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Spine Changelog

issue#178: When building spine, errors with Percona libraries may appear by tersmitten
issue#184: When building spine, make process can report problems with backtrace
issue#186: When opening the database, spine can unexpectedly crash
issue#187: On large systems, too many connections can cause firewalls to assume a DDoS attack
issue#192: Spine does not properly use the mysql reconnect option
issue#193: When performing certain re-index operations, spine can unexpectedly crash
issue#194: When logging to standard output, log messaging is inconsistent
issue#195: When using newer gcc versions, spine is unable to compile properly
issue#197: Remote data collectors push too much data to main when performing diagnostics
issue#200: Make spine more responsive when remote connection is down
issue#202: MySQL SSL Key capability check does not work
issue#203: Backtracing support checks do not work
issue#204: MySQL Retry Count capability check always fails
feature: Make spine immune to DST changes
feature#188: On large systems, more concurrent script servers are needed
issue: Some developer debug log messages falsely labeled as WARNINGS
issue#164: Remove the need of the dos2unix program
issue#171: Spine experiencing MySQL socket error 2002 under load
issue#175: Under heavy load MySQL/MariaDB return 2006 and 2013 errors on query
feature: Add backtrace output to stderr for signals
feature#176: Add Data Source turnaround time to debug output
issue#166: Special characters may not always be ignored properly
issue#168: Correct issues with linking under OpenBSD
issue#162: Spine not updating rrd_next_step
issue#156: Compile on Cygwin is failing due to icmp6 headers missing
issue#155: Failed host lookup causes spine to crash
issue#122: Unable to compile spine on OpenBSD
issue#129: Repeated warnings due to 'Recache Event Detected for Device'
issue#134: No error is recorded to log file when database is incorrect
issue#144: MySQL retry logic is not working as expected
issue#149: When using IPv6 address, segmentation fault can occur due to incorrectly using IPv4 ping
issue#150: When polling results are null, segmentation errors may occur
issue#151: When collecting data, spine should be stripping alpha characters from output
feature: release to match Cacti release
issue#124: Improve logging of snmp multiple OID get function
issue#129: PCOMMAND Device[XXXX] WARNING: Recache Event Detected for Device
issue#130: Segmentation Fault triggered by a lot of errors
issue#131: Replace function gethostbyname with thread safe getaddrinfo
issue#139: removed strip_alpha for "Wrong-Type" SNMP-Answer
issue#119: When calling bootstrap, an invalid error claiming is missing can appear on first compile
issue#113: When compiling under CentOS, 'm4' directory appears to be missing
issue#115: Perform proper initialization and teardown of sockets under Windows
issue#117: Spine configuration example shows remote database prefix for local database values
issue#101: MySQL 8 has retired 'my_bool' type
issue#104: Spine should report which threads are outstanding
issue#105: Spine should include 'Process[]' in standard logging
issue#107: Log Buffer is too small to handle some output
issue#108: Once an SNMP timeout is reached, snmp_get does not honor include_host
issue#109: Initial declarations inside for loop cause compile errors
issue#110: When compiling, 'directive output may be truncated' messages can appear
issue#112: INSTALL instructions have typo in bootstrap command
issue: Improve detection of MySQL vs. MariaDB client library requirement
issue#98: Checking type in poller.c causes compiler error
issue#92: Add Data Source ID to "Empty result' error messages
issue#94: Increase default 'results_buffer' size to 2048 and MySQL max buffer to 131072 bytes

issue#76: Spine unhandled exception signal
issue: More recent versions of MariaDB require different client library

feature: release to match Cacti release

feature: release to match Cacti release

feature: Allow threads to be set a Data Collector level
issue#50: make fails on Debian 7 attempting to locate clock_gettime
issue#53: Improved escaping when updating database records
issue#54: Spine should always log if ICMP fails
issue#58: When updating snmp_sysLocation, text can become truncated
issue#63: Automatically reduce device threads when number of data sources does not require it
feature: release to match Cacti release
issue: Extra long snmp_sysObjectID's generate SQL errors
issue#49: Re-Index update query failed due to lack of escaping
issue#48: Availability check none triggers snmp system check that causes device to be ignored
feature: release to match Cacti release
feature: release to match Cacti release
feature: release to match Cacti release
issue#15: Spine cause CPU usage up to 100%
issue#32: Support noAuthNoPriv in Spine
issue#34: Re-introduce check for relocatable Net-SNMP and development files
issue#35: SNMP OID range checks cause some snmpget's to fail
issue#38: SNMP Ping timeouts not reported properly
issue#39: Spine should use same logging format as Cacti
issue#41: Spine cause CPU usage up to 100%
issue#42: Boost table keeps populating with boost disabled
feature: release to match Cacti release
issue#39: Have spine match cacti_log function
feature: release to match Cacti release
feature: release to match Cacti release
feature: release to match Cacti release
feature: release to match Cacti release
feature: release to match Cacti release
feature: release to match Cacti release
feature: release to match Cacti release
feature: release to match Cacti release
issue#28: UDP and TCP ping issues
feature: release to match Cacti release
issue: Sort devices by polling time to allow long running devices to go first
issue: Increase logging level for POPEN timeouts
feature: release to match Cacti release
feature: release to match Cacti release
feature: release to match Cacti release
issue: Script timeout should start after semaphore releases
issue: Don't include line breaks in Syslog
feature: release to match Cacti release
feature: release to match Cacti release
feature: release to match Cacti release
feature: release to match Cacti release
issue#21: Errors when snmp_sysLocation contains a single quote
feature: release to match Cacti release
issue#15: Spine can cause high CPU utilization due to semaphore implementation
issue#11: Spine reports SNMP timeouts in some cases when gathering multiple OID in one request
feature: release to match Cacti release
feature: release to match Cacti release
feature: release to match Cacti release
issue#13: Spine does not compile with --enable-lcap
issue#16: Spine not handling debug devices correctly
feature: release to match Cacti release
feature: release to match Cacti release
feature: release to match Cacti release
issue#7: remove database name not respected
feature: release to match Cacti release
issue#6: Spine accepts arbitrary polling modes
feature: release to match Cacti release
bug:With enough make jobs, help2man will fail if help2man is run before spine has been built
feature: Track per host polling time
feature: Collect System Mib Information
feature: Place collection timing into host table
feature: Support snmpContextEngineID
feature: Change all references of Host to Device
bug:0001415: spine does not handle log_perror
bug#0002220: spine/cacti patch to allow SNMP_polling decices' hostnames like [email protected]:port
bug#0002234: Wrong alphanumeric value got from Spine SNMP poller
bug#0002651: False Positive Down status with snmpv3
bug#0002674: Segmentation fault in Spine during polling host
bug:0002659: wrong information about spine setup for icmps
bug: Removed requirement for building man page, deferred to 1.0
bug:0002380: please build man page for spine
bug:0002610: Spine is trying to use mysql results after data being freed
bug:0002639: Spine does not respect snmp_retries from the database
bug:0002640: Spine crashes randomly while polling using multiple threads on one device
bug:0002549: Spine: hasCaps() always returns FALSE
bug:0002638: Spine: ping_udp() uses uninitialised socket timeout
bug:0002654: On RHEL 6.5, spine ./configure builds Makefile without crypto support
bug:0002604: cacti-spine, configure script ignores LDFLAGS in certain situations
bug#0002185: Multiple memory leaks found in spine
bug#0002398: Buffer overflow
bug#0002447: Building spine on Debian Jessie (testing) fails
bug#0002536: Spine segfaults when 18k+ hosts are to be pulled
bug#0002576: Call to a non-existent column of the database in poller.c
bug#0002578: spine doesn't compile on ubuntu 12.04
bug#0002585: Spine: buffer overflow in logging when RESULTS_BUFFER>LOGSIZE can SEGV
bug#0002588: Spine "is_numeric" incorrectly returns TRUE for some hexadecimal values
feature: add snmp system information gathering
bug: remove obsolete reference causing pre-compile issues
bug: set appropriate mysql 5.5+ timeouts
bug#0002204: spine corrupted double-linked list error
bug#0002206: On multi-architecture Debian platforms spine fails to build
bug#0002205: Typo, twice, in spine.c: absense -> absence
bug#0002185: Multiple memory leaks found in spine
bug: Rework the way ping works, due to bad impact of changes in 0.8.7h
bug: ICMP ping not working on windows due to cygwin change
bug: Linux capabilities reported as on regardless of state
feature: Add a reconnect capability when the mysql server goes away
feature#0001852: Another 10% speedup in spine
feature#0001878: Add Linux Capabilities to Spine
feature: Add additional ping methods to allow more precise snmp pings
feature: Clean up directory, update bootstrap
bug#0001669: Problems with getting data from script using SPINE on Windows Server 2003 x32
bug#0001829: Wrong string numerical value got from Spine SNMP poller
bug#0001899: spine treats undef replies as 0
bug#0001968: Spine Error with Cisco FWSM firewalls
bug#0001974: PRIV_PROC_EXEC is required for Spine on Solaris 10
bug#0002059: Spine doing too many (80+) connections when polling
bug: Net-snmp API issues cause spine crashes with some SNMP agents
bug: Host list not properly initialized
bug: Mutex locking issues cause deadlocks in Windows
bug: Escape windows type back slashes in scripts
bug: Use safer Non Net-SNMP string parsing calls for snmpget and snmpgetnext
bug: be smart for SNMP V3 and use AuthNoPriv when privacy passphrase is empty
bug: Do not fail on insert for a duplicate record
bug: Script server results with special characters can cause segfaults
feature: Multi threaded host polling
bug: Not all configuration paths are searched for spine.conf
bug: If host has MAX OID's set to 0, timeouts occur
bug: Properly detect full Cygwin installs by finding sh.exe
bug: Don't perform TCP Ping retries in Windows. You cannot set socket send timeouts in Windows
bug#0001310: Feature request for poller.php- single host polling
bug#0001313: Spine takes an excessive amount of time timing out failed tcp pings
bug#0001358: (cacti + spine) svn. Using snmp v3 constantly get "value: U", whereas snmpget returns correct value
bug#0001379: Ping.c might send more then retry_count icmp packages
bug#0001381: configure script distributed with cacti-spine-0.8.7c is broken
bug#0001420: PCOMMAND: Poller[0] Host[80] WARNING: Recache Event Detected for Host
bug: A host that for some reason can not initialize snmp can cause a segfault
bug: When using nifty popen, when the script times out, attempt to kill it
bug: Under some platforms tcp and udp ping unresponsive
bug: Availability messaging incorrect for snmpv3 hosts
bug: TCP Pings that receive a connection refused are good pings
bug: Avoid segmentation faults when Reindex table issues are found
bug: When performing snmp_get's, dont assume no error means non-null response
bug: Some snmp agents don't getnext on ".1" and need another oid ".1.3"
bug: Net-snmp versioning breaks snmpV3
bug: Use system level snmp_retries variable instead of 3
feature: Add one additional debug message to the poller code to track data sources polled
feature: Add more config paths for packagers
feature: Allow specification of an optional hostlist instead of first and last hostid's
feature: Integrate more tightly with boost by allowing writing directly to the boost output table
feature: Complete implementation poller_id field for people using a poller_id for polling.
bug#0001022: strip_quotes incorrectly parsing script output
bug#0001097: Spine: Patch to allow unknown values including "Nan" and "U" without warnings
bug#0001101: spine hangs and times out
bug#0001130: ERROR: Spine Timed Out While Processing Hosts Internal
bug#0001147: spine doesn't trim white space from data template OIDs
bug#0001152: Running spine w/o setuid-root on Solaris
bug#0001186: clarify INSTALL documentation.
bug#0001231: Compiling Spine on Solaris 10
bug#0001260: Deadlock in ping.c when resolving bad hostnames
bug#0001271: hex string to decimal conversion
bug#0001277: Spine reporting partial result or 'U' for SNMP value
bug: Correct a buffer overrun issue in poller.c
bug: If the script server goes away due to a syntax problem, it will not restart
bug: If the snmp session is not created spine times out
bug: If your snmp context changes between poller items, the context would not always change
feature: Use threadsafe gethostbyname_r
feature: Improve mysql logging
feature: Allow overriding the default results buffer size
feature: Allow overriding the default max mysql buffer (insert) size
feature: Allow overriding the maximum simultaneous scripts setting
bug#0001054: Cactid/Spine installation instructions are missing dependencies
bug#0001056: Spine/Cactid configure reports incorrect URL for bug reporting
bug#0001071: When using Multiget OID's in Spine/Cactid Errored OID's Cause Alignment Issues
bug#0001072: When the Last OID of a group is 'U', the host is repored down and remainder of OID's not polled
bug#0001097: Add patch to allow unknown values
bug#0001101: Fix ICMP hang while in a timed out state
bug#0001054: Cactid/Spine installation instructions are missing dependencies
bug#0001056: Spine/Cactid configure reports incorrect URL for bug reporting
bug#0001071: When using Multiget OID's in Spine Errored OID's Cause Alignment Issues
bug#0001072: When the Last OID of a group is 'U', the host is repored down and remainder of OID's not polled
bug#0001097: Add patch to allow unknown values
bug#0001101: Fix ICMP hang while in a timed out state
bug#0000879/0000872: cactid doesn't always report error messages before dying
bug#0000856: Slight documentation change
bug#0000861: Downed Host Detection on non-SNMP devices wrong
bug#0000886: SNMP Ping to Utilize The snmpgetnext instead of snmpget
bug#0000889: Use configure script's sysconfdir variable for placement of cactid.conf
bug#0000929: Cactid with setuid root falls back to UDP after first host
bug#0000939: cactid use custom hostname, snmp_community,snmp_username and snmp_password in datasource
bug#0000940: Increasing BUFSIZE in cactid.h will still not allow longer output from scripts
bug#0000951: Cactid SNMP polling does not strip enum values
bug#0000960: cactid truncating responses from scripts to 511 characters
bug#0000987: cactid can't use a socket unix
bug: By default, Cygwin can not handle large quantities of running scripts, therefore, limit to 20
bug: Increase the number of file descriptors in Cygwin to 512, 64 does not work for large systems.
bug: If the system is out of resources when trying to fork(), retry three more times
bug: Use vfork instead of fork. It's more efficient with resources.
bug: Cactid Script Server would not work with cgi version of php. Now it does.
bug: Changes in SNMP Community from poller item to poller item were not being considered.
bug: Restore meaningful notices when running from command line
feature: Allow users to use the traditional popen instead of nifty if required.
feature: Properly support INNODB database engine in MySQL
bug: Fix configure issues with hybrid 64 bit OS'
feature: Rename to spine
feature: Update copyright
feature: Add tab stops and autoindent to source code
feature: Make spike detection more generic
feature: Add snmpv3 support including contexts
bug#0000682: Allow storing of each hosts polling start time
bug#0000691: Cactid fails with custom snmp port
bug#0000699: Tick counts not being detected
bug#0000706: Cactid didn't start PHP scripts when host didn't answer SNMP (but icmp is ok)
bug#0000710: cactid.conf doesn't allow for no mysql password
bug#0000716: Don't attempt to save output for a host if there is none.
bug#0000717: Allow numeric double results to start with '+', '-', '.'
bug#0000724: cactid truncate script command when reindex
bug#0000736: Solaris 8 : Alarm Clock message
bug#0000745: cactid: search path for mysql and snmp does not include /usr/pkg
bug#0000748: cactid doesn't handle special charectors
bug#0000749: Cactid 0.8.6g won't accept special characters from data template
bug#0000750: poller doesn't check for snmp if udp ping fails
bug#0000752: Problem with OID truncation with cactid
bug: Only output as much as MySQL can handle in 1 insert
bug: Faulty Script Server shutdown was causing race condition
bug: Allow ICMP or UDP ping to work if host begins with either "TCP:" or "UDP:"
bug: Change assert logging to HIGH to more closely match cmd.php
bug: Allow Cactid to make on 64bit x86 Platforms - thanks to Reuben Farrelly
bug: Changing syntax from "insert into to replace into" for reindex inserts
bug: Don't perform a reindex a check for a data query if you already have to reindex
bug: Make sure to log FATAL to stderr
bug: Do not re-index a host if the re-index value is a "No Such Instance" result.
bug: add kstat checking for Net-SNMP v5.3.x
bug: get more intelegent. move cactid.conf.dist to /etc during install
feature: add Net-SNMP Library vs. Header check prior to execution
feature: enabled signal handling in cactid
bug#0000609: console "error" messages should go to stderr instead of stdout
bug#0000618/0000613: correct invalid assignment of in snmp.c
bug#0000629: correct issues with invalid unknown reaults when reducing MAX OID get size
bug: correct issue where spike prevention logic was not being activated properly
bug: correct issue where host reindex was not operating for uptime goes backwards reindex method
bug: if sysUptime is queried for a host, only do it once
bug: certain SNMP string responses where not being handled properly due to net-snmp bug
bug: increase the allowable size of the logfile entry
bug: change behavior of availability so that if SNMP and ICMP/UDP are selected, only one has to succeed
bug: cleaned up implementation of multi SNMP OID get error checking logic
bug: don't attempt to allocate a zero item array when a host has no polling items
bug: correct string values returning as blank in *nix environments
bug: correct issue where invalid SNMP OID results would cascade to subseqent SNMP OID calls for a host
optimization: change logging logic to cleanup code and add varadic formatting
optimization: complete audit of code for portability complements of Steve @
optimization: documentation, documentation, documentation...
feature: added command line argument handling including database overrides complements of Steve @
feature: added multiple script server process feature to current version
feature: added support for MySQL 5.x
feature: added more verbose MySQL DEBUG logic
bug: Two memory leak fixes in poller.c
bug: Typo in the README-WINDOWS install file
bug: allow a host to have more than 1 SNMP port defined for those odd devices that have them
bug: corrected an issue that caused infrequent segfaults when a host refused a ping request
bug: increased max_threads from 30 to 100
bug: delayed killing php script server process by .5 seconds to allow MySQL connections to close
bug: place thread locks around unsafe functions to prevent possible segfaults
feature: implemented snmpv3 AuthNoPriv to align with Cacti 0.8.6 user interface
feature: improved performance of poller by the reduction of MySQL insert calls
feature: improved poller performance by grouping snmp get requests in a single call
bug#0000470: added -v, --version, -h, --help to command line options to make more GNU friendly
bug#0000425: added ability to specify a socket file in *nix environments
bug: correct issues converting back slashes to forward slashes in arguments
bug: stop cactid from segfaulting when the database contains orphaned data source records
bug: re-implemented thread safe operations for non-linux systems
bug: allow cactid to poll from non-standard snmp port
bug: optimized some string handling routines
bug: changed snmp availability check to sysUptime from sysDesc
bug: limit the number of concurrent threads to 30
bug: remove legacy cactid.conf file processing code
bug: add fault detection logic to mysql query calls to prevent segfaults
bug: cleaned up some unused variables
bug: add ability to detect errors and gracefully shut down php script_server
bug: remove trailing blanks and alpha characters from results
bug: clean up some string handling on script server results
bug: stop DEADLOCKS by not prematurely releasing mutex locks
bug: changed licensing to LGPL to accomodate linked libraries such as OpenSSL
bug: corrected issues where snprintf was taking 1 too many characters
bug: remove unneccessary Windows MACRO's from net-snmp initialization
feature: added seteuid functionality for unix and ICMP ping
feature: restart the script server after a timeout to prevent unexpected results
feature: only run the php script server if you have script server elements to process
feature: disable MIB loading to speed the launch of the net-snmp api
feature: change TREAD_SLEEP duration depending on number of processes to reduce CPU load
feature: allow the user to specify a script and script server timeout value from the user interface
feature: added polling for non-host specific data sources
feature: added data source logging to provide easier problem resolution
feature: added cmd.php like spike suppression
feature: added support for experimental multiple poller interval handling
bug: increased timers for popen and script server to 20 seconds
bug: corrected segfault when polling a device with a null community string
bug: re-included ifdef for mysql thread protection for mysql 3.x
bug: fixed integer/float conversion problem.
bug: increased the default script timeout from 5 to 10 seconds
bug: changed stdout format to reduce clutter on screen
bug: removed cygwin workaround that was causing SNMP instability
bug: increased both BUFSIZE and LOGSIZE to allow for larger output corner cases
bug: added mutex locking around MySQL calls and eliminated one unlock without a lock
feature: added connection timeout and retry logic
feature: added database port option in cactid.conf file. New parameter is DB_Port
feature: added some compiler directives for better compatibility with cygwin
bug: fixed issue that prevented multi ds item RRD’s from updating
bug: fixed invalid string length calculation that was truncating output over 4 characters
bug: small log file reformatting
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