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Cacti: The complete RRDTool-based graphing solution.

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Release Notes -

Welcome to Cacti 1.2.12!

Special thanks to all that have helped by contributing code and reporting issues on GitHub!

For additional details, please check out the README located on GitHub.


security#3467: Lack of escaping of color items can lead to XSS exposure (CVE-2020-7106)
issue#3422: When Graph Item is not linked to a data source, Comments do not always get variables substituted correctly
issue#3424: Hosts are being incorrectly filtered when no location filter is set
issue#3427: When exporting to a CSV with unicode characters, contents can become garbled
issue#3429: When using SNMP v3, Automation can report extraneous warnings
issue#3432: Rare race condition exists when both boost and dsstats enabled
issue#3434: When attempting to exploit Cacti using alert, unexpected errors can be seen
issue#3436: Unable to login due to incorrect default of Cookie Domains in config.php.dist
issue#3438: When upgrading to 1.2.11, installer can appear to stop at 42%
issue#3447: SNMP Issues on recent version of PHP
issue#3449: When viewing the installation wizard's directory permission step, items are overlapping unexpectedly
issue#3450: When installing Cacti under XAMPP and PHP 7.4, exceptions are being recorded and installation fails
issue#3452: New Content-Security-Policy prevents External Links from being opened
issue#3454: Cacti's Reports are not displaying messages correctly
issue#3457: Graphs can not properly handle negative axis values
issue#3459: When installing a new remote poller, connection tests can incorrectly fail
issue#3460: Addtional changes to allow plugin folder/display names to be handled better by ddb4github
issue#3462: Increase default memory limit for cli scripts to prevent runtime memory issues
issue#3463: When listing VDEF's, selecting 'has graph' can cause unexpected exceptions in logs
issue#3468: Graph rules cannot be created for automation
issue#3474: The SSL option to set the SSL_CA should be optional for Client Connections
issue#3477: Boost leaking memory when a large number of Data Sources disabled
issue#3478: Reindexing can sometimes run longer than expected
issue#3479: When viewing the Data Query table interface, the Data Input Method should be right aligned
issue#3483: When recording log entries, cacti should default to hyphenated date format
issue#3484: When editing SNMP v3 passwords, previous setting is not obfuscated
issue#3488: In automation, when viewing an 'SNMP option set', the private passphrase is in clear
issue#3495: When installing templates, default 'all' selection will reset all existing graphs, removing customisations
issue#3496: Graph Items can show a double percent sign incorrectly
issue#3502: When viewing Graphs, can not switch between list, preview and tree submodes
issue#3504: Viewing graphs before the poller has run for the first time can produce unexpected errors
issue#3505: When viewing graph previews, clicking Go or Refresh prevents calendars from working
issue#3506: After successfully logging in, a user can become automatically logged out again
issue#3507: Changes to JavaScript's Storage API cause exceptions to be thrown
issue#3510: Only guests can actually guest only pages, logged in users are denied access incorrectly
issue#3512: When plugins update, registered files list cannot always be updated by ddb4github
issue#3520: When viewing graphs, shifting time does not work when using non-english languages
feature#3480: Created 'custom_denied' hook to allow customisation of permission denied notifications
feature#3498: Update to 1.1.0
feature#3499: Update jstree.js to 3.3.9
feature#3500: Update phpseclib to 2.0.27
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