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Welcome to Cacti 1.2.5!

IMPORTANT: GitHub's development branch will be changing to facility the 1.3.x development.

This means that starting from August, the 'develop' branch will be archived to a branch named '1.2.x'. Any future bug fixes for the 1.2.x code base will be committed there and duplicated within the 'develop' branch for 1.3.x

If you have any production systems which currently utilise the 'develop' as a way of keeping up to date with the 1.2.x code, you should use the 'git checkout 1.2.x' command to switch branches before September.

At the beginning of September, the current 1.3.0-dev branch will be merged into 'develop' to become the primary development branch. As such, any system using 'git pull' to update will automatically be moved to 1.3.0's development code if they are on the 'develop' branch.

Special thanks to all that have helped by contributing code and reporting issues on GitHub!

For additional details, please check out the README located on GitHub.


issue#1978: Popup Menus can appear off screen when using Graph Thumbnails
issue#2282: Installation wizard does not detect RRDtool version correctly
issue#2524: When editing a tree, Drag and Drop of Devices does not always work as expected
issue#2573: Associated Graph Template for Data Query can sometime disappear
issue#2656: GPRINT text_format does not replace Data Query and Host Fields
issue#2661: Automation does not always calculate network range/subnet correctly
issue#2663: Some legacy Data Queries can not determine their index order causing broken graphs
issue#2674: Large strings can sometimes cause language translation can fail
issue#2719: Automation may sometimes create empty graphs
issue#2721: When replacing '|input_xxxx|' strings, undefined index can occur
issue#2722: Calls to _db_replace() are not consistent resulting in warnings
issue#2723: When replicating to remote pollers, Undefined Variable errors may be seen
issue#2724: When graphing HRULE items, 'Only Variables should be passed by reference' error may be seen
issue#2725: When viewing logs in utilities, filenames should be limited the same as clog
issue#2726: During Automation logging, include the Rule ID that triggers the creation of an item by xmacan
issue#2732: When using basic authentication, automatically strip any @domain information
issue#2734: Allow non-english labels to be used on Graph Templates
issue#2727: When using Polling Hosts Template, warnings can be issued when CMD.PHP is the poller
issue#2733: When processing SNMP data, space delimited hex strings do not always convert into MAC addresses
issue#2735: Mouse cursor should show as default pointer if column is not sortable
issue#2736: When using MySQL 8 or above, 'function' is considered a reserved word unless quoted by xmacan
issue#2741: Various errors can occur due to undefined or incorrect variable names
issue#2742: Various errors can occur due to undefined or incorrect variable names
issue#2743: Attempts to close a tooltip when no tooltip has been set may cause errors
issue#2744: When changing password, undefined index error can occur if user is not logged in
issue#2748: If PHP location setting is invalid during install/upgrade, this should be notified on modules page
issue#2750: When performing multiple sort, highlighting of content occurs
issue#2751: When editing a Tree, display filter may not allow 'All' option to work
issue#2752: When running verbose query on device, you are unable to copy text from items
issue#2753: Unable to copy entire verbose query using clipboard command
issue#2757: Page Navigation can be subject to XSS injection
issue#2758: Various sensitive directories are browsable if web server directory browsing is enabled
issue#2760: Unable to add items into a report
issue#2762: Creating an aggregate graph can sometimes fail due to unknown RRD tools error
issue#2766: When modifying Aggregate Templates, changes are not always cascaded to Graph
issue#2768: Aggregate Graphs may sometimes show the wrong row count
issue#2770: ItemType is not updated when saving Report Items
issue#2772: Add tooltip support to html_header() and html_header_checkbox()
issue#2775: Remote pollers may sometimes fail to replicate data back to main system
issue#2777: Attempting to edit a non-existent report generates an error
issue#2778: When rendering graphs, resizing can sometimes occur repeatedly
issue#2779: On new installations, automation rules for Interface Graphs are broken
issue#2780: Upgrade database script not actually upgrading Cacti
issue#2782: When replicating the syslog plugin, the configuration file is ignored causing errors
issue#2783: When limiting the number of displayed characters, international characters may sometimes display incorrectly
issue#2784: When removing a device with graphs but no data sources , errors are generated
issue#2785: When editing a graph rule, warnings incorrectly appear about unsaved changes
issue#2792: When a checkbox 'friendly name' has a comma, checkbox functionality stops working
issue#2797: When upgrading from before 1.x, SuperLinks view permissions may not be correct
issue#2799: Under heavy use of Real Time Graphs, SQL errors may start appearing
issue#2800: When editing a tree, using a comma in the search field stops search from working
issue#2802: If a Device lacks ifName, an alternative field is not always found even if available
issue#2807: When editing a Data Template that has dependant graphs, some attributes should not be modifiable
issue#2808: When navigating a tree, the layout may unexpectedly move
issue#2814: When viewing the utilities page, HTML tags may be seen rather than rendered
issue#2816: When viewing logs, paging does not always working correctly
issue#2818: Automation can sometimes incorrectly add duplicate devices with the same sysname
issue#2820: When path is blank, is_resource_writable() will generate 'Uninitialized string offset: -1'
issue#2821: When the desired locale can not be located, a number format issue may occur
feature#2728: Update phpseclib to 2.0.17 by DavidLiedke
feature#2809: Update c3.js & d3.js by DavidLiedke
feature#2730: Update jstree.js to 3.3.8 by DavidLiedke
feature#2754: Allow Devices, Graphs and Data Sources to be searched by ID
feature#2765: When editing a tree, allow cascading selection of available graphics
feature#2805: Merged plugins are not always upgraded correctly
feature#2823: Enhance the splice_rrd.php to be able to merge RRDfiles of differing step
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