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Welcome to Cacti 1.2.2!

Special thanks to all that have helped by contributing code and reporting issues on GitHub!

For additional details check out the README located on GitHub.


issue#599: Aggregate graph templates assume AVG consolidation function
issue#2312: Retrieving Device Information appears to fail on Safari
issue#2317: Unabe to add new records to 'poller_time' table
issue#2327: Memory exhausted whilst running poller replication
issue#2334: Some browsers report JavaScript errors when switching to console
issue#2337: When running an upgrade, the path of the log file is reset
issue#2339: Certain characters in recipient address can cause email to fail
issue#2343: Export hooks no longer work due to missing default keyword
issue#2346: When listing plugin permissions, "Legacy 1.x Plugins" can appear in the wrong cell
issue#2347: Allow sort output to inject returned data into a specific object
issue#2350: Unable to Select Data Source for HRULES and COMMENTS that include nth Percentile and Bandwidth
issue#2352: SNMP description field can sometimes contain mangled data
issue#2354: When reindexing in Automation, titles are not updated for Graph and Data Source
issue#2355: Data Sources are sometimes duplicated when Custom Data is specified
issue#2357: When indexes are incorrect, poller should log more information
issue#2359: When upgrading, "Install/Upgrade" privilege may have been previously lost
issue#2360: When retrieving database / table / column information, schema name is not always applied
issue#2362: No way to default an interface speed when ifSpeed and ifHighSpeed come back as zero
issue#2365: When editing Aggregate Graphs, orphaned items were not always removed
issue#2372: Data Query reindexing leads gaps in Graphs
issue#2376: Manually adding a device discovered by Automation causes errors to be logged
issue#2380: Devices may experience constant reindexing
issue#2384: When authentication method is set to None, change to Builtin as None has been removed
issue#2393: When reindexing a device, Graph Automation creates duplicate graphs every time
issue#2416: SELinux wants APPEND not WRITE permission for Fedora/EPEL (RHEL, Centos)
issue#2419: Host state time was not correctly calculated
issue#2426: Reinstate missing plugin hooks for 'custom_logout_message' and 'custom_denied'
issue#2431: Default value for 'Mail Method' (settings_how) is incorrect resulting in errors
issue#2432: Undefined variable warnings when updating RRD data
issue#2451: Drag and drop does not always function correctly
feature: Update JavaScript library c3.js to version 0.6.12
feature: Update phpseclib to version 2.0.14
feature: Update PHPMailer to version 6.0.7
feature: Update JavaScript library d3.js to version 5.9.1

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