost generates undefined variables warning during poller run
issue 3011 i18n logging does not check write permission exists
issue 3012 When viewing realtime graphs, some input variables are not properly checked
issue 3013 Allow legends to be modified for Aggregate Graphs
issue 3017 Automation network range with spaces fails validation
issue 3019 User selected language is not always adhered to
issue 3021 Tree view cuts off at the bottom of page on modern theme
issue 3023 When clicking highlighted tab, side panel is not always shown/hidden correctly
issue 3027 Aggregate Graph re-ordering does not work
issue 3028 When zooming a graph, unable to reach edge of graph without losing focus
issue 3030 Pace continues to run even after a page is finished rendering
issue 3032 Graphs may select MAX instead of AVERAGE as consolidation function even if there is no item with MAX present.
issue 3035 When editing a tree, can not remove entries due to CSS bug
issue 3037 When emptying poller output using cli, debug functions are not properly included
issue 3039 Allow packagers to be able to specify an alternate location of csrf-secret.php file
issue 3040 When running automation, discovery can still run even if cancelled
issue 3041 When running automation, scans do not always respond to being cancelled
issue 3042 When running automation, scan can fail when selecting remote pollers
issue 3045 When viewing Aggregate Graphs, an error due to undefined referrer may occur
issue 3047 When saving settings, ignore remote pollers who have not checked in recently
issue 3050 When viewing graph trees, some input variables are not properly checked
issue 3052 When editing CDEF's, slow database performance can occur
issue 3053 When viewing graph thumbnails, some input variables are not properly checked
issue 3055 During install/upgrade, database tests are not performed correctly
issue 3059 When using nth_percentile, correct value is not always returned if using MAX consolidation
issue 3060 When upgrading from older MySQL databases, format is not changed from compact to dynamic
issue 3061 When running automation, allow SNMP to be used as a ping method
issue 3068 When administrating users, some input variables are not properly checked
issue 3070 Improve database logging when a crashed table is encountered
issue 3073 Automation network range does not always produce the correct start/end values
issue 3078 When viewing graph debug from remote data collector, File Not Found warnings can appear incorrectly
issue 3079 Allow domain names to be stripped from a device's long description
issue 3080 Remote Agent throws warnings that graph_nolegend has not been sanitized
issue 3085 When editing a poller, ensure each listening IP is unique
issue 3081 External Links are not showing a glyph when they appear on the Console menu
issue 3089 When viewing graphs in realtime, undefined variable can be logged for 95th Percentile graphs
issue 3099 Graph template 'Linux - Memory Usage' has the wrong unit on its vertical_label
issue 3101 Polling times can be slightly inconsistent due
issue 3104 When viewing graphs, a byref error can be seen in the error logs
issue 3105 When viewing hosts, some input variables are not properly checked
issue 3111 When adding devices via command line, bad SNMP versions are not reported
issue 3112 When zooming on Graphs, too many requests are being made causing slowness
issue 3114 Support for USB devices that change name due to their hosts restarting
issue 3118 When converting tables, the dynamic row format should be selected
issue 3119 Main Data Collector should perform a Full Sync whenever it is installed/upgraded
issue 3120 Correct issues causing incompatibility with PHP 7.4
issue 3121 When converting tables during install, show what will be changed
issue 3123 Named colors table is not properly imported/upgraded
issue 3124 When a second data collector is added, boost is not enabled automatically
issue 3128 i18n handler checks for existence of wrong mo file
issue 3129 Logout repeated occurs even when already logged out
issue 3132 Installer fails to continue if automation range is array of networks
feature 3077 Allow disabling remote poller resource cache replication to support upgrade testing

Type ID Text
security 2964 CVE-2019-16723 Security issue allows to view all graphs
issue 1181 When opening the Scheduler, it may appear off screen when opened near the bottom of a window
issue 2894 When using Remote Data Collectors, database information and recommendations may show Incorrect values
issue 2895 When using data sources from different RRDs, Percentile calculation may be incorrect
issue 2899 When displaying a form, variable substitution may not always work as expected
issue 2922 When running a data query, the result may come back as undefined
issue 2925 When using consolidation functions, retrieving the first step can cause errors
issue 2926 When editing a graph, variable validation errors may prevent changes from being saved
issue 2929 Boost performance may become poor even in single server mode
issue 2930 RRDtool can generate errors to standard output which can corrupt images
issue 2932 When RRDTool generates an error creating an image, it is not always reportedly properly
issue 2936 Installer will loop when number of tables exceeds PHP's max_input_vars limit
issue 2938 Under CentOS packages, upgrade_database.php script uses incorrect location for DB upgrade scripts
issue 2940 Images are not always properly sized until the page size changes
issue 2949 Order icons may not be properly aligned
issue 2951 Allow legends to be modified for Aggregate Graphs
issue 2958 Drop down autocomplete lists do not always open as expected
issue 2961 When syncing device templates, undefined function may be raised
issue 2963 When running ss_cpoller script, avgTime incorrect returns maxTime
issue 2966 Realtime popup windows do not always honor settings
issue 2967 When using Spikekill, gap and range fill are not operating as expected
issue 2970 When a user edits their profile, buttons may appear as unusable whilst still being enabled
issue 2973 User menu does not always display properly on mobile devices
issue 2974 Script Server can raise unexpected warnings when 'arg_num_indexes' set but not found in data source
issue 2975 Datasource Debug does not properly handle European numbers in certain circumstances
issue 2976 Boost messages should be stored in their own log file
issue 2977 Data updates with past timestamps can cause boost errors
issue 2978 Moving hosts between data collectors is slow
issue 2979 Multi Output Fields are not parsed correctly
issue 2984 When checking SQL fields, value was not always primed
issue 2986 Selecting 'Devices' menu pick closes 'Management' menu
feature 2943 Allow all Data Queries of a device to be re-indexed at once
feature 2952 If device is down or threshold breached, highlight in tree view
feature 2985 Update phpseclib to 2.0.23

Type ID Text
issue 2794 Graph template not saved on graph edit
issue 2825 "innodb_doublewrite = off" possibly dangerous recommendation
issue 2829 PHP recommendations always see memory limit as unlimited
issue 2830 Disabled Top/Bottom external links should not be displayed
issue 2832 Install/Upgrade log does not show anything
issue 2833 Undefined index can occur when data source does not have an snmp_index
issue 2834 Boost performance drops on very large systems
issue 2835 When creating graphs and inneficient query is causing long creation times
issue 2837 Sunrise theme does not render checkboxes 100% correctly
issue 2838 jQueryMultiselect does not match upstream due to forking
issue 2839 Non regular expression search filters don't support international characters
issue 2841 Total count is wrong after searching for External Link pages
issue 2843 DSStats reruns Daily Aggregation every minute
issue 2844 Autocomplete settings for passwords are not properly defined
issue 2845 Data Template can't be edited when it is in use
issue 2846 Allow tooltips for section headers with 'question' icon
issue 2847 Permanently convert an Aggregate to a regular graph
issue 2848 Aggregate graphs get clipped due to incorrect date range
issue 2856 Aggregate issues with very long RRDtool command lines
issue 2857 When trying to find the best index to use, a 'must implement Countable' warning appears
issue 2860 When testing remote poller connections during install, undefined variable warning can occur
issue 2862 Automation does not calculate network information correctly for single hosts
issue 2866 Add poller ID to subject for admin notifications
issue 2869 When creating aggregates from Graphs, JavaScript issues can occur
issue 2872 Add support for MySQL 8 and use of grouping as name for a column
issue 2875 Undefined variable when removing spikes in some cases
issue 2877 When attempting to send report, undefined function 'get_tinespan' messages appear
issue 2878 Function get_magic_quotes_gpc() is now deprecated in PHP 7.4
issue 2879 Switching from authPriv to authNoPriv produces error when saving
issue 2884 Replication continues to occur when poller has been disabled by sysres-dev
issue 2891 Script server script ss_fping.php generates error when not called by script server
issue 2895 Percentile calculation is incorrect on Graphs with multiple Data Sources from different RRDs
issue 2901 Poller overrun warning message is badly worded
issue 2902 Mailer incorrectly reports it is sending to noone
issue 2903 PHP recommendations can generate a warning causing JSON issues
issue 2905 Sorting plugins by version can lead to unexpected ordering
issue 2907 SSL column for multiple pollers can be incorrectly set causing SQL errors
issue 2908 When URL_PATH is blank, it should assume that it is '/'
issue 2909 Correct usage of affect vs effect in strings
issue 2910 Can not show user menu when in portrait mode on mobile devices
issue 2911 Graph variables are not always encoded to JSON properly resulting in warnings
issue 2912 Navigation cache can sometimes be corrupted resulting in a non-array value
issue 2913 When adding new graphs, the type of graph is not remembered
issue 2917 Action icons next to graphs can sometimes become unselectable due to zoom
issue 2919 When refreshing menu, selected items are sometimes lost and submenu items can become hidden

Type ID Text
issue 1978 Popup Menus can appear off screen when using Graph Thumbnails
issue 2282 Installation wizard does not detect RRDtool version correctly
issue 2524 When editing a tree, Drag and Drop of Devices does not always work as expected
issue 2573 Associated Graph Template for Data Query can sometime disappear
issue 2656 GPRINT text_format does not replace Data Query and Host Fields
issue 2661 Automation does not always calculate network range/subnet correctly
issue 2663 Some legacy Data Queries can not determine their index order causing broken graphs
issue 2674 Large strings can sometimes cause language translation can fail
issue 2719 Automation may sometimes create empty graphs
issue 2721 When replacing '|input_xxxx|' strings, undefined index can occur
issue 2722 Calls to _db_replace() are not consistent resulting in warnings
issue 2723 When replicating to remote pollers, Undefined Variable errors may be seen
issue 2724 When graphing HRULE items, 'Only Variables should be passed by reference' error may be seen
issue 2725 When viewing logs in utilities, filenames should be limited the same as clog
issue 2726 During Automation logging, include the Rule ID that triggers the creation of an item by xmacan
issue 2732 When using basic authentication, automatically strip any @domain information
issue 2734 Allow non-english labels to be used on Graph Templates
issue 2727 When using Polling Hosts Template, warnings can be issued when CMD.PHP is the poller
issue 2733 When processing SNMP data, space delimited hex strings do not always convert into MAC addresses
issue 2735 Mouse cursor should show as default pointer if column is not sortable
issue 2736 When using MySQL 8 or above, 'function' is considered a reserved word unless quoted by xmacan
issue 2741 Various errors can occur due to undefined or incorrect variable names
issue 2742 Various errors can occur due to undefined or incorrect variable names
issue 2743 Attempts to close a tooltip when no tooltip has been set may cause errors
issue 2744 When changing password, undefined index error can occur if user is not logged in
issue 2748 If PHP location setting is invalid during install/upgrade, this should be notified on modules page
issue 2750 When performing multiple sort, highlighting of content occurs
issue 2751 When editing a Tree, display filter may not allow 'All' option to work
issue 2752 When running verbose query on device, you are unable to copy text from items
issue 2753 Unable to copy entire verbose query using clipboard command
issue 2757 Page Navigation can be subject to XSS injection
issue 2758 Various sensitive directories are browsable if web server directory browsing is enabled
issue 2760 Unable to add items into a report
issue 2762 Creating an aggregate graph can sometimes fail due to unknown RRD tools error
issue 2766 When modifying Aggregate Templates, changes are not always cascaded to Graph
issue 2768 Aggregate Graphs may sometimes show the wrong row count
issue 2770 ItemType is not updated when saving Report Items
issue 2772 Add tooltip support to html_header() and html_header_checkbox()
issue 2775 Remote pollers may sometimes fail to replicate data back to main system
issue 2777 Attempting to edit a non-existent report generates an error
issue 2778 When rendering graphs, resizing can sometimes occur repeatedly
issue 2779 On new installations, automation rules for Interface Graphs are broken
issue 2780 Upgrade database script not actually upgrading Cacti
issue 2782 When replicating the syslog plugin, the configuration file is ignored causing errors
issue 2783 When limiting the number of displayed characters, international characters may sometimes display incorrectly
issue 2784 When removing a device with graphs but no data sources , errors are generated
issue 2785 When editing a graph rule, warnings incorrectly appear about unsaved changes
issue 2792 When a checkbox 'friendly name' has a comma, checkbox functionality stops working
issue 2797 When upgrading from before 1.x, SuperLinks view permissions may not be correct
issue 2799 Under heavy use of Real Time Graphs, SQL errors may start appearing
issue 2800 When editing a tree, using a comma in the search field stops search from working
issue 2802 If a Device lacks ifName, an alternative field is not always found even if available
issue 2807 When editing a Data Template that has dependant graphs, some attributes should not be modifiable
issue 2808 When navigating a tree, the layout may unexpectedly move
issue 2814 When viewing the utilities page, HTML tags may be seen rather than rendered
issue 2816 When viewing logs, paging does not always working correctly
issue 2818 Automation can sometimes incorrectly add duplicate devices with the same sysname
issue 2820 When path is blank, is_resource_writable() will generate 'Uninitialized string offset: -1'
issue 2821 When the desired locale can not be located, a number format issue may occur
feature 2728 Update phpseclib to 2.0.17 by DavidLiedke
feature 2809 Update c3.js & d3.js by DavidLiedke
feature 2730 Update jstree.js to 3.3.8 by DavidLiedke
feature 2754 Allow Devices, Graphs and Data Sources to be searched by ID
feature 2765 When editing a tree, allow cascading selection of available graphics
feature 2805 Merged plugins are not always upgraded correctly
feature 2823 Enhance the splice_rrd.php to be able to merge RRDfiles of differing step

Type ID Text
issue 2523 Send A Test Email stops working under PHP 7.3
issue 2589 Missing RRD file can cause DSSTATS to throw errors
issue 2590 When installing, chosen language is sometimes lost
issue 2591 Menu selection does not always match selected page/section
issue 2592 When viewing an aggregate graph, 'Display graphs from this aggregate' option does always not work
issue 2593 Unable to migrate aggregate graphs to matching aggregate template
issue 2598 Creating an aggregate graph without associated template causes RRDtool error
issue 2599 Creating/Updating an Aggregate Graph to use LINE/STACK's generates invalid SQL statements
issue 2604 When adding a dataquery, SQL errors can be generated
issue 2605 When installing, checking database tables can cause errors
issue 2608 db_update_table() function should not require an engine type or comment
issue 2609 When updating from earlier than 1.2, timezone column might not exist
issue 2610 Data Sources troubleshooter generates warning that each() function is deprecated
issue 2612 When RRDtool fails to initialize, DSStats generates lots of warnings
issue 2618 ifAdminStatus in snmp_queries/interfaces.xml
issue 2621 File paths that accept blanks are not allowing blanks
issue 2622 Various undefined variables generate errors within database.php
issue 2623 When using form_text_area(), invalid HTML can be generated
issue 2627 Some filenames can be lost in log file selection list
issue 2629 When upgrading, ldap library is not loaded properly due to incorrect paths
issue 2632 Automated Networks are not being properly replicated to additional pollers
issue 2635 When running automation scans, database connection should be forced to central database
issue 2638 Support disabling PHP SNMP extension by mhoran
issue 2645 Some URLs are incorrectly calculated
issue 2649 Automation not creating graphs when there are custom items
issue 2650 Several undefined variables are generating warnings
issue 2662 HRULE objects broken in some cases
issue 2668 Trailing parentheses are removed from the SNMP system description
issue 2672 Cacti Install on Windows Fails
issue 2676 Skin paper plane not working on iPhone XR
issue 2678 Call to undefined function _() in data_queries.php
issue 2679 Users with passwords that do not meet complexity requirements are not redirected to the Change Password page
issue 2680 Remove deprecated $php_errormsg usage
issue 2689 Increase boost maximum memory limits
issue 2693 Graph links do not contain URL path causing links to fail
issue 2698 Avoid duplicated icon in the main.js of all themes
issue 2699 Login option "Show the page that user pointed their browser to" does not work properly
issue 2702 sqltable_to_php.php does not always generate valid table data arrays
issue 2707 Some pages that have permission errors dont raise proper messages
issue 2712 PHP memory should be unlimited in scripts that need more memory than the default
issue 2713 SNMP System Description with UTF8 strings properly are not properly parsed
issue 2718 When links are converted to ajax calls, mailto links should not be included
issue 2720 When calculating percentiles, the value is incorrect as the steps are not placed in correct order
feature 2538 Allow users to change default method of removing data sources when deleting graphs
feature 2539 Allow users to set the default graph lock status
feature 2540 Allow users to enable/disable graph tree history
feature 2646 Allow application of automation rules on CLI by rb83
feature 2654 New hook to notify plugins of user profile changes ('auth_profile_update_data')
feature 2664 Add option to purge spikekill backups
feature 2701 Provide option to continue graphing objects that loose their index
feature 2704 Device and template cache do not refresh properly

Type ID Text
issue 1063 Tree View does not display the last item correctly under 'Modern' theme
issue 2282 Install Wizard does not Detect RRDtool Version on Windows
issue 2430 "New Device" menu item showing as selected incorrect when "Devices" clicked
issue 2435 Tree View becomes narrower and narrower when expanding/collapsing nodes with long names
issue 2449 Index incorrectly changed to 1 if the index is alphanumeric when OID/REGEXP: or OIDVALUE/REGEXP:
issue 2452 Missing 'getSNMPQueries()' function when calling add_data_query.php
issue 2453 When running add_graphs.php, cannot retrieve list of valid snmp values
issue 2460 sqltable_to_php.php does not export 'default' value of columns correctly
issue 2456 When attempting to display actions that can be taken, having no actions caused error
issue 2457 When creating a graph, undefined function prevents confirmation from appearing
issue 2459 ss_host_disk.php attempts to return an empty array instead of a string
issue 2463 Partial Fix: Display zombie data sources without graphs
issue 2464 When viewing a User's effective permissions, disabled devices should show denied
issue 2465 Too many groups hide effective permission column when viewing User's effective permissions
issue 2466 Manual data source creation is broken
issue 2469 When using Matching Objects filter within Automation Graph Rules, unexpected redirect occurs
issue 2471 When Creating a new Graph Template, clear the Graph Template permissions cache
issue 2472 Bad navigation items cause Array to string conversion errors
issue 2474 REGEXP_SNMP_TRIM does not handle Gauge fields properly
issue 2475 When resetting filters, multiple sort session variables do not always reset properly
issue 2476 When using CMD.PHP for polling, device polling time is not updated
issue 2477 When saving a Data Input Method, Output Field name changes to incorrect value
issue 2478 When saving a LINEX type Graph Item, the Line Width value is too restrictive
issue 2479 RPN function select list should be sorted when editing CDEF and VDEF's
issue 2480 RRDtool versions in Cacti not granular enough
issue 2482 When upgrading past 1.1.34, upgrade attempts to drop a non-existing primary key
issue 2491 Data Source Info suggests commands RRDTool can't honor
issue 2492 When data templates are filtered by profile, data source list does not get same filter applied
issue 2493 Data Source Info is not separated properly
issue 2494 User Login History is not fully enabled for translations
issue 2497 When linking to Graphs, unless both start and end are specified, only defaults are used
issue 2499 Data Source reapply names does not update name from data query or template.
issue 2500 Allow Data Source repairs from the Data Source Debug and Data Source Info pages
issue 2502 Unable to have a min or max value for RRDfile at zero '0'
issue 2503 The Cacti Statistics Device Template is not include in release
issue 2509 When checking for correct Unicode, minimum MySQL version is incorrect
issue 2513 When a plugin INFO file is malformed or missing elements, plugin_load_info_file() should fill missing
unknown elements with defaults
issue 2519 When editing a data query, graph template picker shows poor performance
issue 2518 Unexpected errors when filtering Data Sources with invalid 'rows' value
issue 2522 When upgrading from pre-1.0.0, colors were not upgraded properly by Givo29
issue 2525 Tree branches that includes sites which have valid devices do not appear on Graph Tree
issue 2527 When importing a package, if Cacti version is below the version which that exported, a clear message should
unknown be shown
issue 2531 When updating color template items, the table name used is incorrect by Givo29
issue 2535 Ensure Graph ListView uses same UI logic as Graph Management
issue 2537 Incorrect title showing when changes are made to Tree
issue 2543 Poor performance showing a device's graphs on a tree
issue 2547 RRD values are not being properly trimmed
issue 2551 When checking MySQL configuration values, consider ON/OFF to be equal to 1/0
issue 2553 When upgrading from 1.0.0 or below, renaming automation columns can cause issues
issue 2555 Missing configuration defaults prevent installations/upgrades without showing reason
issue 2563 When sorting Data Sources, missing index causes unnecessary delays
issue 2564 Filtering for Orphan Data Sources is unreliable
issue 2565 Pages with 500+ selectable items in a single able can suffer from poor performance
issue 2568 When querying for diagnostic data, devices on remote pollers should proxy the request
issue 2571 External Links do not properly validate user permissions
issue 2575 Poller errors occur if a file exists that the website cannot read
issue 2576 Spikekill API does not work when called from plugins
issue 2578 When importing packages, missing/new resources are not created
issue 2581 When viewing poller cache, Device SNMP community is not properly escaped
issue 2583 When JSON module is not installed, Installer does not correctly show missing message
issue 2584 When user/group permissions are reset, this is not reflected immediately to the end user
feature Update phpseclib to version 2.0.15
feature Adjust the max table rows based upon value of 'max_input_vars'
feature 2505 Improve performance of Data Source Statistics
feature 2515 Allow more than one SNMP port to be specified when adding devices via CLI

Type ID Text
issue 599 Aggregate graph templates assume AVG consolidation function
issue 2312 Retrieving Device Information appears to fail on Safari
issue 2317 Unabe to add new records to 'poller_time' table
issue 2327 Memory exhausted whilst running poller replication
issue 2334 Some browsers report JavaScript errors when switching to console
issue 2337 When running an upgrade, the path of the log file is reset
issue 2339 Certain characters in recipient address can cause email to fail
issue 2343 Export hooks no longer work due to missing default keyword
issue 2346 When listing plugin permissions, "Legacy 1.x Plugins" can appear in the wrong cell
issue 2347 Allow sort output to inject returned data into a specific object
issue 2350 Unable to Select Data Source for HRULES and COMMENTS that include nth Percentile and Bandwidth
issue 2352 SNMP description field can sometimes contain mangled data
issue 2354 When reindexing in Automation, titles are not updated for Graph and Data Source
issue 2355 Data Sources are sometimes duplicated when Custom Data is specified
issue 2357 When indexes are incorrect, poller should log more information
issue 2359 When upgrading, "Install/Upgrade" privilege may have been previously lost
issue 2360 When retrieving database / table / column information, schema name is not always applied
issue 2362 No way to default an interface speed when ifSpeed and ifHighSpeed come back as zero
issue 2365 When editing Aggregate Graphs, orphaned items were not always removed
issue 2372 Data Query reindexing leads gaps in Graphs
issue 2376 Manually adding a device discovered by Automation causes errors to be logged
issue 2380 Devices may experience constant reindexing
issue 2384 When authentication method is set to None, change to Builtin as None has been removed
issue 2393 When reindexing a device, Graph Automation creates duplicate graphs every time
issue 2416 SELinux wants APPEND not WRITE permission for Fedora/EPEL (RHEL, Centos)
issue 2419 Host state time was not correctly calculated
issue 2426 Reinstate missing plugin hooks for 'custom_logout_message' and 'custom_denied'
issue 2431 Default value for 'Mail Method' (settings_how) is incorrect resulting in errors
issue 2432 Undefined variable warnings when updating RRD data
issue 2451 Drag and drop does not always function correctly
feature Update JavaScript library c3.js to version 0.6.12
feature Update phpseclib to version 2.0.14
feature Update PHPMailer to version 6.0.7
feature Update JavaScript library d3.js to version 5.9.1

Type ID Text
issue 2259 Unable to View Aggregate Graphs
issue 2267 Remove unnecessary includes in aggregate template code
issue 2270 Realtime Graphs consuming too much memory
issue 2272 Site Tree Branches not showing Graphs
issue 2273 Error when saving changes to Data Collectors
issue 2279 SQL Errors in add_graphs.php
issue 2280 SQL Errors in snmpagent cache table inserts
issue 2281 Database audit cli giving incorrect results
issue 2285 Allow HRULEs for bandwith and ptile
issue 2292 Allow Realtime to use 1 second data collection
issue 2298 Ambiguous Toggle Switches in Sunrise Theme
issue 2303 Problem with "Notify Primary Admin of Issues" function
issue 2304 Installation progress stays at 0%
issue 2305 BOOST PROGERR: ERRNO:'8'
issue 2311 Unable to update PHP location during installation due to incorrect CLI environment
issue 2319 Primary admin account not always given access to a plugin when that plugin is enabled
issue 2321 Date separator not being used properly for graphs
issue 2322 Modifying plugin realm registration files and description not supported
issue Installer does not identify when shell_exec()/exec() are disabled
issue Removing a Device or Graph Template can not be seen till next login
issue Visual issues with custom data when using paper-plane theme
issue Undefined function errors attempting to sync device templates
issue Plugin dependency handling inconsistant
issue Editing a report shows incorrect graphs from dropdown

Type ID Text
feature Add a Timeout setting for Remote Agent calls
feature Add Graphs and Data Sources hyperlinks on Device page
feature Add One Minute Sampling to the default Data Source Profiles
feature Add support for DDERIVE and DCOUNTER to Cacti
feature Add Timezone support for Remote Data Collectors
feature Allow Adding Aggregate Graphs to a Report
feature Allow ASCII filepath paths to not be found on settings save
feature Allow drill down from Graphs to Data Queries or Templates
feature Allow Import/Export to be hookable
feature Allow snmpagent to be disabled for very large installs
feature Allow Top tabs to be Glyphs or Text or both
feature Big Spanish translation update plus massive QA fixes
feature Change password page provides visible confirmation of password rules
feature Do not allow second data source to be added to an SNMP Get data template
feature Don't allow removal of Data Sources from Data Template once its in use
feature Inform the primary Cacti administrator of problems by Email
feature Make all user settings dynamic and allow resetting to default.
feature Make Graph and Data Source suggested naming more efficient
feature Make it easy to find Data Query based graphs that have lost indexes
feature Make Top Tabs use Ajax Callback
feature Make tree editing responive
feature New Install/Upgrade user permission to limit access to being able to upgrade
feature Provide option to debug width errors where output exceeds column width
feature Removed the Authentication Method of 'None'
feature Tree automation is now defaulted to on for new install
feature Update JavaScript library c3.js to version 0.6.8
feature Update JavaScript library Chart.js to 2.7.3
feature Update JavaScript library d3.js to version 5.7.0
feature Update JavaScript library jquery.js to 3.3.1
feature Update JavaScript library jquery-migrate.js to 3.0.1
feature Update JavaScript library jquery.tablesorter.js to version 2.30.7
feature Update JavaScript library jstree.js to 3.3.7
feature Update JavaScript library screenfull.js to 3.3.3
feature Update phpmailer to version 6.0.6
feature Update phpseclib to version 2.0.13
feature 289 Allow external nologin access for Realtime Graphs
feature 553 When display a host, include Aggregated Graphs as well as standard graphs
feature 614 Allow users to duplicate Data Input Methods
feature 973 When creating a new user authenticated via LDAP, attempt to retrieve users email and full name
feature 122 Support a Site Branch Type
feature 1060 Design Enhancement for Large scale Cacti Implementations
feature 1142 Add Site dropdown to the Graphs and Data Source pages
feature 1184 Improve Data Input Methods editability and message handling
feature 1200 Aggregate Graphs can now include COMMENT
feature 1282 Email notification for Automation Network discovery process
feature 1347 Update automation logging to work better
feature 1395 Ensure messages have each new line keep the same prefix in cacti_log()
feature 1399 Allow 'requires' to include version against a plugin
feature 1400 User settings are now dynamic and can be reset (removed) to return to global settings
feature 1422 Automatically select the next unused data input field when clicking add on data input method
feature 1505 When displaying a graph, provide breadcrumb link to edit device
feature 1527 Update Fontawesome from 4.7 to 5.0.10
feature 1580 Support Drag & Drop for Builtin Report Items
feature 1581 Allow Mass Adding of Graphs to Reports
feature 1584 Allow theme selection when installing
feature 1588 Check that PHP can run a test file
feature 1593 Allow External links to auto refresh
feature 1597 Ensure synchronised files have same attributes as originals
feature 1610 On Unix, redirect error messages to log files when running external scripts
feature 1628 Allow the User to define an initial Automation Network for discovery when installing
feature 1670 Improve Graph Management to show type of source for a graph
feature 1671 When duplicating a Graph Template, properly duplicate Data Query Graph Template Mappings
feature 1677 Default Tree nodes sorting to be inherited
feature 1691 On Graph context menu, add a 'Copy graph' option to copy graph image
feature 1692 Separate option for logging Input Validation issues
feature 1703 On Graph context menu, text is now multi-lingual
feature 1708 Allow the User to override global Automation email recipients at the Automation Network level
feature 1709 Suppress warning from RRDTool when attempting to make updates in the past
feature 1711 Add support for SSL connections to MySQL
feature 1731 Prevent loss of changes by warning user about unsaved items
feature 1734 When displaying a graph, provide more information when error image is displayed (see also #1428)
feature 1763 Enable automatic refresh for Time Graph View
feature 1806 Control low level debug routines via config.php (Develoepr Use)
feature 1819 Provide CLI program to enable graphs to be removed by scripts
feature 1969 Graph previews can now be linked using a host's external id
feature 2006 Introduce new Data Source Profile to handle decade long graphs
feature 2173 Introduce Device and Graph Template Caching to Speed UI
feature 2228 Add Device ID to Device search field
issue Fix issue with display_custom_error_message() causing problem with system error message handling
issue Graph List View was not fully responsive
issue Move Graph removal function to Graph API
issue On the Data Sources page, if there is no filtered Device and a Data Source is edited, device association is lost
issue Typo in Dutch translations when an error occurred while downgrading
issue Unable to display user profile tabs
issue Verify all Fields not working due to Cacti 1.x upgrade error
issue 186 Cacti does not support jQueryUI 1.12.x
issue 187 Remove the use of jQuery Migrate plugin
issue 948 Do not create a new datasource when adding a new Graph for the same device/field
issue 454 Cacti Re-Index does not resolve index changes properly during re-index
issue 983 Import Template Preview is misleading
issue 1097 When copying template user, newly created user should always be enabled to allow logging in
issue 1097 When copying template user, it should be disable to prevent logging in as template user directly
issue 1174 When display a tree, disable drag and drop unless in edit mode
issue 1298 Display fatal error to prevent issues caused when system log is not writable
issue 1350 When switching an Automation Tree Rule's leaf type, remove invalid Automation Rule Items
issue 1383 CSRF Timeout does not obey session timeout
issue 1408 Update SQL / Backtrace to use new clean_up_lines() function
issue 1414 DSSTATS reports incorrectly that a data source does not exist
issue 1420 Fix issues found by Debian package builds
issue 1421 Fix issue when SQL had all bad modes, missing variable warning was generated
issue 1426 Fix issue where remote poller was not using unique filenames when attempting to verify files
issue 1437 Plugin install hover message sometimes shows line breaks rather than formatted text
issue 1454 When using oid_regexp_parse, filter indexes to those that match
issue 1473 Recovery Date overwritten by subsequent checks
issue 1494 Unable to Deep Link/Bookmark Trees
issue 1503 Undefined function clearstatscache in DSSTATS
issue 1507 When saving graph settings from the graph page, the graph template id should not be included
issue 1510 New Graphs Undefined Variable $graph_template_name
issue 1521 Force boost to be enabled when there are Remote Data Collectors
issue 1528 Saving a device can result in WARNINGS related to string vs array handling
issue 1529 Allow Aggregate Graphs to Sum Bandwidth and Percentile COMMENTS
issue 1543 Graph Preview appends header=false too many times
issue 1553 Poller does not set rrd_step_counter correctly if no steps taken
issue 1559 CLI Output Issues due to over escaping
issue 1560 Warning that escapeshellarg() is escaping a null
issue 1567 Technical support - add notification if Cacti and Spine version is different
issue 1574 User templates are not correctly being applied
issue 1589 Installer now checks that the temporary folder is writable
issue 1590 User Admin generates SQL error if user is not part of any groups
issue 1601 Aggregate Graphs can not include some classes of COMMENT
issue 1602 PHP ERROR: Call to undefined function api_data_source_cache_crc_update()
issue 1604 Failed to connect to remote collector
issue 1606 Boost debug log not functional
issue 1607 Boost next run time occurs in the past
issue 1608 Possible boost race conditions
issue 1609 Remote pollers update 'stats_poller' on main poller
issue 1617 Editing a data query results in missing $header variable
issue 1621 Realtime Popup can cause automatic logout
issue 1626 httpd-error.log have message about Fontconfig
issue 1634 Default snmp quick print setting resulting in false poller ASSERTS on some php releases
issue 1651 Check temporary folder has write access during import
issue 1655 Correct Cacti to handle new MySQL 8.0 reserved word `system`
issue 1658 Devices drop down should be filtered by Site
issue 1660 Reports based upon Tree don't maintain graph order
issue 1665 Must change password not working for local users when main realm is not local
issue 1669 Console log header grammar issue
issue 1674 Threads and Processes values not migrated to Poller table during upgrade
issue 1676 Allow automation discovery to add the same sysname on different hosts
issue 1682 Slow Select Statement lib/api_automation.php
issue 1689 Technical Support's RRDTool version should show detected RRD version
issue 1690 Report a warning if the default collation is not utf8mb4_unicode_ci
issue 1700 Mail sent without auth causes errors to appear in logs
issue 1710 RRDtool create command causes first update to fail
issue 1721 Console Side Bar not correct on first login
issue 1723 die() messages should include PHP_EOF for better logging
issue 1726 Poor page performance editing a Graphs Graph Items
issue 1746 Poller with no hosts does not exit until timeout is reached
issue 1761 Graph Management page shows bogus template names
issue 1783 Browser Back button still does not working
issue 1796 Import: Fixed handling of references to objects not included in file
issue 1799 Default User log sort should be date descending
issue 1810 Correct SQL errors with authentication set to no authentication
issue 1839 Dummy cosmetic bug on down device selection option
issue 1841 Data Source Stats table not properly migrated from pre 1.x Cacti plugin
issue 1849 SNMPAgent not sending traps
issue 1852 Reports Preview/Mails show no graphs
issue 1889 Insecure $ENV{ENV} which running setgid
issue 1901 Upgrade from 0.8.8h fails on external_links statement
issue 1921 Data Query XML field method 'rewrite_index' does not correctly query for value
issue 1926 Deselecting items should present warning or disable GO button
issue 1948 Device Template should warn about need to re-sync
issue 1953 set_default_action() should warn if more than one action provided
issue 1973 SpikeKill Menu does not display properly
issue 1976 Default admin permissions do not allow everything
issue 1982 Certain hooks should occur within api functions rather than UI functions
issue 2002 api_plugin_db_table_create should support non-string defaults
issue 2012 For kernel 3.2+, "Linux - Memory - Free" should grep for "MemAvailable:", not "MemFree:"
issue 2085 CLOG Regex Parser does not verify registered function exists
issue 2126 api_device.php generates undefined function poller_push_to_remote_db_connect()
issue 2127 Unable to save error when duplicating graph
issue 2135 api_tree_lock() and api_tree_unlock() forcing redirection incorrectly
issue 2143 export.php Illegal string offset 'method'
issue 2144 Device Management "Status" column does not sort properly
issue 2152 When editing a device, should show disable/enable option
issue 2153 Utilities page issues the wrong hook for tabs
issue 2163 LDAP functions are not consistent
issue 2164 Login page does not remember selected realm
issue 2171 datepicker and timepick translation not available
issue 2178 Header/Footer included more than once
issue 2182 Graph View missing 'html_graph_template_multiselect()' function
issue 2184 html_host_filter() does not handle host_id consequently
issue 2186 Boost generates invalid SQL during on demand update
issue 2188 SNMP timeout errors are being duplicated
issue 2191 i18n_themes is not properly primed in global_arrays.php
issue 2202 Can't create more than one graph with add_graphs.php from one template
issue 2207 Removing Graph Template does not Remove Data Query Associations
issue 2217 cmd.php not handling quoted snmp values properly
issue 2240 SNMP system Data Input Methods should not be modified on import
issue 2241 Spike removal not functional due to Debian packaging
security 1072 Prevent exploitation of Data Input Methods to escalate privileges (CVE-2009-4112)
security 1882 Bypass output validation in select cases
security 2212 Stored XSS in "Website Hostname" field
security 2213 Stored XSS in "Website Hostname" field - Devices
security 2214 Stored XSS in "Vertical Label" field - Graph
security 2215 Stored XSS in "Name" field - Color

Type ID Text
issue 1501 cmd.php poller not stripping alpha from snmp get values
issue 1515 Special characters not rendered properly in settings
issue 1530 Inconsistent behaviour handling blank Field Name/Value when editing data query suggested values
issue 1537 Numeric validation not ignoring blank elements

Type ID Text
issue 274 Allow Realtime Graph Popup Mode
issue 1405 When Data Query columns are wide, they cause rendering issues
issue 1414 DSSTATS reports incorrectly that a data source does not exist
issue 1419 Filtering log results in errors in the log
issue 1420 PHP NOTICE editing cdef and vdef items
issue 1421 CLI upgrade_database.php PHP Warning on execution
issue 1426 Remote poller erroring attempting to verify files
issue 1432 Delete confirmation does not disappear
issue 1443 Partial Save warnings under Settings -> Mail/Reporting/DNS
issue 1447 CLI audit_database.php not detecting database name, and failed to create audit tables when run fresh
issue 1453 CLI add_graph.php not allowing title to be set
issue 1456 Increase minimum php version maintaining support for RHEL6
issue 1457 Path-Based Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) issues
issue 1458 Error in logs when creating new graphs
issue 1459 Automation filter not applied correctly
issue 1461 Setting output_format on input type causes no values to be returned
issue 1464 Poller stuck in infinitely loop causing excess logging
issue 1466 No scrollbars in mobile browsers
issue 1468 Increase max length of host.snmp_sysObjectID column
issue 1471 Undefined function found in global_languages.php
issue 1472 Change Device Options - Style needs updating
issue 1474 Check possibility for creation of temporary tables on install
issue 1487 Undefined constant in ldap.php
issue 1489 Add ability to use parts of OID as value via regex
issue 1483 Create New Graphs - Paw Styling Issue
issue 1493 Can't create tree branches with '#' sign
feature Updated Chinese Simplified translations
feature Updated Dutch translations
feature JavaScript library Chart.js updated 2.7.2
feature Allow snmp formatting functions to detect UTF-8 output

Type ID Text
issue 934 Template names missing in graph management list
issue 1211 CDEF and VDEF Item Edit do not use correct procedures
issue 1250 Language support does not support localization properly
issue 1331 Log Rotation should occur at midnight on system
issue 1334 Console->Users->(Edit) Permissions checkmark descriptions missing
issue 1336 Debian test suite reports php error
issue 1338 Allow automation to be run in debug mode from GUI
issue 1339 First graph of second page does not render
issue 1340 Unable to open Time Graph View in new tab
issue 1348 Toggle context menu of Zoom
issue 1351 Errorimage does not render on systems without GD ttf support
issue 1353 New installation without config.php silently throws errors
issue 1355 Single tree can have the order of the tree changed
issue 1357 Data Profile disable fields shown temporarily as editable
issue 1359 Settings page generates error for removed plugin tab
issue 1362 DSStats Avg/Peak function broken due to change in RRDtool processing
issue 1365 Plugin Management enforce folder name
issue 1366 Improve error/info message display
issue 1380 Potential failure when updating script type
issue 1384 When installing/enabling plugins, current user and admin should get permissions
issue 1386 form_selectable_cell() ignores width if no style_or_class is passed
issue 1389 Poller is including plugins that are not installed
issue 1390 Plugin uninstall should prompt user before removal
issue 1396 Prevent installation/uninstallation of a plugin if dependency is present
issue 1397 Distinguish between plugin tabs and core tabs in settings
issue Allow dynamic setting of from name when emailing
issue Data Query Cache filter layout more consistent
issue Minor plugin permissions format change
issue Implementation of error handling causes errors creating New Graphs
issue Deprecated DDStats setting removed
issue Graph context menu items are now context aware
issue Validate spine path before allowing enabling of spine
issue Errored settings fields now highlighted correctly on error
issue Add the Default Device to the Default Tree at install time
issue Secpass password verification error message unuseful
feature Searching of SNMP Index in View Data Query Cache now works
feature Presets now have default device Template
feature JavaScript library c3.js updated (v0.4.21) / jstree.js (3.3.5)
feature PHPSecLib updated 2.0.10
feature Updated Dutch translations

Type ID Text
issue 114 *all_max_peak* percentile calculations incorrect
issue 430 Pressing Back often fails to work as expected
issue 564 Fail to move items in graph template as desired
issue 981 Hyperlinks for Data Profile stats
issue 993 Realtime not working on remote pollers for certain data query
issue 1244 Errors importing templates with deprecated hashes
issue 1251 Allow zoom out through mouse mmiddle button
issue 1281 Max OIDs setting is for bulkget and not bulkwalk operations
issue 1286 Correct CHUNKED_ENCODING error when retrieving graph with some browsers
issue 1306 Graphs are not always refreshed properly
issue 1309 Provide meaningful authentication errors in graph_json.php and graph_image.php
issue 1310 Return button fails on change password page
issue 1315 Realtime not working on local data collector
issue 1316 CDEF Item Value dialog does not update creating items
issue 1319 Front end + remote poller - connection timeout issue
issue 1321 Use RRDtool pipelining functions within DSSTATS
issue 1323 Enhance form layout for readability
issue 1329 Spelling errors in automation_networks.php
issue Validate regular expressions if specified in add_graphs.php
issue Ensure compression levels are consistent when importing package

Type ID Text
issue 1040 PHP version 7.2 - ERROR PHP WARNING: sizeof()
issue 1195 Improved Javascript error message handling
issue 1245 Unable to reorder graph name suggested values
issue 1256 Error reporting of custom errors not displayed correctly
issue 1257 Boost excessively logging updates
issue 1258 cacti.sql updated to match expected schema
issue 1260 Tab images fail to render due to TrueType support in PHP GD Module
issue 1261 Automatic logout timeout does not apply to web basic authenication
issue 1263 CLI utility to validate database schema
issue 1266 Inconsistent usage graphWrapper CSS causes odd graph zoom behavior
issue 1268 Regex filters not working properly
issue 1274 Host CPU script checks value existance to avoid error
issue 1275 SNMP v3 authPriv fails to work
issue 1287 JSON calls return validation error in HTML format
issue 1289 Script Server should output parameter array rather than parameters
issue 1292 Chrome to aggressively caches Javascript files
issue 1293 Correctly identify if command 'snmpbulkwalk' is available
issue 1296 CactiErrorHandler does not ignore PHP suppressed errors
issue 1300 Automation discovery : New devices added by automation discovery have empty SNMP community field
issue 1302 Automatic logout should not be enforced on login page
issue 1304 mib_cache.php file contains unsafe transactions for binary logging
feature CLI utilily to generate and verify file hashes for installed Cacti files
feature Logging links back to appropriate areas for troubleshooting
feature Logging lists filenames in reverse order

Type ID Text
issue 1253 Automatically generated RRDtool DEF names in Cacti 1.1.32 break existing Graph Templates

Type ID Text
issue 969 Undefined index: color_id / task_item when viewing graphs
issue 1166 Fix typo of 'locale' in global_languages.php
issue 1222 Graphs with large number of items causes RRDTool to error
issue 1230 PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_max_tree_sequence()
issue 1238 SNMP functions fail to handle "Invalid object identifier" error
issue 1239 Browser console error in layout.js
issue 1240 Page layout issues caused by library update
issue 1246 Make SNMP Error return more info
issue Missing or corrupted theme files can corrupt user settings
issue Theme may not change until next login
issue Tree edit Tree/Device/Graph drag areas incorrect
issue Make callback error handling compatible with jQuery 3.x
issue Ensure the snmp_error is cleared before every call
issue Indicate unknown error when RRDTool returns no error message
feature Update Javascript library:, d3.js, jquery.js, jquery.tablednd.js, jquery.timepicker.js

Type ID Text
issue 629 Site reload after delete the last letter in the searchbar
issue 1022 Discovery network stuck in "running" state does not return results
issue 1164 Version compare function fails on major/minor only versions
issue 1166 Invalid New User default language selection
issue 1175 Automatic logout inconsistent redirect
issue 1179 Warn during installation if installing moving to older version
issue 1183 Automatically detect missing Theme and use alternate
issue 1185 Layout with Graphs having large number of data columns
issue 1189 Allow ability to sort tree list by name asc/desc
issue 1190 Enabling, Disabling, Uninstalling plugin, you should page refresh
issue 1191 Tree sequences were not set or checked
issue 1197 Add more collection intervals to Data Source Profiles
issue 1206 Display issue with internationalization number format
issue 1210 CDEF and VDEF Items can not be properly edited
issue 1212 Navigation breadcrumbs fail to handle External links correctly
issue 1213 PHPMailer trying TLS despite SMTPSecure setting
issue 1215 Show version when installation prompts for license
issue 1217 Add ability to view/edit Input/Query when editing Data Template
issue Named colors fail to import on install or upgrade
issue Drag and Drop issues on multiple pages could corrupt sequencing
feature Enhance filter to permit more glyphs for table headers
feature Add a page refresh dropdown to the Automation Networks
feature Enhanced SNMP v3 input forms
feature Allow Trees to be rearranged using Drag and Drop
feature Trap GUI callback errors and present error message

Type ID Text
issue 1155 Non-secure mail setting not functional due to changes in phpmailer
issue 1157 Resolve issue with branch permission api
issue 1158 Change CLOG to use regex replacement so line details are not mangled
issue 1161 Graph View regex's are not preserved during automatic page refresh
issue 1162 Error messages are not display when editing a user
issue 1166 Default language was not correctly set when editing a user
issue basename function undefined during upgrade to 1.0.x
issue Storage API and translations required for Change password function
issue ALTER IGNORE still throws an error when attempting to drop the primary key
issue Data Source profile form API generates error when system is half upgraded
issue Resolve issue with importing packages
feature Update package versions for Cacti version 1.1.29

Type ID Text
issue 871 Allow Nth Percentile and Bandwidth Summation to respect 'Base Value' in template
issue 965 Duplicate error message and incorrect error code when using LDAP authentication
issue 1084 Graph Tree Branch not properly populating when editing report item
issue 1104 Datetime formatting in developer debug mode incorrect
issue 1106 Template Filters has empty row
issue 1109 URL used in redirection when referrer already has parameters in it
issue 1110 Add CPU Total to 'SNMP - Get Processor Information'
issue 1111 PHP NOTICE when using LDAP authenication
issue 1116 Filters not allowing "None" or "All" when editing report item
issue 1119 Reduced amount of data fetched for CPU usage to just the data used
issue 1121 Bandwidth summation not using correct locale
issue 1122 Fix issue with local login / potential password problems
issue 1128 Resolve php warning when raising messages
issue 1130 Fix logging level issue where logs of same level as setting where not logged
issue 1131 Make upgrade_database.php use same version compare as /install/ system
issue 1133 Fix issues with variable name and debug log
issue 1141 When viewing graphs from list view, pagination causes list view filter to be cleared
issue 1143 ss_host_cpu.php - Division by zero / Invalid Return Value
issue 1146 Installation now checks URI path matchs with configuration option URL_PATH
issue Updated Graph pagenation and filter reset
issue Resolve issues with cacti_version_compare() processing
issue Zoom context menu stays open after zoom out actions
issue Paginator object was not always translated

Type ID Text
issue 958 User Group Tree permissions not calculated fully
issue 959 Issue viewing email reports due to email client decoding problems
issue 992 RRDfile naming issues that result from random sorting during export
issue 1012 Issue where disabled devices will not appear in Tree editor
issue 1044 Handle invalid exclusion regex properly when viewing the log
issue 1045 Issue with multiple pages and confirmation dialogs
issue 1048 Problem importing vdefs from templates
issue 1053 Remote Data Collector now works with https and self signed certificates
issue 1055 Errors in data source statistics inserts when invalid output is encountered
issue 1057 CVE-2017-16641 - Potential vulnerability in RRDtool functions
issue 1058 ICMP Ping to and IPv6 address fails to gather data for ping latency
issue 1059 Aggregate item filter should use regular expressions to avoid SQL errors due to flawed filter logic
issue 1064 When a Device Template is removed, Automation Templates for that Device Template remain
issue 1066 CVE-2017-16660 in remote_agent.php logging function
issue 1066 CVE-2017-16661 in view log file
issue 1071 CVE-2017-16785 in global_session.php Reflection XSS
issue 1074 Boost records get stuck in archive
issue 1079 Undefined index in lib/snmpagent.php
issue 1085 Undefined function html_log_input_error
issue 1086 Rerun data queries in automation process has no effect
issue 1087 cli/add_device.php --proxy option does not work with non-snmp devices
issue 1088 Set timeout for remote data collector context
issue Minor performance increase in boost processing
issue Poller output not empty not processed correctly on Log tab
feature Timeout to the remote agent for realtime graphs
feature Updated Dutch translations
feature Database update adding additional indexes for increased performance
feature Updated PHPMailer to version 5.2.26
feature Updated phpseclib to version 2.0.7

Type ID Text
issue 1033 Issues inserting into dsstats table due to legacy data
issue 1039 Using html_escape still double escapes. Use strip_tags instead
issue 1040 Resolving compatibility issue with PHP7.2

Type ID Text
issue 841 --input-fields variable not working with add_graphs.php cli
issue 986 Resolve minor appearance problem on Modern theme
issue 989 Resolve issue with data input method commands loosing spaces on import
issue 1000 add_graphs.php not recognizing input fields
issue 1003 Reversing resolution to Issue#995 due to adverse impact to polling times
issue 1008 Remove developer debug warning about thumbnail validation
issue 1009 Resolving minor issue with cmd_realtime.php and a changing hostname
issue 1010 CVE-2017-15194 - Path-Based Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
issue 1027 Confirm that the PHP date.timezone setting is properly set during install
issue Fixed database session handling for PHP 7.1
issue Fixed some missing i18n
issue Fixed typo's
feature Updated Dutch translations
feature Schema changes; Examined queries without key usage and added/changed some keys
feature Some small improvements

Type ID Text
issue 966 Email still using SMTP security even though set to none
issue 995 Redirecting exec_background() to dev null breaks some functions
issue 998 Allow removal of external data template and prevent their creation
issue Remove spikes uses wrong variance value from WebGUI
issue Changing filters on log page does not reset to first page
issue Allow manual creation of external data sources once again
feature Updated Dutch translations

Type ID Text
issue 932 Zoom positioning breaks when you scroll the graph page
issue 970 Remote Data Collector Cache Synchronization missing plugin sub-directories
issue 980 Resolve issue where a new tree branches refreshs before you have a chance to name it
issue 982 Data Source Profile size information not showing properly
issue Long sysDescriptions on automation page cause columns to be hidden
issue Resolve visual issues in Classic theme
feature Allow Resynchronization of Poller Resource Cache

Type ID Text
issue 963 SQL Errors with snmpagent and MariaDB 10.2
issue 964 SQL Mode optimization failing in 1.1.22

Type ID Text
issue 950 Automation - New graph rule looses name on change
issue 952 CSV Export not rendering chinese characters correctly (Second attempt)
issue 955 Validation error trying to view graph debug syntax
issue MySQL/MariaDB database sql_mode NO_AUTO_VALUE_ON_ZERO corrupts Cacti database
issue When creating a data source, the data source profile does not default to the system default
feature Enhance table filters to support new Cycle plugin
feature Updated Dutch Translations

Type ID Text
issue 938 Problems upgrading to 1.1.20 with one table alter statement
issue 952 CSV Export not rendering chinese characters correctly
issue Minor alignment issue on tables

Type ID Text
issue 920 Issue with scrollbars after update to 1.1.19 related to #902
issue 921 Tree Mode no longer expands to accomodate full tree item names
issue 922 When using LDAP domains some setings are not passed correctly to the Cacti LDAP library
issue 923 Warninga in cacti.log are displayed incorrectly
issue 926 Update Utilities page to provide more information on rebuilding poller cache
issue 927 Minor schema change to support XtraDB Cluster
issue 929 Overlapping frames on certain themes
issue 931 Aggregate graphs missing from list view
issue 933 Aggregate graphs page counter off
issue 935 Support utf8 printable in data query inserts
issue 936 TimeZone query failure undefined function
issue Taking actions on users does not use callbacks
issue Undefined constant in lib/snmp.php on RHEL7
issue Human readable socket errno's not defined
issue Audit of ping methods tcp, udp, and icmp ping. IPv6 will still not work till php 5.5.4

Type ID Text
issue 810 Scripts in packages don't match distribution
issue 919 Unable to upgrade to 1.1.18
issue Update documentation for minimum PHP 5.4

Type ID Text
issue 902 Correcting some issues with Console and External Links
issue 903 Upgrade pace.js to v0.7.8
issue 904 Allow user to hide Graphs from disabled Devices
issue 906 Create a separate Realm for Realtime Graphs
issue 907 XSS issue in spikekill.php
issue 910 Boost last run duration generates an error on new install
issue 914 Unable to purge Cacti logfile from System Utilities
issue 915 Non-numeric data in ss_host_disk.php
issue 916 Resolve display of errors when encountering ldap issues
issue 918 Minor XSS and create generalized escape function
issue Resolve JavaScript errors on Login page
issue Resolve JavaScript errors on Permission Denied pages
issue Graphs tab would appear in non-classic even if you did not have permissions
feature Updated dutch translations

Type ID Text
issue 450 List View to Preview shows no results
issue 486 Export Device table results to CSV
issue 544 Allow Log Rotation to be other than Daily
issue 673 Downtime/Recovery time/date is set incorrectly
issue 819 Customized timespans for graphs
issue 888 Rebuilding Poller Cache when External data sources are present results in false positive warnings in the log
issue 891 Database.php unable to connect to MySQL when using port different than 3306
issue 893 Warning messages when duplicating CDEF objects
issue 897 Due to browser use of special key, deprecate ctrl-shift-x for clearing filter
issue 898 Issue with tcp and udp ping due to file description allocation changes
issue Unable use ipv6 ip addresses for snmp ping in the Cacti GUI
issue Update language of the Rebuild Poller Cache menu pick
issue Broken design for input controls with Sunrise theme
issue Timespan switching not switching to Custom in Preview Mode
issue Log rotation would not occur under certain conditions. Provide more control over log functions
issue Purge log file always purged the cacti.log, not the selected log
issue Unable to view graphs for errored data sources from Cacti log

Type ID Text
issue 865 Escape Data Query arguments to prevent issues with special characters
issue 872 Can't add device items to graphs generated with no device and no template
issue 875 When modifying Realm permissions, realms that are listed multiple times don't stay in sync
issue 877 Improving resolution to issue#847 and one additional vulnerability
issue 878 Ambiguous language in purge log function
issue 879 SQL Error when adding a report item to a report
issue 880 Device drop down is limited to 20 devices and lacks a scroll bar
issue 885 Graph generated with no device and no graph template forgets device definitions
issue 886 Unable to export templates other than Device templates
issue Address additional corner cases around get_order_string usage
issue Data Queries sharing a Data Source can result in poller output table not empty errors
issue Fix Sunrise theme to properly theme multiselect widgets
issue Increase height of multiselects so that more options are visible
issue When a graph is locked, anchor tags are still functional

Type ID Text
issue PHP Fatal Exception on upgrade from 1.1.11 or earlier
feature Added test to detect install upgrade code problems

Type ID Text
issue 849 Unable to select host in Graph Item pick
issue 850 Reporting not allowing Non-templated Graphs
issue 858 Pagination on SNMP Options wrong
issue 860 Network Discovery Subnet Range character limit too small
issue 861 The search filter does not support Cyrillic
issue 862 Automation - When editing Graph Rules, unable to Change Data Query
issue 863 Typo error in auth_login.php for LDAP authentication
issue 867 Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in auth_profile.php
issue Link's not showing in Automation Graph and Tree rules on Sunshine theme
issue Make Templates Export responsive
issue Don't wrap menu glyphs and menuitems
issue The function get_order_string() can fail when encountering reserved word columns
issue Data Query Delete is not using callback
feature Resize Graphs on Graph page to be responsive
feature Make import text a hidden field as it is likely seldom used

Type ID Text
issue 605 Remove Spikes feature not fully functional
issue 814 Allow 'Save' feature from New Graphs
issue 837 Using the add_device.php CLI script, you can not 'default' the device threads to other than 1
issue 838 CVE-2017-10970: XSS Issue in link.php
issue 839 The Database column name 'rows' is a reserved word in MariaDB 10.2+
issue 845 External links tabs should appear at the end of the tab view
issue 846 Web crawl of Cacti site shows errors in the log
issue 847 CVE-2017-10970: XSS Issue in lib/html_form.php.
issue 853 Go and Clear buttons do not work in all cases on Graph Rules pages
issue Up/Down arrow titles labeled incorrectly on Tree Management page
issue Make the default Export Type a Device Template
issue Fix SNMPagent MIB cache issues
issue Realtime cache cleanup now only removes rrd and png
issue When redirected from reports, you can receive a validation error
feature updated Dutch language

Type ID Text
issue 822 Aggregate Graph Items are incorrectly editable
issue 823 Allow Filters to be hidden
issue 834 Add spacing on graphs pages
issue Uninstalled plugins can not install
issue Location of filter functions in host.php prevent full responsive filter implementation
feature Implement first phase of responsive search filters

Type ID Text
issue 642 RRA not written or WARNING: Poller Output Table not Empty
issue 779 PHP running out of memory due to date format issues
issue 791 SeLinux causing problems due to recent enhancement of the Cacti log
issue 818 Unable to unselect all SpikeKill templates under settings
issue 831 Unable to add devices from automation devices that don't have a snmpSysname
issue incorrect version of pace: fix progess bar
issue date_format(): fix date separator character
issue host.php: fix itemCount en rowCount when result = null
issue clog: fix scandir for systems with limited permissions to log directory
issue clog: fix listing of logfiles
issue Stop New Graphs filter interface from taking too much space
issue Pagination of clog is not done via ajax
issue Unable to dry run spikekill's from Graphs page
issue Default sort order does not highlight on Aggregate Template page
issue Correct display issue with Graph Templates when editing Device
issue External Data Sources show as having poller interval on Data Source page
issue Allow Selecting 'External' as the Data Source Profile when creating non-templated Data Source
issue Remove Field Order on Data Input output data as it's not required
issue Data Templates not using Ajax callbacks to switch Data Sources
issue Visual issue when creating non-templated Aggregate Graphs
feature new skin: Sunrise
feature Provide Non Compatible explanation when a plugin is not compatible
feature Updated Dutch translations
feature Allow Graph Templates with multiple flag to be created repeatedly from Graphs New interface
feature Allow plugins to exclude files and directories from their remote poller synchronization process
feature Add Device Description to View Poller Cache UI

Type ID Text
issue 779 Resolve random apache segfault due to recursion
issue 786 Unable to create second RRA for a Data Source Profile with collection rate less than 5 minutes
issue 789 Unable to Clear Filter due to JavaScrpt name space collision
issue 791 cacti 1.1.9 and clog_webapi.php permission issue
issue 794 SQL Error when creating graphs manually
issue 798 Cosmetic issue when checking checkboxes in Cacti
issue 800 Unchecked loop in lib/html_utility.php causing race condition
issue 802 Issue updating device hostname with SNMP data queries
issue 803 Issues with utf8mb4 introduced via optimization
issue If the device is down and snmp_sysUpTimeInstance is 0, time in state can be wrong
feature Updated Dutch translations

Type ID Text
issue 788 Fails on PHP Fatal error if LDAP auth enabled

Type ID Text
issue 529 Issue on Graph New page with checkbox unselected
issue 552 Minor selectable row checkbox issue
issue 577 Dragging multiple items causes the tree to refresh too early
issue 617 Correct poller timeouts when no devices are associated with active data collector
issue 706 Classic external link template images missing
issue 726 Undefined variable in upgrade script
issue 728 Resolve issues with jQueryUI empty dialogs
issue 731 Add class to radio button labels to correct display issue
issue 736 Sequence numbers not visible when editing templates using modern theme
issue 739 Graph Titles missing on aggregate graphs
issue 740 Spacer manipulation broken after update to responsive forms
issue 741 Errors in dsstats with very large RRDfiles with more than 60 data sources
issue 748 Search results are not cleared on Aggregates
issue 754 Default Language for user and system are not set on new installation
issue 755 RRDtool Graph Watermark is incorrect
issue 756 Resolving some translation issues
issue 763 Template Export not functional
issue 765 Validation error when viewing Utility View
issue 771 Editing a report renders no options after creation
issue 780 Preview always shows thumbnails in reports interface
issue Hide Aggregate system cdefs when editing graphs and graph templates
issue Updating Utility View zoom was not updating table data
feature 723 Convert Data Source dropdown to autocomplete when editing standalone graphs
feature 735 Allow color selection in graphs and templates to be autocomplete
feature 753 Preliminary support for RRDtool 1.7.
feature Add function to obtain the current execution user
feature Implement Site timezones as autocomplete for performance
feature For themes other than classic, make color id selection autocomplete
feature CLOG timestamp is now formatted as defined in settings
feature CLOG can show loginformation from rotated logfiles

Type ID Text
issue 470 Enhance Cacti's SNMP function and Data Query XML, add <output_format>hex|string|guess</output_format>
issue 653 Devices with empty sysNames are not added to discovered devices
issue 655 Data source not displaying device name
issue 658 Scheduled Reports (type "tree") not working
issue 662 Sending test Email should optionally bypass ping
issue 667 In Classic theme initial view of Tree view broken
issue 669 Invalid SQL Messages when upgrading to Cacti 1.0.5
issue 670 Validation error when you do "Change Graph Template" in Cacti
issue 672 Cacti unable to enable snmp notification receiver mibs
issue 680 Sort order in Time Graph View
issue 687 Cacti DB access not compatible with PHP 7
issue 696 Multiple issues with snmpagent notification UI
issue 699 Add custom error handler for ping functions
issue 704 Fix GUI issues for Graphs not belonging to a device
issue 707 Back button not working
issue 708 Issues finding lib/snmp.php in host disk functions
issue 712 Change Graph Template dropdown invalid
issue 717 Allow ajax callbacks when adding non-templated graph items
issue Reports were not using Cacti's permission system for checking access
issue User Admin page reported wrong permissions at Tree level missing some i18n as well
issue Short data_name can cause data collection issues
feature Updated Dutch language
feature Updating PHPMailer to 5.2.23
feature Support input-output Data Query types
feature Introduce new get_cacti_version() to reduce database calls on pages

Type ID Text
issue 620 The table poller_data_template_field_mappings can get out of sync when manipulating data templates
issue 622 Can not connect to MySQL over a socket
issue 628 Cacti upgrade process is complex and error pront for developers
issue 635 Error when saving change to data template
issue 637 When displaying tree graphs, use the same layout as preview mode
issue 646 When a plugin is disabled during page operations, warnings can appear
issue 651 Unable to view cacti log (because of allowed memory size exhausted)
issue 657 Error in log when host is down, using icmp and using cmd.php on FreeBSD
issue List for creating a Graph type shows already added Graph Templates
issue Fix and undefined variable on data source page when first creating a manual data source
issue Remove tabindex and other non-required manual aria controls from pages
issue Table type and column type in poller_output table wrong
issue FILTER_VALIDATE_MAC not defined on PHP less than 5.5
issue When changing your language Cacti would not do a full page refresh
feature 106 Paginated CLOG and log administration
feature Dutch translations
feature Responsive Graphs page
feature Convert forms from table based to div based for responsive design
feature Better support for phones and tablets
feature Simplified installation code to facilitate easier release cycle
feature Updating Tablesorter to v2.28.9, adding widgets and pager

Type ID Text
issue 580 Data collection warnings when using cmd.php
issue 592 Incorrectly formatted HTML
issue 606 Replace <path_php_binary> in data input methods
issue 607 Allow draw_menu to specify multiple actions for the same URL
issue 608 Spaces adjacent to double quotes are eliminated during data input method import
issue 609 Honor the column setting in graph tree view mode
issue 610 Change Graph Template action not available
issue 611 Cacti Installation Wizard - Spine page incorrect on Windows
issue 612 Uncaught Error: Call to a member function row() on a string
issue 613 Network Automation, now requires a site or your are unable to save rules
issue 615 Data Input field length too short for longer scripts
issue 619 Export logging option in settings no longer used

Type ID Text
issue 524 Reporting not working when Tree branch is device
issue 560 Add 'Duplicate' and 'Convert to Graph Template' back to Graph Management page for Advanced mode
issue 573 Missing Graph Template dropdown items
issue 575 Very large hex strings result in scientific notation that RRDtool rejects
issue 579 Problems logging in using nginx web server
issue 581 session_start() warnings when manually sending reports
issue 584 Issues reporting memory recommendation on utilities page
issue 586 Overrunning pollers can cause system load spikes
issue 587 Data Collector setting under Network Discovery is not being used
issue 588 Devices with blank sysDescr are added to the first Device Template in error
issue 589 Automation discovery does not allow site association
issue 590 Unable to create a plugin based menu
issue 591 Row selection in Device Automation Templates not sane with drag-n-drop enabled
issue 601 Resolving some translation issues
issue 604 Unexpected backtrace on regular expression filters
issue 605 Remove Spikes non-numeric data causes warnings
issue Ping email does not use a from email address
issue Automation does not recognize default size or poller
issue Unable to drag-n-drop on automation templates pages when enabled
issue Fixed number of hosts in poller stats for first poller
issue Fixed screenwidth issue in tab PHP-Info of Utilities module
issue Recovery poller could get stuck in some situations
issue Fix JavaScript errors when managing Aggregate Graphs
feature Reorganize defaults to place more on device defaults page
feature Update jQuery tableDnD to version 0.9
feature More tolerant of empty PHP_SELF found with some web servers

Type ID Text
issue 515 Unable to import color CSV file
issue 519 In non-classic themes its not possible to remove Cacti log or reporting tabs
issue 520 SQL error in graph automation
issue 521 Cacti allows removal of Data Query Graph Template associations when they are in use
issue 525 LAST GPRINT type not rendered correctly due to lack of escaping
issue 530 Undefined function get_vdef in lib/rrd.php
issue 531 Issues with TextAlign and Tick graph items
issue 532 Unreliable scroll height causes issues in Chrome
issue 533 User settings not cleared after saving profile
issue 534 Automation issue with AS clause
issue 538 Unable to rename tree folder
issue 541 Issues with mobile graph viewing
issue 555 DSStats SQL insert errors due to data collection issues
issue 563 Division by zero in removespikes.php
issue Fixed rendering issues with HRULE's on graphs
issue Update jsTree to 3.3.4 version
feature Improved responsiveness UI tables, filters, and menus

Type ID Text
issue 492 Error while adding non data query (cg) graphs
issue 494 CLI error while importing template
issue 499 SQL error in graph automation resulting in no graphs on tree
issue 500 Generic SNMP device package damaged - Unix Ping Host
issue 505 Log rotation does not work in some cases
issue 506 Undefined index: cactiStatsDeviceFailedPolls
issue 507 Nextwork discovery 'export' produces no results
issue 509 Minor bug with device ownership selection
feature Add new legend type that includes Current/Average/Minimum/Maximum
feature Update d3.js to latest version 4.7.4

Type ID Text
issue 457 Continued LDAP issues with initial user creation
issue 461 The function escapeshell arg not appropriate on Windows
issue 462 LDAP authorization issues: group membership check broken for 'Group Member Type' = 'Username'
issue 464 Change default batch spike removal limits for standard deviation and variance
issue 465 Less than sign inside items and labels of graph break graph
issue 466 Call to member function row() on a non-object in lib/snmpagent.php
issue 467 Reduce the number of queries in log function
issue 472 Schema changes to improve performance
issue 485 When editing a device, the ping status was not always returned
issue Back button issues due to syntax problems in JavaScript
issue Zoom periodically would loose it's crosshairs after zooming
issue Zoom would zoom out into the future even when disabled
issue Fixing lite corruption in graph_templates_item table
feature Make SpikeKill options more consistent
feature 459 Add variable date time option to report mail subject
feature 460 Add external_id to host variables
feature 469 Change re-index method of Data Query from Device edit
feature Support generalized date format approach in the GUI
feature Use localStorage over a Cookie for Zoom setting storage
feature Fully implement 'Remove Orphans' from Package import process

Type ID Text
issue 337 Generic SNMP OID Graph Template damanged
issue 338 Extremely slow new graph/DS creation
issue 353 Broadcast & Multicast Packet counters missing
issue 376 Structured RRD path permission issues
issue 389 Manual template based graph creation not working
issue 407 The RRDfile does not exist message is misleading
issue 410 Select character data was interpreted as hex by cacti_snmp_walk()
issue 422 additional issues with LDAP authentication
issue 424 Automation does not discover devices w/o resolvable hostnames
issue 427 undefined index TotalVisibleMemorySize on FreeBSD
issue 432 SpikeKill menu wonky on Paw Theme
issue 434 password_verify not compatible in php5.4-
issue 435 urlPath missing from paw theme links
issue 436 Restricted user does not see graphs in tree view
issue 443 Allow remote_agent.php through a NAT
issue 446 No local admin when using multiple LDAP configuration
issue 447 Creating another non data query graph from same template reuses first data source
issue 449 exec_poll_php does not flush pipes when using script server
issue 450 Graph list view - No Graphs Found
issue Improve email test exception errors and change default timeout to 10 seconds
issue When on links page, breadcrumbs would become corrupted
issue When upgrading from any version of Cacti to 1.0.5, SQL's relative to poller_reindex might appear
issue Color page performance poor
issue The Device dropdown on the Graph View page was unreliable
issue Aggregate and non-Device Graphs in list view had not Device or Title description
issue Re-engineer back button design to accomocate ajax and native navigation
issue Make Graph Template filter wider
issue Resolve some visual issues in Classic theme
feature Add page refresh API to make page refreshing in Ajax easier to accomplish
feature Update fontawesome to version 4.7
feature Use fontawesome glyphs for menu items
feature Support multiple column sort in table library
feature Add glyphs to main Cacti console menu

Type ID Text
issue 386 Allow special characters in graph title
issue 414 Install Wizard check path for spine
issue 415 SNMP session handling broken
issue 418 LDAP create user from template not working

Type ID Text
issue 296 Poller warning for Non-SNMP device
issue 319 Add default 'High Collection Rate' data source profile to new installs to demonstrate concept of multiple rates
issue 330 Import templates to non-default Data Profile
issue 337 Error when try create new graph - SNMP - Generic OID
issue 342 Infinite loop in poller_automation.php with invalid schedule
issue 343 Device discovery cannot handle dots in device name
issue 344 Unable to upgrade to latest Cacti on FreeBSD
issue 353 Legacy broadcast & multicast packet counters missing in interface.xml
issue 354 Place on tree dashes / ordering is not correct
issue 355 Replace table rows with count when using InnoDB tables
issue 357 If recovery mode runs longer than a polling interval, a second is spawned
issue 358 Sending test e-mail results in warning
issue 360 Issue importing cacti.sql with some charsets
issue 364 Moving graph item causes page render issue
issue 365 ss_host_disk.php and ss_host_cpu.php should use return
issue 367 Upgrade chart.js to version 2.5
issue 368 Issue with device automation ip vs. ip_address
issue 369 Interface bits/second total Bandwidth wrong CDEF
issue 375 Drag and Drop of Devices and Graphs allows dropping onto self
issue 380 Ignores a non-standard SNMP port
issue 382 When using php5.5+ new users unable to change their password
issue 384 graph_view.php backtrace errors
issue 385 Unable to place an aggregate grapn on a subtree
issue 390 Display graphs from this aggregate icon next to graph not displaying
issue 392 cdef.php missing sql where for system cdef's
issue 398 checkbox is not honored when creating tree
issue 399 External link configuration: Order buttons don't work
issue 400 SNMP Engine ID (v3) field too short
issue 401 Graphs -> Apply Automation Rules fails
issue 404 Success even when test mail fails
issue 406 HRULE text format special characters not escaped
issue 408 Suppress SNMP units suffix from cacti_snmp_get() output
issue Improve is_ipaddress functions
issue Drag & drop showing when disabled on page automation_templates.php
issue Output messages displayed incorrectly in automation_templates.php and automation_snmp.php
issue Importing template from old Cacti would not show data templates
issue Handle snmp error exceptions better
issue Update Apache .htaccess files to support multiple version
issue When executing a full sync, if the table structured has changed, recreate the remote table
issue Multiple domains not working as expected
feature 197 Add external_id to Cacti for linking Cacti to other monitoring systems
feature 332 Support copy user groups
feature Log proper IP address if logging in behind a NAT
feature New qquery parsing rules: VALUE/TEST, VALUE/TABLE, VALUE/HEX2IP

Type ID Text
feature Javascript: make menu movement smooth and use localStorage
feature Added cacti_snmp_get_raw() for plugin developers
issue 288 Function cacti_snmp_get bad handling of wierd value into snmp_value
issue 298 Graph generation issue with SNMP - Bits/Sec + Total Bandwith
issue 301 Unresolvable DNS hostname causing backtraces
issue 302 spikekill memory leak
issue 303 Error when creating tree items with "&" in the name
issue 307 Aggregate graph gives CMDPHP errors
issue 308 UI resize issue
issue 309 Show "Save Successful" notification permanently
issue 311 Graph thumbnail settings in profile setting does not work
issue 320 Users can not change their own password
issue 324 Aggregate template graph template JavaScript error
issue 352 Add configurable auto-logout and page-reload options
issue 329 Customize the favicon
issue 334 primary key on poller output boost table not efficient/not being used correctly
issue Fixed issues with Dark theme
issue Fixed issues with Paw theme
issue Fix timespan calculation
issue Added misplaced join condition when generating RRDTool graphs
issue Fix the selection of timestan based on local_graph_id and rra_id
issue Correct error in discovery not adding devices
issue Action message did not always display
issue fix regex to use Domains like
issue Properly align Order columns.
issue address renaming issues with tree items.
issue Add device snmp --version is ambiguous
issue SNMP Availability failed to report down devices - This only was occuring for cmd.php collector.
issue i18n remove embedded HTML syntax
issue Wrap menu items to avoid scrolling

Type ID Text
issue 297 Upgrade 0.8.8h to 1.0.0 fails to create poller_output_boost table
issue Added missing template import hash for 1.0.2

Type ID Text
issue 278 Correct Boost Status display issue
issue 275 Permission View issue and Device Dropdown when in Classic Theme
issue 270 Major Mib Cache corruption. Rebuild your MIB Cache after upgrading
issue Resolve Cacti logo on Graphs page in Classic Theme

Type ID Text
feature SpikeKill allows filling range to last known good value
issue 261 Add IPv4 and IPv6 Specific Counters to interfaces.xml
issue 257 Poller Output Table not Empty WARNING messages in cacti.log
issue 256 New Graph - Add Graph Items Fails (Data Sources shows None)
issue 255 Errors Creating new Graphs - Undefined Index Errors
issue 254 Unable to Properly add Data Source
issue 251 Remote Data Collector stuck on upgrade page
issue 247 Devices missing from tree device list
issue 245 Drag and Drop in Tree Edit Erratic
issue 243 SMTP Ping Failure with not SNMP Authentication
issue 241 Authentication Method: None not functional
issue 240 SQL error when install plugin
issue 238 Duplicate color id's cause error during Upgrade
issue 231 SNMPv3 - PHP ERROR WARNING: Fatal error: Unknown user name in file
issue Resolving visual issues with row counts.
issue When deleting Graphs prevent the removal of Data Sources that are still in use
issue Improve SNMP agent performance through SQL optimizations

Type ID Text
feature Support for remote data collectors
feature Support Internationalization (i18n) for the main Cacti site, and supported plugins
feature Data Source Profiles replace RRA settings allowing a single system to have multiple polling intervals
feature Redesigned Tree page including Drag & Drop functionality
feature New Graph Permissions system designed to make permissions simple to manage
feature Add Themes 'Classic', 'Modern', 'Dark', and 'Paw'
feature Debug Data Sources by comparing them to the Data Template
feature New special Data Source type to detect the poller interval
feature Bulk inserts in PHP poller to address latency issues
feature Optimize data collection through in memory caching giving a 50% reduction in polling times when dealing with large sites
feature Support RRDtool VDEFs
feature Support RRDtool features: Right Axis Support, Dynamic Labels, Tab Width, Legend Position, Legend Direction
unknown feature; Resizeable table columns
feature Deprecated Single Pane Tree View
feature Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
feature Support User Group Permissions
feature Show number of in use Graphs, Data Sources, and Devices for a given Template
feature Support bulk re-sync of graphs to assigned Graph Template
feature Bulk Device Settings changes
feature CDEFs, Colors, GPrint Presets consolidated to Presets menu
feature Authentication cookies for 'remember me' functionality
feature Automatic logout after session inactivity
feature Replace Boost server in favor of RRDtool Proxy
feature Graph Details include CSV output, zoom, debug, and download links
feature Graph Export moved to a plugin
feature User change password functionality
feature Automation added to core functionality through the merge of the Discovery and AutoM8 plugins
feature Change interface graphs from 32 bit to 64 bit with ease
feature Plugins now have hooks in device templates and automation
feature Allow users to preview template imports to determine if there will be issues from importing
feature Automatic removal of orphaned graph items when importing newer versions of graph templates
feature Support for MySQL 5.7
feature Support for PHP 7.0
feature Merge Aggregate Plugin - Aggregate graph creation
feature Merge AutoM8 Plugin - Automation of graph creation
feature Merge Boost Plugin - Faster polling, result caching, on-demand RRDtool file updates
feature Merge CLog Plugin - View Cacti logs
feature Merge Discovery Plugin - Device discovery
feature Merge Domains Plugin - Support for domain (ADS/LDAP) specific user templates
feature Merge DSStats Plugin - Cache Data Source values for easy retrieval
feature Merge Logrotate Plugin - Rotate Cacti logs
feature Merge Realtime Plugin - Realtime graph viewing
feature Merge Reporting (Nectar) Plugin - Reporting
feature Merge RRDclean Plugin - RRD file cleanup and management
feature Merge Secpass Plugin - User password policy enforcement
feature Merge Settings Plugin - Shared settings for plugins
feature Merge SNMP Agent Plugin - SNMP Agent for Cacti providing system statistics
feature Merge SpikeKill Plugin - Remove unwanted spikes from graphs
feature Merge SSL Plugin - Force https
feature Merge SuperLinks Plugin - Add external links within Cacti
feature Merge UGroup Plugin - User groups with permissions
feature Merge Watermark Plugin - Watermark your Cacti graphs
unknown bug: Fixed issue where old graph templates (0.8.6-), could import bogus data causing issues with Data Input Methods
unknown bug#0000168: Duplicate data sources should be avoided when creating new graphs
unknown bug#0000851: Review an imported template
unknown bug#0001155: When viewing graph tree do not show empty nodes
unknown bug#0001337: Form to filter for graphs in host view mode
unknown bug#0001552: Date ranges not shown on graphs in the view with Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly graphs
unknown bug#0001573: RRA templates/grouping
unknown bug#0001577: Override session handling and store session in Database
unknown bug#0001790: Allow for XML delimiter in fields of a script query
unknown bug#0001820: Unable to use a Data Input Method Output Field in more than one Data Source Item
unknown bug#0001827: Changing the graph template messes up the graph item fields
unknown bug#0001836: Add mysql error message to log
unknown bug#0001877: Cookies path is not properly set
unknown bug#0001966: Expand Devices in tree view not honored
unknown bug#0001970: Data query index order cache should be populated on re-index
unknown bug#0001981: Cacti is not full UTF-8
unknown bug#0001986: CLI allow add_graphs.php to have multiples --snmp-field and --snmp-value options
unknown bug#0001996: Allow using data input field in graph title
unknown bug#0002096: Enumerated SNMP values not parsed correctly
unknown bug#0002112: CLI add configurable parameters for device_add.php
unknown bug#0002133: Restrict User to only manage specific device(s)
unknown bug#0002135: Regular expression support for filter
unknown bug#0002137: Data query oid_suffix parameter does not function
unknown bug#0002159: Database creation file not fully compliant with strict SQL mode
unknown bug#0002162: Unable to authenticate user with password containing UTF-8
unknown bug#0002196: Incorrect script server instance number in log
unknown bug#0002225: Make -Cc SNMP option configurable
unknown bug#0002255: Script should only query local mounts
unknown bug#0002336: Implement php-snmp class library
unknown bug#0002340: Data query script execution should be escaped
unknown bug#0002350: SNMP Data Query index_order ignored
unknown bug#0002351: Ping does not work with non-English locale
unknown bug#0002361: Spine does not log unknowns the same way cmd.php
unknown bug#0002362: Poller cmd.php makes wrong hex-string to decimal conversion
unknown bug#0002370: Cacti prints wrong date formats, does not honor a systems locale
unknown bug#0002403: Typo in DELETE statement leading to poor graphing performance
unknown bug#0002412: Graph Template duplication causes to be converted to TAB char
unknown bug#0002418: Data Source Items named 'ds' break UI ability to add more items
unknown bug#0002419: SNMP enum results not parsed correctly by cmd.php poller
unknown bug#0002452: CVE-2014-4000 PHP Object Injection Vulnerabilities
unknown bug#0002454: OS Command Injection
unknown bug#0002468: Changing graph format to anything but PNG causes no output
unknown bug#0002476: Add support for SNMP v3 EngineID
unknown bug#0002483: Cisco ASA using Re-index method of verify all causes recache event every time
unknown bug#0002484: Incorrect SQL request in cli script repair_database.php
unknown bug#0002521: Unable to create two devices via CLI with the same IP-Address
unknown bug#0002522: Zero padded hex strings are parsed incorrectly
unknown bug#0002535: Graph Template Changes not updating RRDTool command
unknown bug#0002636: Creating Data Template with "U" for min and max saves field data_input_field_id as 0 for first item
unknown bug#0002697: CVE-2016-2313 allows remote authenticated users who use web authentication to bypass intended access
unknown bug#0002698: When the host is down the wrong data type are used for some columns in the host table
unknown bug#0002723: Renaming a disabled device still attempts to connect and get SNMP host information
unknown bug#0002724: Multipage graphs the menu can disappear
unknown bug#0002725: Changing graph template does not mark correct interfaces disabled on data query generated list

Type ID Text
unknown bug:0002656: Authentication using web authentication as a user not in the cacti database allows complete access (regression)
unknown bug:0002667: Cacti SQL Injection Vulnerability
unknown bug:0002666: When click the [Clear] button after clicking the [Refresh] button in Preview Mode , fails to CSRFcheck
unknown bug:0002673: CVE-2016-3659 - Cacti graph_view.php SQL Injection Vulnerability
unknown bug:0002676: Outdated MIBs for non-unicast packets
unknown bug:0002677: Index is a MySQL 5.6 reserved word
unknown bug:0002681: generate_graph_def_name() generates reserved word "cf"

Type ID Text
unknown bug:0002161: Graph management "graph()" function conflicts with graphviz PECL extension graph()
unknown bug:0002320: Unable to delete more than 500 graphs at once
unknown bug:0002591: graph_view.php - unable to advance to Next Page in Tree View
unknown bug:0002608: cacti 0.8.8f - Data Templates - Poller/script issue with backslash
unknown bug:0002618: bug/syntax error in html_utility.php
unknown bug:0002616: cdef.php -- Extra php closing tag
unknown bug:0002617: PHP Warning is thrown when trying to include auth_login.php
unknown bug:0002623: log warning display wrong time_interval
unknown bug:0002627: Graph tree doesn't work in Internet Explorer
unknown bug:0002601: graphs_new.php query not sorted as per definition xml:index_order
unknown bug:0002625: Plugins don't display the next page
unknown bug:0002631: RRDtool export not XML compliant - results in empty CSV exports
unknown bug:0002622: graph_view.php -- Navigation and Content Areas are not visible in Tree Mode
unknown bug:0002626: Unable to add two users in a row - Notice: Undefined index: id
unknown bug:0002620: Unable to copy user
unknown bug:0002618: bug/syntax error in html_utility.php
unknown bug:0002646: SQL injection in graph.php
unknown bug:0002656: Authentication using web authentication as a user not in the cacti database allows complete access
unknown bug:0002647: 0.8.8g rev 7767 Can add cacti devices to graph tree "Save Failed"
unknown bug:0002652: CVE-2015-8604: SQL injection in graphs_new.php
unknown bug:0002655: CVE-2015-8377: SQL injection vulnerability in the host_new_graphs_save function in graphs_new.php
unknown bug:0002629: Cacti lacks tab icons in chrome from android
unknown bug:0002619: Fix incorrect placement of htmlspecialchars() in tree.php
unknown bug:0002642: does not take into account host port numbers
unknown bug:0002567: RRDTool 1.5.x Support
unknown bug:0002269: |query_ifSpeed| in --upper-limit for graph template does not work with empty ifSpeed

Type ID Text
unknown bug:0002599: 0.8.8e Poller Script Parser is Broken
unknown bug:0002600: cli/upgrade_database.php is missing releases
unknown bug:0002603: Graph managment graphs.php save button does not work
unknown bug:0002599: Poller Script Parser is Broken

Type ID Text
unknown bug: Fixed issue with graph zooming failing to work
unknown bug: Fixed various SQL Injection vectors
unknown bug#0002569: Impossible to have a URL pointing directly to a graph
unknown bug#0002574: SQL Injection Vulnerabilities in graph items and graph template items
unknown bug#0002577: CVE-2015-4634 - SQL injection in graphs.php
unknown bug#0002579: SQL Injection Vulnerabilities in data sources
unknown bug#0002580: SQL Injection in cdef.php
unknown bug#0002582: SQL Injection in data_templates.php
unknown bug#0002583: SQL Injection in graph_templates.php
unknown bug#0002584: SQL Injection in host_templates.php
unknown bug#0002586: Cannot delete data sources from the GUI
unknown bug#0002592: graph_view.php - viewing host in new tab - Undefined index: nodeid
unknown bug#0002594: status_fail_date and status_rec_date are set incorrectly after host is marked down
unknown bug#0002597: Incorrect value in Hosts column on Host Templates page
unknown bug#0002598: Incorrect row number in Devices -> (Edit) page

Type ID Text
feature Remove un-needed fonts and javascript files
unknown bug: Fixed SQL injection VN: JVN#78187936 / TN:JPCERT#98968540
unknown bug#0002261: PHP 5.4.0 added new error_reporting variable, causing cacti to show errors
unknown bug#0002391: Odd Behaviour on ReIndex of Data Query Data
unknown bug#0002393: Broken thumbnail images for graph templates
unknown bug#0002402: Subtree must not have the same header as the parent header
unknown bug#0002474: CLI add_device.php dows not set availability_method correctly
unknown bug#0002449: The Save button does not work: Invalid html on page Console -> Cacti Settings: empty form tag
unknown bug#0002428: Fail to delete all data input items when removing more than 1000 data sources
unknown bug#0002439: Password with special character don't work with LDAP authentication
unknown bug#0002461: invalid bn with ldap and anonymous bind
unknown bug#0002465: Graph Export return empty CSV file
unknown bug#0002484: Incorrect SQL request in cli script repair_database.php
unknown bug#0002485: Broken pagenation on graph viewing
unknown bug#0002489: SNMP - Get Mounted Partitions using Re-index method of Index Count Changed causes recache event every time
unknown bug#0002490: Can not select page for multiple datasources per device
unknown bug#0002494: CSV export always shows last day
unknown bug#0002504: Data template search not functional
unknown bug#0002542: [FG-VD-15-017] Cacti Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability Notification
unknown bug#0002543: Unable to switch pages within graphs_new.php due to invalid URL generation
unknown bug#0002544: Duplicate entry in $nav_url during list view
unknown bug#0002571: SQL Injection and Location header injection from cdef id CVE-2015-4342
unknown bug#0002572: SQL injection in graph templates

Type ID Text
unknown bug#0002228: GPL incompatible files included in Cacti project in include/treeview
unknown bug#0002383: Sanitize the step and id variables CVE-2013-5588, CVE-2013-5589
unknown bug#0002385: Cannot export host templates while including dependencies
unknown bug#0002386: cli/upgrade_database.php is missing the last two releases
unknown bug#0002390: Poller/script issue with slash and backslash
unknown bug#0002405: SQL injection in graph_xport.php
unknown bug#0002431: CVE-2014-2326 Unspecified HTML Injection Vulnerability
unknown bug#0002432: CVE-2014-2327 Cross Site Request Forgery Vulnerability - Special Thanks to Deutsche Telekom CERT
unknown bug#0002433: CVE-2014-2328 Unspecified Remote Command Execution Vulnerability
unknown bug#0002434: Suppress SNMP UNITS Suffix from cacti_snmp_get() output
unknown bug#0002438: Down Host Detection issue when using SNMP Desc or SNMP getNext
unknown bug#0002446: Subtract plugin processing time from Poller sleep time
unknown bug#0002453: CVE-2014-4002 Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability - Special Thanks to G. Geshev (munmap)
unknown bug#0002455: Incomplete and incorrect input parsing leads to remote code execution and SQL injection attack scenarios
unknown bug#0002456: CVE-2014-5025 / CVE-2014-5026 - Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability - Special Thanks to Adan Alvarez and Paul Gevers
unknown bug: Fix COMMENT handling, even in case COMMENT is empty, with or without HR and with variable substitution
unknown bug: Fix issues when SNMP data holds a "="; "explode" must be treated accordingly
unknown bug: Fix filter highlighting on data sources for the data template field
unknown bug: correct description of SNMP V3 parameters
feature Added native jquery, jqueryui, and jstree
feature Fixed issues with 'Clear' under preview not working
feature Added new Tree navigation
feature Added Columns and Thumbnails to Preview
feature Added Columns to Tree (Preview only)
feature Both Graphs and Columns default to 'Default'
feature Resolved Left hand navigation taking entire page
feature Added new graph zoom to tree view and preview offering a "quick" (default) and an "advanced" mode

Type ID Text
unknown bug: Fixed issue with custom data source information being lost when saved from edit
unknown bug: Repopulate the poller cache on new installations
unknown bug: Fix issue with poller not escaping the script query path correctly
unknown bug: Allow snmpv3 priv proto none
unknown bug: Fix issue where host activate may flush the entire poller item cache
security SQL injection and shell escaping issues

Type ID Text
unknown bug#0002207: cannot export graph templates
unknown bug#0002208: Graphs with CDEFs fail to generate
unknown bug#0002209: External auth does not work behind a reverse proxy
unknown bug#0002211: creating an index USING BTREE fails ony MySQL < 5.0.60
unknown bug#0002213: CLI upgrade script is missing 0.8.7i as a target
unknown bug#0002214: SQL error during non-PIA upgrade to 088 when giving a default for a text field in plugin_realms
unknown bug#0002216: use of define_syslog_variables() gone in PHP 5.4
unknown bug#0002217: url_path should default to /cacti/
unknown bug#0002221: Missing plugin directory causes endless loop in plugins.php
unknown bug#0002222: tail_logfile hangs when cacti.log not readable, filling apache log with fgets warnings

Type ID Text
unknown bug#0002056: un-initialized datetime used for host status (was: Zero length string != NULL)
unknown bug#0002081: In Graph Management, search display graph title breaks when using pattern symbol "/"
unknown bug#0002132: need to include pa.sql with the 0.8.7i and future releases
unknown bug#0002134: rebuild_poller_cache.php --host-id deletes table poller_item completely
unknown bug#0002141: cacti.sql missing BTREE PRIMARY KEY for poller_output
unknown bug#0002146: Utilities -> View Log File -> refresh does not work
unknown bug#0002150: usort_data_query_index() is broken -> graph order for hosts with data query sort option fails
unknown bug#0002151: When building HTML forms with sub_checkbox on_change parameter is not used
unknown bug#0002152: Issue with filter on graphs_new.php
unknown bug#0002153: Cant search for patterns containing a forward-slash
unknown bug#0002156: CDEF strings are not escaped before passed to rrdtool command
unknown bug#0002158: Minor changes to grammar of displayed messages
unknown bug#0002165: Using data input field in data source name (related to 2079 in 0.8.7i)
unknown bug#0002167: New poller hook poller_finishing
unknown bug#0002172: structure_rra_paths.php does not handle disabled data sources
unknown bug#0002174: poller_item.host_id has wrong type
unknown bug#0002178: typo in include/global_form.php: Mimimum -> Minimum
unknown bug#0002181: session_unregister (use in functions.php) doesn't exist anymore in PHP 5.4
unknown bug#0002182: When there is no suitable (unique) index, graphs are not shown in data query ordering on host leafs
unknown bug#0002189: Proper graph hooks
unknown bug#0002191: Refresh issues
unknown bug#0002194: changing data query XML <index_order> does not propagate to existing data sources
unknown bug: Fix input validation on cli/api_device.php
unknown bug: Fix issue with data source template associate command line script inserting incorrect rra information
unknown bug: Fix minor display issue on data source pages
unknown bug: Fix minor issue with counting items in the poller_output table
unknown bug: Graph settings and settings check boxes do not allow unchecking to be saved
unknown bug: Fix minor issue with plugin library caused by non-session
unknown bug: Fix SQL error on data input save for non-templated graphs
unknown bug: user_log index added to increase performance
feature Merge Plugin Architecture into Cacti
feature Added index to data_template_data to increase performance

Type ID Text
unknown bug#0001963: Bandwidth summation "total in" and "total out" are always 0
unknown bug#0002040: ICMP ping errors for Windows 7 with PHP 5.3
unknown bug#0002062: Multiple security vulnerabilities
unknown bug#0002063: Multiple value poller output incorrectly interpreted as hexadecimal value
unknown bug#0002064: Removing "~" (tilde) by sanitize_uri() conflicts with Apache UserDir translation
unknown bug#0002066: Graph without host id "Notice: Undefined variable: host_id"
unknown bug#0002067: Custom time range filter not working
unknown bug#0002068: Missing header include in analyze_database.php
unknown bug#0002071: MySQL table poller_item is dropped always when "Data Input Method" is changed or added.
unknown bug#0002079: Using input field of a script in graph title does not work
unknown bug#0002080: Database password containing "@" does not connect
unknown bug#0002083: Adding a new users generates errors in apache logs
unknown bug#0002084: Incorrect normalization of hrStorageTable values over 2^31
unknown bug#0002086: Incorrect usage of mysql custom tcp port
unknown bug#0002087: PHP recache problems due to missing slashes in reindex table
unknown bug#0002093: Unit exponent value of 0 not imported with graph template
unknown bug#0002094: CDEF: "another cdef" references not included in template export
unknown bug#0002106: Command line add device does not accept "None" for host template
unknown bug: Update host template cli script help to fix incorrect options
unknown bug: Refresh of Cacti log viewer not working
unknown bug: Problems saving User Graph Permissions in IE9
unknown bug: Bandwidth summation fails if NAN values are present
unknown bug: Special Type Code "host_id" available in Data Queries by Not Data Input Methods
unknown bug: Do not generate error messages when creating non host based graphs
unknown bug: Wrong index used for Data Queries using VALUE/REGEXP
unknown bug: Fix issue with title variable replacement failing when no host is associated with graph
unknown bug: Cacti generating MySQL 1100 Errors when modifying the tree
unknown bug: Resolved "Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array" in lib/data_query.php
feature Properly support ifHighSpeed replacement variable
feature Increase granularity of availability options to correct spine bug
feature Replace "event count" with last changed date for host availability

Type ID Text
unknown bug#0001403: Reapply Suggested Names does not work correctly for graphs and data sources not associated with Data Queries
unknown bug#0001568: Remove PHP 5.3 deprecated functions
unknown bug#0001584: Concurrent changes to graph tree ordering can corrupt sort values
unknown bug#0001626: Symbol ($) does not appear in labels/gprint strings to rrdtool during graph generation
unknown bug#0001632: Script server treats quoted arguments with spaces incorrectly as multiple separate arguments
unknown bug#0001646: MySQL SSL connection support
unknown bug#0001660: Modifying data template values does not propagate as expected
unknown bug#0001678: Adding graphs to a device fails to add entries to poller_item if using the script server
unknown bug#0001768: Perform consistency check on ds maximum vs. ds minimum
unknown bug#0001783: Graph Export export date is incorrect
unknown bug#0001812: Data template copying ignores some item templating
unknown bug#0001814: Command line device add script fails when SNMP default is disabled
unknown bug#0001815: One minute polling not working correctly
unknown bug#0001816: Cannot export graph data to CSV with IE 8
unknown bug#0001819: MySQL "TYPE=" command deprecated since MySQL 4.1 removed in MySQL 5.4.4
unknown bug#0001826: Zoomed graph views should auto refresh
unknown bug#0001828: Reapply Suggested Name prompt as spelling problems
unknown bug#0001835: Graph edit page has more than one html form tag
unknown bug#0001847: Graph export API function has required argument not defined
unknown bug#0001851: Graph creation selector does not work with data query that has no associated graph templates
unknown bug#0001855: Improper formatting of data queries can result in SQL errors
unknown bug#0001862: Ping script does not process output of update ping utility
unknown bug#0001867: RRDtool Cacti fetch function does not work for some locales
unknown bug#0001876: PHP function strip_quotes causes HEX values to be truncated
unknown bug#0001880: Form validation error message does not highlight text area control
unknown bug#0001882: Cacti snmp_walk function fails if max_oids is an empty value
unknown bug#0001890: Default tree view mode set to single pane mode not working
unknown bug#0001893: Data input method description text does not make sense
unknown bug#0001900: Equal sign not correctly parsed in snmp data results
unknown bug#0001903: Undefined variable: mode in lib/ldap.php on line 375
unknown bug#0001918: Script server does not accept more than one blank space before the function name
unknown bug#0001926: Importing templates "using defaults for this installation" associates all rra's defined
unknown bug#0001928: graph_image.php does not check local_graph_id
unknown bug#0001929: Error when exporting templates are not properly reported
unknown bug#0001930: No error reporting for wrong RRA
unknown bug#0001934: Poller does not process SIGTERM signal correctly
unknown bug#0001936: Removing multiple data sources is inefficient
unknown bug#0001937: Technical support page uses check table which waits for table lock
unknown bug#0001939: Do not query for number or items per host if concurrent polling processes is set to one
unknown bug#0001954: Usage of PHP_SELF without basename in html.php (at least partly fixed)
unknown bug#0001956: Attempts to update existing tree item fail
unknown bug#0001967: Reflected XSS on Cacti 0.8.7g
unknown bug#0001989: IE9 breaks Cacti when objects are hidden using 'display:none;' style tag
unknown bug#0001993: Undefined index in lib/html.php
unknown bug#0001995: REQUEST_URI not properly escaped in graph_view.php for preview mode
unknown bug#0002005: Saving Script Server or Script Data Input Method Results in SQL Error
unknown bug#0002060: NAN values in hdd utilization graphs (Poller Output Table not Empty)
unknown bug: Fix SQL injection issues in login page
unknown bug: RRDtool fetch in Cacti fails to function properly on rrdtool files with NaN values in the output
unknown bug: Accept "Connection refused" on TCP ping tests
unknown bug: Add missing row selection javascript to graph preview
unknown bug: Script server throws "undefined variable" error when in debug mode
unknown bug: Removing graphs does not take advantage of bulk deletes
unknown bug: Fixed issue with multiple "U" results for a data input method with multiple output parameters
unknown bug: SNMP v3 use AuthNoPriv when privacy passphrase is empty
unknown bug: Fixed sql errors when using template and search filter on graph management
unknown bug: Delete Data Source multi fails to perform bulk deletes on Data Source items
unknown bug: Allow Timespan Selector to work with $_REQUEST as well as $_POST
unknown bug: While in the mrtg view of Cacti Graphs, or in viewing graph properties zoom fails
unknown bug: The filepath api call should trim the filename before checking for the files existence
unknown bug: Fix issues with IE9 while editing templates
unknown bug: Form action in graph_items.php incorrect
unknown bug: Initial drawing of tree causing Next/Previous with malformed URI
feature 0001519 Spine enhancement for parallel collection of data at device level
feature 0001667 Get values of |host_*| variables in graph elements from data source
feature 0001922 Reindex method "Index Count Changed" requires that OID_NUM_INDEXES is given for SNMP Data Queries
feature 0001923 Implement counting for script (server) data queries just like OID_NUM_INDEXES
feature 0001924 Allow for reindex method "Index Count Changed" to apply to script (server) queries as well
feature 0001952 Ability to use input field of a script in graph title
feature Make reindexing and repopulating the poller cache a lossless process
feature Change default font sizes
feature Add analyze database and push out host cli scripts

Type ID Text
unknown bug: RRDTool 1.4.x not recognized during installation
unknown bug: Implement windows-aware shell escaping
unknown bug: Fixed multiple cross site scripting vulnerabilities reported by Tomas Hoger of the Red Hat Security Response Team
unknown bug#0001292: Over 8TByte Partition in Windows cant get correct data from snmp
unknown bug#0001486: Unable to login after redirection to access denied page
unknown bug#0001516: "Show the page that user pointed their browser" does not seem to work
unknown bug#0001561: Over zelous HTML excaping on filter strings
unknown bug#0001575: LDAP-Authentifications does not work due to ldap_host being set incorrect
unknown bug#0001587: Feature from bug#0001271 breaks on large values
unknown bug#0001607: Web Basic authentication does not work with fastcgi
unknown bug#0001620: Max OID's max value reported incorrectly in Web UI
unknown bug#0001747: oid_suffix do not work correctly for input direction on data queries
unknown bug#0001756: Alternate font styles do not work correctly
unknown bug#0001763: Unable to add graph permissions on a user
unknown bug#0001757: LDAP realm authentication outputs warning for undefined index
unknown bug#0001765: Tech support does not work correctly with RRDTool 1.4.x
unknown bug#0001766: Page refresh setting not being honored
unknown bug#0001771: "index count changed" not implemented for,,, ss_host_cpu.php and ss_host_disk.php
unknown bug#0001773: Character encoding problem after upgrade to 0.8.7f
unknown bug#0001775: Tech support page does account for no memory limit set for PHP
unknown bug#0001776: Simultaneous databases connections are not supported

Type ID Text
security SQL injection and shell escaping issues reported by Bonsai Information Security (
security Cross-site scripting issues reported by VUPEN Security (
security MOPS-2010-023: Cacti Graph Viewer SQL Injection Vulnerability (
unknown bug#0001125: XML parse error on template import with degree symbol
unknown bug#0001311: Access denied for graph-only users when accessing index.php directly
unknown bug#0001366: Exported data templates do not import special characters properly
unknown bug#0001416: Graph Export fails with EXPORT FATAL ERROR: Export path /some/path/root/export is within a system path /root. Can not continue.
unknown bug#0001452: Missing "<" and ">" in "Collection Methods=>Data Input Methods=>"Input String" after importing template
unknown bug#0001461: Data query export/import fails
unknown bug#0001492: RRDTool 1.3 series fonts (fontconfig) support
unknown bug#0001506: Reindexing fails due to global include issue in lib/snmp.php
unknown bug#0001522: Special characters break parsing of template data
unknown bug#0001524: Export graphs and Classical Presentation does not honor per graph export rules
unknown bug#0001528: ICMP Ping availabilty broken in UI for Windows Servers using IIS
unknown bug#0001535: No display of parent ID in tree nodes for CLI tree add script
unknown bug#0001543: All graphs are exported dispite graph export rules
unknown bug#0001549: Function array_to_sql_or creates poor sql where clauses
unknown bug#0001557: Quotes in Text Format graph template field break graph rendering
unknown bug#0001587: 64bit HEX Strings don't convert to Decimal on 32bit Systems
unknown bug#0001604: HEX Counter values enclosed in quotes not recognized as HEX
unknown bug#0001609: Script server timeout too aggressive with 10 second poller interval
unknown bug#0001628: Inconsistent message for Change SNMP Options related to available buttons
unknown bug#0001695: Suppress deprecated warnings in Cacti code
unknown bug#0001725: PHP Fatal Error while trying to add a tree node via cli
unknown bug: When creating new graphs without a data source, print error to user instead of throwing php error
unknown bug: Browser query string does not contain arguments
unknown bug: Function inject_form_variables does not operate if more than 1 variable needs replacing
unknown bug: Script imposed memory limits cause issues with some scripts
unknown bug: Turn off process leveling if there are not enough poller items to substantiate it
unknown bug: Add device should allow no-snmp type devices
unknown bug: Firefox Autocomplete causes issues with password validation
unknown bug: Access Denied messages don't allow re-direction to login page
unknown bug: When clearing filter on new-graphs don't clear host or template
unknown bug: When clearing filter, reset page to 1 for all queries
unknown bug: Graph List selectors do not persist between pages
unknown bug: allow empty [upper|lower]_limit even without autoscaling
unknown bug: Availability method Ping or SNMP generates meaningless warnings
feature Add logging to SQL Save error handling
feature Add utility to convert database to InnoDB
feature Return nav as the title for the page
feature Detect and correct for RRDtool segfaults
feature Add rra_id for hosts and graphs to be used during tree export
feature Make the Graphs pages render like the rest of Cacti
feature Convert base Cacti UI to use buttons and not images
feature Make poller sane so that it can be used by other cacti processes
feature Add snmp timeout warnings for lib/snmp.php

Type ID Text
unknown bug#0001044: Creating a DS, Output field can't be selected for DT with a DIM when "Use Per-Data Source Value" is on
unknown bug#0001341: SNMP query: add oid_suffix for weird SNMP queries
unknown bug#0001345: Overwriting $snmp_index in query_snmp_host() breaks SNMP Data query if using get method
unknown bug#0001346: Strip out noisy "No Such Instance currently exists at this OID"
unknown bug#0001404: timeout in "function ping_icmp" (lib/ping.php)
unknown bug#0001405: Spaces in DS when .rrd file is created, so it fails
unknown bug#0001407: Place graph thumbnail into div to lower page length changes on load graphs
unknown bug#0001410: Thumbnail Columns is not honored for host display with snmp index group style
unknown bug#0001411: Graph searching issue
unknown bug#0001413: strip_quotes fails
unknown bug#0001426: multiple form opening due to bug in draw_edit_form()
unknown bug#0001436: CSV Export Start Date and End Date are always 1970-01-01 01:00:00
unknown bug#0001443: format_snmp_string can return a number with a leading space
unknown bug#0001446: Wrong dates override in CSV export
unknown bug#0001456: oid_uptime is not parsed correctly
unknown bug#0001460: Skiping input parameters in data_query_field_list() may lead to SQL errors
unknown bug#0001464: Typo in install/index.php
unknown bug#0001467: Customisable oid index parse regexp for weird MIBs
unknown bug#0001468: Tree is not expanded correctly
unknown bug#0001469: Tree is not being expanded if user followed link outside of cacti
unknown bug#0001476: Mark stacked columns in rrdtool_function_xport() output
unknown bug#0001477: Spelling error in a variable in html_tree.php
unknown bug#0001478: Combo boxes on Graph Management page produce URLs with leading spaces
unknown bug: Top Graph Header Breaks When Plugins Used
unknown bug: SNMP v3 Password issue caused by Firefox's Password AutoFill
unknown bug: Strip Quotes does not properly handle the value "U"
unknown bug: Changes to the graph tree would not show up immediately for current user

Type ID Text
unknown bug#0001336: Allow to specify on_change handler for checkbox_group
unknown bug#0001338: When Using Web Basic Authentication HTML Bookmarks Do Not Work
unknown bug#0001388: Spine uses illegal flag for ping on Mac OS X
unknown bug#0001351: Deleting 1000 graphs along with their Data Sources crashes the Server
unknown bug#0001361: SNMP query: "No more variables left in this MIB View" instead of value of input field
unknown bug#0001374: ss_host_disk.php etc. error corrected when using SNMP V3 (index off by 1)
unknown bug#0001376: graph_items.php variable $id defined in wrong place
unknown bug#0001377: Several bugs in new cli script "structured_rra_paths"
unknown bug#0001378: script fails when using tcp:hostname
unknown bug#0001382: cdef.php error due to wrong function name
unknown bug#0001383: syntax error in lib/rrd.php with PHP 4.4.4
unknown bug#0001384: utilities.php does not handle view_snmp_cache when host_id = -1 (Any)
unknown bug#0001385: LDAP Error: Group DN could not be found
unknown bug#0001391: parsing snmp string with "=" ?? --> WARNING: Result from SNMP not valid
unknown bug#0001392: Problem on CDEF function ALL|SIMILAR_DATA_SOURCES_(NO)?DUPS
unknown bug#0001394: Error of variable in lib/html_tree.php
unknown bug#0001398: Cross site scripting checking is overly protective on search filters
unknown bug#0001400: LDAP authentication results in PHP warning message
unknown bug: Resolved issue with reapply suggested names not working for data sources under certain conditions
unknown bug: Correct missing db_conn argument issue
unknown bug: Deleting large number of hosts results in SQL errors due to MySQL buffer overrun
feature SNMP cli version information added to tech support page

Type ID Text
unknown bug#0000157: Dual pane tree does not have the option of not rendering all trees in one page
unknown bug#0000486: RRA template edit allows invalid XFF values
unknown bug#0000626: Setting "Default Graph Tree" does not work with dual pane view
unknown bug#0000828: Truncated IOS description in |query_ifAlias|
unknown bug#0000909: ALL_DATA_SOURCES_NODUPS breaks graphing when using "Consolidation Function" MAX
unknown bug#0000943: scripts/ has incorrect response when "icmp hop redirect" occurs
unknown bug#0000948: Exporting graphs to a local path does not work correctly in some cases
unknown bug#0000986: Graphs that are done by graph type are not exported when using the tree view
unknown bug#0001022: strip_quotes incorrectly parses script output
unknown bug#0001090: LDAP authentication fails when using quote character in password
unknown bug#0001135: Graph export feature not exporting as per user level selected
unknown bug#0001136: Regex ambiguous for mbstring
unknown bug#0001138: Lack of error checking causes graphs to not update when rrdtool crashes
unknown bug#0001141: Script server appears broken for "index" and "query" requests (Documentation Fix)
unknown bug#0001145: Save Failed error when changing Graph Details
unknown bug#0001153: Undefined variable: local_graph_id in graphs.php on line 201
unknown bug#0001166: Installer does not properly handle disabled guest_user conversion
unknown bug#0001174: Unidentified index warning
unknown bug#0001175: Hide hosts in Graph Permissions that you already have access to
unknown bug#0001176: Problem validating IPv6 addresses
unknown bug#0001188: Graph export issues in tree mode
unknown bug#0001191: Faulty IP address validation by ping.php script
unknown bug#0001180: Graph Export to CSV failed by using IE 6 SP2
unknown bug#0001194: RRDtool URL is incorrect on the about page
unknown bug#0001204: Since upgrade to 0.87b the hosts with ip address with 255 are down and have no datas
unknown bug#0001206: Graphs are not zoom-able with PHP warnings turned on
unknown bug#0001211: Allow use of "REMOTE_USER" if "PHP_AUTH_USER" is not set for authentication
unknown bug#0001213: Template Copy does not hash copied template_items
unknown bug#0001215: Impossible to define a none availability with the client cli/add_device.php
unknown bug#0001216: CSV Export for zoomed graph, results in Validation error
unknown bug#0001217: Default Graph Tree is not reflected in Left Pane of the graph page
unknown bug#0001223: Missing Hard return on last GPRINT causes bad formatting
unknown bug#0001228: LDAP server port not honored
unknown bug#0001230: Poller stops updating rrd files
unknown bug#0001236: Set 'stats_recache' to zero when no re-index is present
unknown bug#0001238: Guest user has access to change password
unknown bug#0001239: Using the TOTAL_ALL_DATA_SOURCES in a graph where all item are using the MAX CF yields an invalid(empty) CDEF
unknown bug#0001240: SNMP string cleanup removes too many '=' signs
unknown bug#0001244: Missing closing </form> on host.php
unknown bug#0001247: Snmp ping won't work for snmp v3
unknown bug#0001256: Spine-poller.c : Bug in size string sysUptime
unknown bug#0001258: "Remove Verification" is an ambiguous definition, leads to data loss
unknown bug#0001259: LDAP Authentication using Solaris 10 standard ldap client fails
unknown bug#0001262: Do not allow deletion of Graph Export User
unknown bug#0001264: CDEFs can't recognize |query_*|
unknown bug#0001268: resource/snmp_queries/net-snmp_disk.xml has incorrect name for "Percent Available"
unknown bug#0001271: Hex string to decimal conversion for proper RRDtool storage
unknown bug#0001273: Escape windows paths to accommodate spaces
unknown bug#0001281: ICMP Ping fails if an octet == 255
unknown bug#0001283: graph_image.php causes PHP Notice errors on view
unknown bug#0001286: poller_item cache is not updated when "Data Input Method" is changed
unknown bug#0001288: A host with ICMP ping selected as method does not properly perform ping
unknown bug#0001291: Reapply Suggested Names fails on Script Queries
unknown bug#0001293: When Creating Data Query Graphs, Performing Search will Cause List to Disappear
unknown bug#0001294: Stack overflow if database is not correctly initialized
unknown bug#0001295: Division by zero when rrd_step < poller_interval
unknown bug#0001296: add_graphs.php does not add the graph template to the host
unknown bug#0001299: When creating graphs the entire poller cache is recreated for a host
unknown bug#0001314: Use Data Query variables as HRULE input for graph templates
unknown bug#0001318: Graph Export with 1 minute poller re-exports graphs 5 times
unknown bug#0001320: Invalid PHP_SELF Path
unknown bug#0001326: If a user's password contains a single quote the login fails
unknown bug#0001342: VRULE printed as HRULE on graph_templates.php graph template item list
unknown bug#0001351: Deleting 1000 graphs along with their Data Sources crashes the Server
unknown bug: Remove include/html files to mitigate XSS issues
unknown bug: IE generates errors on both the host and graph settings pages
unknown bug: Host save failed in FireFox 3 for non-SNMP V3 hosts, complaining about "password mismatch"
unknown bug: Initialization of snmp_auth when using SNMP=NONE
unknown bug: Speed up add_graphs.php in most cases (still slow only if --input-fields is used)
unknown bug: If the poller_output table is not empty, don't flood the log
unknown bug: Remove warnings appear in the httpd log relative to reset attempts on settings array
unknown bug: Add API Automation tool quietMode to additional functions
unknown bug: When Cacti is launched from within an iframe, cookies are dropped from IE6
unknown bug: Database upgrade and cacti.sql differ
unknown bug: drop color setting background on FF does not work
unknown bug: cli/add_tree.php requires as least a host-id for --list-graphs
unknown bug: add_tree.php did not allow nodes with propagating sort options
unknown bug: When adding a tree node via the api numeric and natural were reversed
unknown bug: When saving a data query based data templates, their data sources would become corrupt
unknown bug: If your system contains INNODB tables, the Technical Support page would hang
unknown bug: The default user tree link icon would not be properly highlighted when opening graphs
unknown bug: Severe performance problems when adding data query based graphs.
unknown bug: Default refresh on Cacti Log was too quick
unknown bug: Some users don't like the idea of automatic page refreshes
unknown bug: Allow more rows to be visible in Cacti pages
unknown bug: Ping and SNMP should test both conditions
unknown bug: When step is less than poller interval, item will stop polling for long period of time
unknown bug: When using Web Basic authentication, user is directed to default page and not REQUEST URI
feature 0000284 Custom <path_rra> for each device
feature 0000431 Add php-xml to requirements, verify required PHP extensions
feature 0000852 Have "Previous" and "Next" disappear when not in use (only for graph display)
feature 0001082 Mirror Graph Rename based on template function to work with Data Sources
feature 0001140 CLI-Script to associate a graph template to a host
feature 0001162 WEB UI now accepts max_oids on SNMP bulkwalks
feature 0001177 CLI Reindexing - poller_reindex_hosts.php: allow filter on "host description"
feature 0001189 Introducing |data_source_title| variable
feature 0001195 Add graph title to graphs page
feature 0001201 Reapply Suggested Names for Data Sources and cli/poller_data_sources_reapply_names.php
feature 0001205 Add filtering and pagination to cdef management; add "Duplicate CDEF"
feature 0001220 Disable snmpbulkwalk if max OIDS is less than 2
feature 0001233 Move $export_types variable definition from templates_export.php to include/global_form.php
feature 0001233 Move $export_types variable definition from templates_export.php to include/global_form.php
feature 0001235 CLI script needs to activate a query: add_data_query.php
feature 0001250 Dispatching job in poller can lead to unbalanced threads
feature 0001249 New pseudo CDEF variables for "Count All|Similar Data Sources (NO)?DUPS"
feature 0001289 Add "Graph Properties" wrench to tree+preview mode
feature 0001323 List all graph template associated with a host template
feature 0001306 Add Blank Line as possible graph item
feature Paginate Treeview Dual Pane
feature Allow user to specify maximum graphs per page from Treeview Dual Pane
feature Allow Treeview Dual Pane to be filtered for graph titles
feature Allow the user to add or remove graph text from page for searching with the browser
feature Add links to Graph Management and Data Sources to Device Edit Screen
feature Add links to Graph Template and Host Edit to Graph Edit Screen
feature Add links to Data Template and Host Edit to Data Source Edit Screen
feature Support using the cacti database api with more than one connection
feature Add some more debug lines to Data Query debugging (Verbose Query)
feature Fix compatibility issues for RRDTool 1.3
feature Make the tabs section work a little better with existing plugins
feature Add additional options to speed data query graph automation process
feature Add additional indexes to speed data query graph creation
feature Allow the cli reindexing of hosts to be limited to a single query
feature New cli command host_update_template to allow re-templating of hosts using an updated template
feature When reindexing hosts, allow a queryid to be specified
feature Add command line Database upgrade script
feature Add api call to associate graphs with their data sources
feature Move the notes field to bottom of page
feature New availability option "Ping or SNMP"
feature Allow for specification of a default reindex method
feature Show more colors on a single color's page
feature Exit is either a database or table does not exist
feature Add developer debug level to reduce SQL messages in DEBUG
feature Add support for group membership for LDAP authenication

Type ID Text
unknown bug#0000855: Unnecessary (and faulty) DEF generation for CF:AVERAGE
unknown bug#0001083: Small visual fix for Cacti in "View Cacti Log File"
unknown bug#0001089: Graph xport modification to increase default rows output
unknown bug#0001091: Poller incorrectly identifies unique hosts
unknown bug#0001093: CLI Scripts bring MySQL down on large installations
unknown bug#0001094: Filtering broken on Data Sources page
unknown bug#0001103: Fix looping poller recache events
unknown bug#0001107: ss_fping.php 100% "Pkt Loss" does not work properly
unknown bug#0001114: Graphs with no template and/or no host cause filtering errors on Graph Management page
unknown bug#0001115: View Poller Cache does not show Data Sources that have no host
unknown bug#0001118: Graph Generation fails if e.g. ifDescr contains some blanks
unknown bug#0001132: TCP/UDP ping port ignored
unknown bug#0001133: Downed Device Detection: None leads to database errors
unknown bug#0001134: update_host_status handles ping_availability incorrectly
unknown bug#0001143: "U" not allowed as min/max RRD value
unknown bug#0001158: Deleted user causes error on user log viewer
unknown bug#0001161: Re-assign duplicate radio button IDs
unknown bug#0001164: Add HTML title attributes for certain pages
unknown bug#0001168: ALL_DATA_SOURCES_NODUPS includes DUPs? SIMILAR_DATA_SOURCES_DUPS is available again
unknown bug: Cacti does not guarentee RRA consolidation functions exist in RRA's
unknown bug: Alert on changing logarithmic scaling removed
unknown bug: add_hosts.php did not accept privacy protocol
security Fix several security vulnerabilities
feature show basic RRDtool graph options on Graph Template edit
feature Add additional logging to Graph Xport
feature Add rows dropdown to devices, graphs and data sources
feature Add device_id and event count to devices
feature Add ids to devices, graphs and data sources pages
feature Add database repair utility

Type ID Text
security Fix several security vulnerabilities

Type ID Text
unknown bug#0000895: "Use Per-Data Source Value (Ignore this Value)" runs only when when checking "Allow Empty Input"
unknown bug#0001029: Add --autoscale-min (rrdtool 1.2.x only) and --autoscale-max (using upper AND lower limit)
unknown bug#0001035: Allow for --logarithmic scaling without autoscaling
unknown bug#0001038: Data sources in RRAs have random order, messing up predefined CDEFs
unknown bug#0001043: Graph Templates drop down populates with duplicates
unknown bug#0001046: Upgrade from 0.8.6j to 0.8.7 defaults to Authentication Method NONE
unknown bug#0001052: Graph template - GRINT creates CF function DEF
unknown bug#0001055: Invalid date format - "half hour" not the GNU Date format
unknown bug#0001057: SQL error when using 'Auth Method' None when no 'guest' user exists
unknown bug#0001058: Graph Filter dropdowns do not respect user graph permissions
unknown bug#0001059: Potential SQL injection vulnerability
unknown bug#0001060: RRDtool 1.2.15 complain for garbage characters when rrdtool_function_xport is used
unknown bug#0001061: cmd.php: potential call to invalid "availability_method" key on wrong hash
unknown bug#0001064: Log file viewer inefficient filtering uses excess memory
unknown bug#0001066: doc change for using COUNTERs as integers only
unknown bug#0001067: Fixed extra spaces in GPRINT. Better Alignment for Autopadding
unknown bug#0001068: doc change for patching cacti when running SELinux
unknown bug#0001070: Cron interval detection causes multiple pollers to run
unknown bug#0001073: Max OIDS is not saved in device view
unknown bug#0001078: Undefined variable: rra in graph.php on line 241
unknown bug#0001079: Dates are not stored in host table using correct format
unknown bug#0001080: Graph Export Generates SQL Errors
unknown bug#0001081: Usernames with spaces and dashes are not able to save
feature 0001035 Allow for --units=si on logarithmic scaled graphs (rrdtool-1.2.x only).
feature 0001069 add opacity/alpha channel to graph items (rrdtool-1.2.x only).
feature 0001065 Move to Top for List and Tree View. Omit boring scrolling
feature add availability pings to host interface

Type ID Text
unknown bug#0000480: Fix error after altering graphs displayed per page
unknown bug#0000740: Add support for setting the PHP session name of Cacti
unknown bug#0000829: Add support for an specifying an uptime OID for SNMP queries
unknown bug#0000830: Add filtering graphs by Graph Template
unknown bug#0000833: Add favicon.ico support
unknown bug#0000850: Add Select All for graph list view
unknown bug#0000854: Move "Downed Host Detection" into the device edit screen
unknown bug#0000873: Fix issues with the poller hanging in certain situations
unknown bug#0000876: Add ability to search for host with a not UP status
unknown bug#0000898: Selecting a CUSTOM timespan and then CLEARing yields "LAST HALF HOUR" preset
unknown bug#0000899: Add local checking to the Paths tab on the Settings page
unknown bug#0000902: Fix issues with cmd.php and PHP 4.4.1 under windows
unknown bug#0000903: snmpgetnext function does not exist in PHP less than 5.0
unknown bug#0000904: Data Source creation fails without php-snmp
unknown bug#0000906: Every tenth host does not show on tree during console edit
unknown bug#0000907: Sorting of data sources when interface numbers are used without leading zeros are incorrectly sorted
unknown bug#0000908: Graphs created by SNMP data queries are losing their specific names if the template is modified
unknown bug#0000910: Cacti complains when trying to set the data source "maximum value" to any number with a decimal point
unknown bug#0000912: Nth Percentile thumbnail graphs fail with RRDtool 1.2.15, 1.2.18
unknown bug#0000913: Allow direct linking to specific graph pages
unknown bug#0000919: Fix problem with ping_tcp function
unknown bug#0000920: Improved handling of rrdtool --font parameter
unknown bug#0000921: Improvement to script
unknown bug#0000925: Support for host_* variables in the legend
unknown bug#0000926: Stop removing useful characters when searching
unknown bug#0000927: Classic export does not recognize thumbnail columns properly
unknown bug#0000931: New rrdtool fails on empty comment
unknown bug#0000934: Column 'status_last_error' in table 'host' too short.
unknown bug#0000937: System output in hosts.php poor for Alcatel
unknown bug#0000946: Timetick of zero returns down for device
unknown bug#0000947: Trailing blank on OID in form causes problems
unknown bug#0000953: SNMP Passphrase is displayed in cleartext
unknown bug#0000954: Y-grid lables are not informative when using --alt-autoscale
unknown bug#0000955: Fixed possible denial of service attack by modifying graph image URL
unknown bug#0000956: Additional editing help with tree management
unknown bug#0000957: Script server output's beginning/trailing data during "Include" causing a synchronization issue
unknown bug#0000958: Slope Mode is now selectable
unknown bug#0000959: Alarming added when poller output table is not empty
unknown bug#0000963: TCP/UDP capitalization
unknown bug#0000965: When setting filters under utilities, pressing enter takes you back to the main page
unknown bug#0000966: Log file viewing utility has no ability to filter
unknown bug#0000969: In some versions of PHP, the graph tree will not view properly
unknown bug#0000970: Incorrect debug messages in lib/ping.php for failed UDP ping
unknown bug#0000974: No graphs on Fedora core6 using sunone/iplanet 6.1 SP5
unknown bug#0000975: Add Nth Percentile aggregate_current - Summing Multiple Data Sources with like names for Nth Percentile
unknown bug#0000982: Remove invalid references to the "output_string" column in the "data_input" table
unknown bug#0000983: Bad SQL: snmp_query_graph_rrd.snmp_query_graph_id=
unknown bug#0000984: Poller does not correctly flush poller_output table after a memory error
unknown bug#0000989: hyphen - host description used with Data Source Path
unknown bug#0001001: "Purge User Log" keeps invalid entries
unknown bug#0001002: Cacti reports incomplete interface status
unknown bug#0001007: SNMPv3 password field allows command injection
unknown bug: ss_sql.php causes the script server to crash
unknown bug: Timeshifter added to base code
unknown bug: Allow query_ and host_ substitution in COMMENT and CDEF's.
unknown bug: Command line interface scripts to add devices, graphs, tree's and permissions.
unknown bug: Correct index error when creating graphs when you have no hosts on your system.
unknown bug: More recent versions of net-snmp broke SNMP walk functions.
unknown bug: Adjust for problematic responses from some SNMP agents (IBM AIX).
unknown bug: Improve logging in cmd.php and poller.php when parameters are not specified correctly.
unknown bug: Reduce the total number of SQL queries called
unknown bug: Replace inefficient strip function in process_poller_output
unknown bug: Some php_snmp implementations return strings as "Hex-STRING:". In these cases properly resolve the string
unknown bug: Correctly assign right and left click actions for Opera
unknown bug: Fix SQL error when viewing an invalid Data Source via the Log Viewer
unknown bug: Fix command line user copy utility
feature Paginate the Graph Creation Page
feature Add SNMPv3 Support to Cacti
feature Add a Notes field to the Device that can contain arbitrary information
feature Add Availability Methods to Cacti including per Host Ping Methods and Timeouts
feature Add Max OID's to te Host Level
feature Allow CSV Export from the various Graphs page
feature Add rra_path as a global.php config variable
feature Add drop down actions to data queries
feature Add drop down actions to data input methods
feature Add drop down actions to user administration
feature Add filtering and pagination to data queries
feature Add filtering and pagination to data input methods
feature Add filtering and pagination to host templates
feature Add filtering and pagination to user administration
feature Add extended LDAP authentication support
feature Add Web Basic authentication
feature Add authentication realm to modifiable user parameters