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Release Notes - 1.2.0

Welcome to the New Year and Cacti 1.2.0!

Here are the major enhancements in this release, for more detail check out the change log.

  • Enhanced remote data collection allowing for greater scale and more stability for remote instances.
  • Improved UI for faster loading of pages for larger installations.
  • Reduced polling times by adjusting the conditions where devices need to be re-indexed.
  • New Graph Tree Site node to allow seeing graphs per site.
  • New Installation Wizard allowing configuration of main and remote instances.

Special thanks to all that have helped by contributing code and reporting issues on GitHub!

For additional details check out the README located on GitHub.


feature: Add a Timeout setting for Remote Agent calls
feature: Add Graphs and Data Sources hyperlinks on Device page
feature: Add One Minute Sampling to the default Data Source Profiles
feature: Add support for DDERIVE and DCOUNTER to Cacti
feature: Add Timezone support for Remote Data Collectors
feature: Allow Adding Aggregate Graphs to a Report
feature: Allow ASCII filepath paths to not be found on settings save
feature: Allow drill down from Graphs to Data Queries or Templates
feature: Allow Import/Export to be hookable
feature: Allow snmpagent to be disabled for very large installs
feature: Allow Top tabs to be Glyphs or Text or both
feature: Big Spanish translation update plus massive QA fixes
feature: Change password page provides visible confirmation of password rules
feature: Do not allow second data source to be added to an SNMP Get data template
feature: Don't allow removal of Data Sources from Data Template once its in use
feature: Inform the primary Cacti administrator of problems by Email
feature: Make all user settings dynamic and allow resetting to default.
feature: Make Graph and Data Source suggested naming more efficient
feature: Make it easy to find Data Query based graphs that have lost indexes
feature: Make Top Tabs use Ajax Callback
feature: Make tree editing responive
feature: New Install/Upgrade user permission to limit access to being able to upgrade
feature: Provide option to debug width errors where output exceeds column width
feature: Removed the Authentication Method of 'None'
feature: Tree automation is now defaulted to on for new install
feature: Update JavaScript library c3.js to version 0.6.8
feature: Update JavaScript library Chart.js to 2.7.3
feature: Update JavaScript library d3.js to version 5.7.0
feature: Update JavaScript library jquery.js to 3.3.1
feature: Update JavaScript library jquery-migrate.js to 3.0.1
feature: Update JavaScript library jquery.tablesorter.js to version 2.30.7
feature: Update JavaScript library jstree.js to 3.3.7
feature: Update JavaScript library screenfull.js to 3.3.3
feature: Update phpmailer to version 6.0.6
feature: Update phpseclib to version 2.0.13
feature#289: Allow external nologin access for Realtime Graphs
feature#553: When display a host, include Aggregated Graphs as well as standard graphs
feature#614: Allow users to duplicate Data Input Methods
feature#973: When creating a new user authenticated via LDAP, attempt to retrieve users email and full name
feature#122: Support a Site Branch Type
feature#1060: Design Enhancement for Large scale Cacti Implementations
feature#1142: Add Site dropdown to the Graphs and Data Source pages
feature#1184: Improve Data Input Methods editability and message handling
feature#1200: Aggregate Graphs can now include COMMENT
feature#1282: Email notification for Automation Network discovery process
feature#1347: Update automation logging to work better
feature#1395: Ensure messages have each new line keep the same prefix in cacti_log()
feature#1399: Allow 'requires' to include version against a plugin
feature#1400: User settings are now dynamic and can be reset (removed) to return to global settings
feature#1422: Automatically select the next unused data input field when clicking add on data input method
feature#1505: When displaying a graph, provide breadcrumb link to edit device
feature#1527: Update Fontawesome from 4.7 to 5.0.10
feature#1580: Support Drag & Drop for Builtin Report Items
feature#1581: Allow Mass Adding of Graphs to Reports
feature#1584: Allow theme selection when installing
feature#1588: Check that PHP can run a test file
feature#1593: Allow External links to auto refresh
feature#1597: Ensure synchronised files have same attributes as originals
feature#1610: On Unix, redirect error messages to log files when running external scripts
feature#1628: Allow the User to define an initial Automation Network for discovery when installing
feature#1670: Improve Graph Management to show type of source for a graph
feature#1671: When duplicating a Graph Template, properly duplicate Data Query Graph Template Mappings
feature#1677: Default Tree nodes sorting to be inherited
feature#1691: On Graph context menu, add a 'Copy graph' option to copy graph image
feature#1692: Separate option for logging Input Validation issues
feature#1703: On Graph context menu, text is now multi-lingual
feature#1708: Allow the User to override global Automation email recipients at the Automation Network level
feature#1709: Suppress warning from RRDTool when attempting to make updates in the past
feature#1711: Add support for SSL connections to MySQL
feature#1731: Prevent loss of changes by warning user about unsaved items
feature#1734: When displaying a graph, provide more information when error image is displayed (see also #1428)
feature#1763: Enable automatic refresh for Time Graph View
feature#1806: Control low level debug routines via config.php (Develoepr Use)
feature#1819: Provide CLI program to enable graphs to be removed by scripts
feature#1969: Graph previews can now be linked using a host's external id
feature#2006: Introduce new Data Source Profile to handle decade long graphs
feature#2173: Introduce Device and Graph Template Caching to Speed UI
feature#2228: Add Device ID to Device search field
issue: Fix issue with display_custom_error_message() causing problem with system error message handling
issue: Graph List View was not fully responsive
issue: Move Graph removal function to Graph API
issue: On the Data Sources page, if there is no filtered Device and a Data Source is edited, device association is lost
issue: Typo in Dutch translations when an error occurred while downgrading
issue: Unable to display user profile tabs
issue: Verify all Fields not working due to Cacti 1.x upgrade error
issue#186: Cacti does not support jQueryUI 1.12.x
issue#187: Remove the use of jQuery Migrate plugin
issue#948: Do not create a new datasource when adding a new Graph for the same device/field
issue#454: Cacti Re-Index does not resolve index changes properly during re-index
issue#983: Import Template Preview is misleading
issue#1097: When copying template user, newly created user should always be enabled to allow logging in
issue#1097: When copying template user, it should be disable to prevent logging in as template user directly
issue#1174: When display a tree, disable drag and drop unless in edit mode
issue#1298: Display fatal error to prevent issues caused when system log is not writable
issue#1350: When switching an Automation Tree Rule's leaf type, remove invalid Automation Rule Items
issue#1383: CSRF Timeout does not obey session timeout
issue#1408: Update SQL / Backtrace to use new clean_up_lines() function
issue#1414: DSSTATS reports incorrectly that a data source does not exist
issue#1420: Fix issues found by Debian package builds
issue#1421: Fix issue when SQL had all bad modes, missing variable warning was generated
issue#1426: Fix issue where remote poller was not using unique filenames when attempting to verify files
issue#1437: Plugin install hover message sometimes shows line breaks rather than formatted text
issue#1454: When using oid_regexp_parse, filter indexes to those that match
issue#1473: Recovery Date overwritten by subsequent checks
issue#1494: Unable to Deep Link/Bookmark Trees
issue#1503: Undefined function clearstatscache in DSSTATS
issue#1507: When saving graph settings from the graph page, the graph template id should not be included
issue#1510: New Graphs Undefined Variable $graph_template_name
issue#1521: Force boost to be enabled when there are Remote Data Collectors
issue#1528: Saving a device can result in WARNINGS related to string vs array handling
issue#1529: Allow Aggregate Graphs to Sum Bandwidth and Percentile COMMENTS
issue#1543: Graph Preview appends header=false too many times
issue#1553: Poller does not set rrd_step_counter correctly if no steps taken
issue#1559: CLI Output Issues due to over escaping
issue#1560: Warning that escapeshellarg() is escaping a null
issue#1567: Technical support - add notification if Cacti and Spine version is different
issue#1574: User templates are not correctly being applied
issue#1589: Installer now checks that the temporary folder is writable
issue#1590: User Admin generates SQL error if user is not part of any groups
issue#1601: Aggregate Graphs can not include some classes of COMMENT
issue#1602: PHP ERROR: Call to undefined function api_data_source_cache_crc_update()
issue#1604: Failed to connect to remote collector
issue#1606: Boost debug log not functional
issue#1607: Boost next run time occurs in the past
issue#1608: Possible boost race conditions
issue#1609: Remote pollers update 'stats_poller' on main poller
issue#1617: Editing a data query results in missing $header variable
issue#1621: Realtime Popup can cause automatic logout
issue#1626: httpd-error.log have message about Fontconfig
issue#1634: Default snmp quick print setting resulting in false poller ASSERTS on some php releases
issue#1651: Check temporary folder has write access during import
issue#1655: Correct Cacti to handle new MySQL 8.0 reserved word `system`
issue#1658: Devices drop down should be filtered by Site
issue#1660: Reports based upon Tree don't maintain graph order
issue#1665: Must change password not working for local users when main realm is not local
issue#1669: Console log header grammar issue
issue#1674: Threads and Processes values not migrated to Poller table during upgrade
issue#1676: Allow automation discovery to add the same sysname on different hosts
issue#1682: Slow Select Statement lib/api_automation.php
issue#1689: Technical Support's RRDTool version should show detected RRD version
issue#1690: Report a warning if the default collation is not utf8mb4_unicode_ci
issue#1700: Mail sent without auth causes errors to appear in logs
issue#1710: RRDtool create command causes first update to fail
issue#1721: Console Side Bar not correct on first login
issue#1723: die() messages should include PHP_EOF for better logging
issue#1726: Poor page performance editing a Graphs Graph Items
issue#1746: Poller with no hosts does not exit until timeout is reached
issue#1761: Graph Management page shows bogus template names
issue#1783: Browser Back button still does not working
issue#1796: Import: Fixed handling of references to objects not included in file
issue#1799: Default User log sort should be date descending
issue#1810: Correct SQL errors with authentication set to no authentication
issue#1839: Dummy cosmetic bug on down device selection option
issue#1841: Data Source Stats table not properly migrated from pre 1.x Cacti plugin
issue#1849: SNMPAgent not sending traps
issue#1852: Reports Preview/Mails show no graphs
issue#1889: Insecure $ENV{ENV} which running setgid
issue#1901: Upgrade from 0.8.8h fails on external_links statement
issue#1921: Data Query XML field method 'rewrite_index' does not correctly query for value
issue#1926: Deselecting items should present warning or disable GO button
issue#1948: Device Template should warn about need to re-sync
issue#1953: set_default_action() should warn if more than one action provided
issue#1973: SpikeKill Menu does not display properly
issue#1976: Default admin permissions do not allow everything
issue#1982: Certain hooks should occur within api functions rather than UI functions
issue#2002: api_plugin_db_table_create should support non-string defaults
issue#2012: For kernel 3.2+, "Linux - Memory - Free" should grep for "MemAvailable:", not "MemFree:"
issue#2085: CLOG Regex Parser does not verify registered function exists
issue#2126: api_device.php generates undefined function poller_push_to_remote_db_connect()
issue#2127: Unable to save error when duplicating graph
issue#2135: api_tree_lock() and api_tree_unlock() forcing redirection incorrectly
issue#2143: export.php Illegal string offset 'method'
issue#2144: Device Management "Status" column does not sort properly
issue#2152: When editing a device, should show disable/enable option
issue#2153: Utilities page issues the wrong hook for tabs
issue#2163: LDAP functions are not consistent
issue#2164: Login page does not remember selected realm
issue#2171: datepicker and timepick translation not available
issue#2178: Header/Footer included more than once
issue#2182: Graph View missing 'html_graph_template_multiselect()' function
issue#2184: html_host_filter() does not handle host_id consequently
issue#2186: Boost generates invalid SQL during on demand update
issue#2188: SNMP timeout errors are being duplicated
issue#2191: i18n_themes is not properly primed in global_arrays.php
issue#2202: Can't create more than one graph with add_graphs.php from one template
issue#2207: Removing Graph Template does not Remove Data Query Associations
issue#2217: cmd.php not handling quoted snmp values properly
issue#2240: SNMP system Data Input Methods should not be modified on import
issue#2241: Spike removal not functional due to Debian packaging
security#1072: Prevent exploitation of Data Input Methods to escalate privileges (CVE-2009-4112)
security#1882: Bypass output validation in select cases
security#2212: Stored XSS in "Website Hostname" field
security#2213: Stored XSS in "Website Hostname" field - Devices
security#2214: Stored XSS in "Vertical Label" field - Graph
security#2215: Stored XSS in "Name" field - Color
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